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Floating Apps FREE - multitask

Supplied By LWi s.r.o.    On Oct. 22, 2016    Comments(133)

Samsung Phone Floating Apps FREE - multitask version3.6.7b Download

Floating Apps - The largest collection (32) of floating apps available on Google Play and only one allowing you to create your own floating apps from widgets and URLs! Each floating app is a small application that opens in a window and floats over all other applications allowing real multitasking on your android phone or tablet. Just open floating app and experience multitasking like on your Windows or Mac. Move, resize, maximize, minimize and use floating windows and do not leave current application for a small task anymore – it's exactly what the floating app is here for! It's like multiviews / multi windows on Samsung phones but for any Android!

Supported languages:

What's included?
• Floating Applications
• Floating Bookmarks
• Floating Browser
• Floating Calculator
• Floating Countdown
• Floating Dialer
• Floating Flashlight
• Floating Launcher
• Floating Search Google
• Floating Search Wikipedia
• Floating Stopwatch
• Floating System Information
• Floating Video Player
Full version:
• Floating Contacts
• Floating Facebook
• Floating File Browser
• Floating Google Map (New)
• Floating Google Plus
• Floating Image Viewer (Popular)
• Floating Music Player (Popular)
• Floating Notes (Popular)
• Floating Paint (New)
• Floating PDF Viewer (Popular)
• Floating Task Killer
• Floating Translate
• Floating Twitter
• Floating Wifi Manager
• Floating Youtube

Or create your own floating apps from home screen widgets or URLs!
...and more to come soon... visit for details...

Please, visit for help and FAQ.

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• Homepage:
• Help and FAQ:

Stay tuned, let us know your ideas
We are going to add new features and new floating apps regularly. Install once and receive all updated and new features in the future! Feel free to let us know your ideas and suggestions at! We are looking forward to hearing from you! Are you missing some floating app? Let us know!

Please see complete list at

LWi s.r.o. part of our Productivity and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 22, 2016. Google play rating is 78.8621. Current verison is 3.6.7b. Actual size 4.1 MB.

What's new

    - New App - Floating Clock!
    - Minimal borders mode - hide header and resize bar!
    - Music player supports more formats and online streams
    - Browser improvements
    - Floating Menu improvements
    - and more
Download floating-apps-free-multitask.apk 4.1 MB


Can't close app! These guys built the app so you can't close it. I even went to a manual application force stop and it still didn't completely shut down. They purposely built that in and that's totally messed up. I'm uninstalling now.

Nice Working well..I long time I waited for this app...but I need black window...Pls need updates..I don't like white color floating Windows..thank u developing this app ..

Amazing app Amazing app great work keep it up dev Looking for new ui current one is good but bit simple

FREE VERSION RATING.... This free version is practically useless and more like a demonstration than a test-drive bc it's too limited to be able to utilize to know if you even want the paid one.... **MY SUGGESTION?? Do what 99% of apps do; Make this free version fully functioning but with 1 ad that pops up on closing prompt (then you get more $ than you are now & we get more use out of the app, so everyone wins). Until then, uninstalled. Shame bc I think I might really like the full version too so wish I could have tested it.

CRASHES IMMEDIATELY EVERY TIME Then did get red dot which displayed all apps ... in unknown order: Not alphabetical; maybe install sequence? I don't know and gave up. Uninstalling. Why are so many apps this crappy? How many wasted person-years are spent on finding, installing, configuring, launching, sending FC reports, re-trying, ..., unistalling, writing these negative reviews? Devs should list device/carrier/configurations successfully tested on. Also learn to test and regression test. Or no one will use any apps.

Makes Samsung's multi window pale In comparison... While this app is not quite there, it does come in handy for having many windows on a screen. Not sure of this look on smaller phones, but this totally kills on the Note 3 massive screen real estate! It's kinda quirky to use and it takes some getting used to but once the kinks are worked out this could be a great help when more than one window is needed.

Great idea I might it If it can support instagram & a snapchat, also it wont let me share it on twitter, but it did on fb... It keeps telling me error

FINALLY--Multi-tasking on Android, beautifully done. I always thought those "Droid does" commercials were a joke. I can't even check my email while browsing a website on the same screen? Seriously? This should be a built-in feature in Android OS, not only because it's SO useful / productive, but also because, to be frank, 99% of apps are buggy and hideous. So I was VERY pleasantly surprised at this app--it works well, and the design is beautiful, clean, and simple. There can definitely be improvements (ex. the countdown timer would be *much* more useful with a restart button so you don't have to keep re-entering in the time, and it would be awesome if it could also count-up after reaching "zero" so you could keep track of how long you went over). But, 5 stars for an AMAZING job so far, and I was more than happy to get the pro version to support the developer(s).

Description is misleading. There is no free video player and upon installation there is a message saying that YouTube and vimeo don't work on KitKat. Wasted my time researching and downloading. Not cool.

Great idea but a bit unstable Great idea and convenient. However it's a bit unstable, pretty often the browser simply quits (Sony Xperia TX)

Needs more stuff!!! Great app, really easy to use, but I feel like there needs to be more stuff in the free version, like YouTube, chrome or firefox , maybe Skype or snapchat or something social media related? I know you need to make money, but one or two commonly used apps couldn't kill?? Thanks anyway, though.

Wao Its vry gud app but i dont know how to begin. Provide me the guidlines how to use this app completely.

Suggestion Can you please add support for rts games like robotic planet, open ttd, or perhaps even cookie clicker please. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Free version is useless Can't actually open Youtube or Facebook or Twitter or anything because they all tell you to buy the paid version. Sham.

Voice Recorder? This seems to be the most promising of the floating App suites, one feature request: a voice recorder? Other suites include this. Thanks!

Wait is over... Thankyou so much for making this app... I love it... but message window is missing and I can't add another browser.. fix it pls..

Very nice I love it I could listen to music while I'm trying to look at images it great I love this app so very much and I have one question do you plan to make a huge update and if you are can you please reply to me thank you

NOICEEEEEE!!¡¡ Free-version is great!!¡¡ Very easy to use w/ it's quickness for settings and the apps!¡ Browser let's me play YouTube in the background. Before this app one cannot multitask with YouTube. This app is also great, which all apps do this, but unlike the music app Pandora, I can remove this from the quick-menu w/o closing it. :3 8-) :like: All I need is the free-version. I shared this on FB and gave it a Google+!¡ Namaste. Bless. THANKS-YOUS!!¡¡

Superb Mind blowing good job guys but you all have to provide other themes for this beautiful app....... Thanks in advance

Small icon constantly in way With any application I'm using there is a tiny icon always in the way near top left. Automatic startup was disabled but still the FA icon was always there. Free version is extremely limited so you can't tell if any major apps would work properly. I wouldn't pay for it unless I had a 30 day free trial.

waste free version is of no use ,it doesn't allow insertion of custom app,they merge custom app inside launcher which is still single window experience

Very good concept but... You should provide facility to run apps in windowed mode.

Coll.. but Its....good...but not at.all...I request to the developer to make similar to galexy's multi window. ..

Nice Nice idea devs but we should be able to multi window with games and apps also...

Problem in twitter process Hey, this is a great app which i have searched from long time. But in free version on twitter process i am getting error. on clearing history floating menu icon is also removed.

BUY THIS APP! Skip your morning latte. This app is worth it! Worth 10 times the price. Fantastic value. Never crashes. Constantly adding new features. Better than LG stock app / Sony small ext / Samsung multiple window... Great product!

Not useful. Good idea. But not useful. Most apps cannot be open. Only a few basic apps can be. With this free version , almost nothing to do. So I rate one star.

Nice, not what I need right now... Will kno where to go if/when I do

This actually was good and Samsung should look at this but can u make float youtube

Good but I like this app but I don't like the white color plz I want the black one

Had to uninstall due to suspicious app permission Seriously, guys?? "Send messages to contacts without user knowledge", "take video and pictures", "access to contacts", "read confidential information"??? What do you need all this for?

Best little floating browser. It's worth it for that alone. The instructions on the website are clear. I've added a few other apps and may add others. So far everything works well. Thank you.

Lg g pad 8.3 Free version is useless. Apps i could launch from it were Stopwach and Browser. Thats it

Could not enable feautures by sharing on twitter..and I tried to buy but there was an issue with it.

High Privacy Risk Be warned. Clueful registers this app as a high-privacy risk. It uploads your e-mail address and other personal information to an unencrypted server. Beware.

not working error occurred during twitter operation. (tried so many times for calculator)

Poor Execution What is the use for this free app if every app that we are only able to use are useless.

Best I can play minecraft and watch youtube while browsing internet with this :)

Asus It works well, really like it. I will recommend.

just what i needed, just enough, luv the floating options, no memory eating visuals, samsung galaxy tab3

Круто очень понравилось Deplover can you added "start on boot". Thank you

Good •°°— Good and take please browser with many windows. Thanks

Excellent I have access to everything that I need at any moment! Good work guys! Highly recommend!!!

its' okay I'm trying to do some painting on my tablet, and would like to have my reference photo floating there above the painting app, but without any thumbnails it's way too hard to locate the right photo.

Very good app... Good app.. And fast too... Keep working guys... Thank you Android should have done this by now... Apple is doing it for God sake... We have to wait for Android M...

Not bad! Very strong app, so far, with tons of potential. Couple bugs I noticed, though it seems that you are already addressing them, but I did get a bit irritable with the share via Facebook function. A couple times the app froze, but every other time (except one), as soon as I hit continue, the app shut off. Took over a half hour before I finally succeeded in pushing it through :-( incidentally, after all (?) I had w that lil promotional project, I never received the promised floating video app :-/

Looks like a generaly strong app build well The lower review is so it is noticed i shared via facebook but i have custom presets for app loging in so post are privatised posted it via share tab public . doing this should also be updated to register as sharing to facebook if possible will rate again depending on my future experiences

Hi .i am from india & i want to purchase this app .but here in india we have only rupay debit visa no master no american express..can i buy it in any way ???

Amazing app This is probably gave me the first app I buy to use the full features, this app is amazing even without the full features if still and pretty good app.

I like it! So far so good with many options to customise usage. Good app!

I will rate it later if its really good.

Fixed again back to 5 Great app to make use of a galaxy note or other large screen clones/phones. Just like having old windows running too. 5 things at once? Not a problem with this app

I like it I think this is really good at what it does although this is not what I was looking for

Just amazing! Its so awesome and its the best one out there in google play store

Even though my phone doesnt have multitasking this app is awesome Keep it up

You have to buy everything you wanna make "float"

The free part kinda sicks

This ?? Loved this... great and helpful app

?? Completely useless

AWESOME I love it thx u

Can't make floating app? You need to buy it

Likes it It was awesome

Very Nice! A 'must' app for android mobiles.

its a crap

Needs option to remove/shrink title bars on windows. They take up half the screen. Then five star.

Essential apps are not free! Beware! YouTube amd Facebook are not included. There is also no trial so purchasing premium may not be promising.

Best app ever Without root is the most complete app EVER, and they are still getting it better in every update.

Not working in marshmallow After upgrade my Lenovo vibe p1 to marshmallow I installed this app and i found a bug, there is no option to add app. As I already using it in this device when I was using lollipop.It worked fine on that time.

Very good for a free app For a free app I can't complain much, it does the job. If the calculator had more functions besides the very basics like square root I'd be very happy. A full scientific would be even better but one step at a time. Having to ability to move the app to my sd card would also be very nice.

this app is just a tease.. in order to access floatability in my most frequently used apps I would have to buy the full version

Nice! But try to give it a look like most of the Samsung devices have! Multi window!

Just downloaded Hope you guys expand on this wonderful app,promising :)

Please help I don't know how to use!!!!

I like it I think this is really good at what it does, and it comes in handy when i need it most although I wish I didn't have to pay for to be able to use all of its functions but then again it's not that of a price

Very bad not free every thing need full version

NOTEPAD & Open in NEW window function Would be even better with a quick notepad, and the ability to open new browser window by long-pressing a hyperlink

Useless free version Even calculator not included

Very good

Love it !

This Siht Works! I can watch a YouTube video and have an internet browser sitting on at the same time. I'm buying this :-) Lenovo Yoga Tablet2 (ok maybe not yet. It appears that I'm a dime short in my Google Play Account, and it's 12:30am)

Garbage Doesnt even work at all and they want you to pay for this? Do not waste your time or money

Anyone puts one star is idiot Developer needs to ADD a choice of doing a screenshot AND RECENT WINDOWS OPENED..

Ridiculously limited in trial What's the point of trial if I can't see if it works?? I wanted to see if I can run google play music and sat nav... But in free trial I can test exactly 0 apps. WTFailure

Most disgusting Dont use this app it can cause your phone explosion its practically proved. :D

Not available in free version! Not even notepad and calculator are availble in free version, that which is is of no use to me. When I try to purchase I am unfortunately unable to - had to reset google password several times and still unable! So guess what? ?

Works nicely Works great on my mxpe. Love how you can watch YouTube by using the mobile site through its built in browser instead of paying for added function. Best of all you can minimize the browser and youtube still plays in the background.

HTC One a9 It works great I see YouTube while doing something else I recommend this till the Next Update comes out the Android N!

Waste of time No assistance available and the app does not work.

Works Nicely. But still have doubt to go premium If i pay, will my selected apps float like default floating apps?

Doesn't work on Xiaomi devices I don't know if items me doing it wrong or the app. But if you are using Xiaomi device, then most probably it doesn't work

not working not compatible for miui 7 xiaomi mi4. the windows does not pop out

Its OK but I do not Want website to be what I can have floating I want to use this with my system app

Multi Task Software Good GUI, unsupport multi apps (from device).

Not working Apps are not popping up ... waste of time and effort for free version

Works perfectly. I definitely find the PRO worth it.

No Trail version You actually have to buy the app to actually try it. Basically the Apps u want to try, won't load until you buy. I'm sure the creator doesn't care as long as you buy in to it.

Nice app, but... Can you please add an exit button. I like it, but don't necessarily use it all day every day.

You need to full version in low price.

Doesn't work Doesn't work unless you pay

This is good It is the best idea which helps us, I can use the second app at the same time too,

Useless Need to pay to use it.

This App Is Great Love this app. Great features, when you think about it. Everyone needs Floating Apps on their phones.

Buy pro version if you need it There is no calculator in free version

Too many ads in utube vids Even vids that does not including ads got ads

Nice work. Cuz I have no money so... You know that rhing.

Love it!! Watching videos on YouTube as we speak ? works great thanks

not worth Asks to buy

SUPPPPPPPPEEEEEEER AWSOM I'm looking for this app :-)

X not working

Excellent Good for watch youtube on background and phone locked.

Nice job Hope this apps is very good

Does exactly what I needed it to do!

Pioneer app for multitasking. A ok. I didn't know. Thank you for your reply and your nice app.

Completely Useless Can't do anything without buying the full version. Seriously, everything I tapped on brought up a prompt to "buy the full version! =)"

Great People who say they hate it because of stupid reasons corrisponding to the user learn how to use it and you love it

Sucks I hate it :(

Super I like it's app

Good optimal But why there isn't camera

Excelent buuuuut... READ MY QUESTIONS!!! I will rate with 1* to have you reading my questions. It is an excellent app, but I changed to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and this app doesn't work here. Do you know how to make it work properly? [UPDATE 161005] OK, I solved the other problem, I allowed the app to show pop-up windows, but now it keeps disconnecting from the internet. I like to acces my bookmarks since the notifications tab, but it only works if I open the app completely. How do I solve this? I will rate with 1* to have you reading my questions

The ratings dont lie You dont get to choose which app you want to multitask with, they only give you a preset to choose from. A better marketing strategy would be for a person to AT LEAST choose one custom app. No point in a trial if it doesnt let you test out what you want amirite.

its a good app. but then it tells me my device is not compatible and tells me that it cannot hold more than 5 apps. great app. my ratings is your compliment

Good idea, very good executed It helps me a lot. I like the idea. This app should have more rating. Good job, devs! :D

It's Really Use UseFul I Like It When I Chat With Someone I Can Exit And Enter Other Apps COOL

Awesome Real multi window app very useful especially calculator, browser etc. If native apps can also be listed it will be very useful

It's only shows in his ownapps screen nt in our mobile's home screen

Good app too much permission require I think permission that require is all the pet mason to hack 1 mobile phone and all information in mobile phone. I suggest to have base app and plug in instead all in one app.

the best ever made now i can open more than two browsers at one time and them

Note 3 not connecting to net

It ok I liked it but this app closing when i using it ....

Very good app

Please add a WhatsApp floating window... It would be of great use... Keep up with the creativity ?

Please add to your guide for xiaomi Loving the app... Just add in guidance on how to open it in xiaomi

Nice concept but extremely cluttered on a small screen. In theory, it's like a desktop PC BUT, unless you're only using the floating apps (and not any other app/browser on your phone) you'll find yourself constantly moving the floating app around just to get anything done. Particularly on a mobile phone, general usage quickly gets annoying, especially since the browser frequently reloads, closing all tabs in the process. It's also extremely limited unless you're willing to pay for it. Still a nice idea but just too much going on to be practical.