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EV Tracker

Supplied By Kai Strife Productions    On Feb. 20, 2014    Comments(38)

Samsung Phone EV Tracker version1.1.6 Download

EV Tracker is designed to give Pokemon trainers a way to keep track of their Pokemon's Effort Values on the way to breeding the perfect Pokemon. Its easy and intuitive interface means you will spend less time figuring out what button to press and more time playing Pokemon. This is a port of the popular EV Tracker for iOS.

* Easy to use interface so you spend more time in game
* Saves EVs
* Currently works with Gen III to Gen VI (Ruby to X/Y)
* Built-in Effort Value Pokedex means no trips to the Internet

Coming Soon:
* Pokedex sorting and filtering by EV type given
* Other UI improvements

***Legal Notice***
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Kai Strife Productions part of our Productivity and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Feb. 20, 2014. Google play rating is 75.2205. Current verison is 1.1.6. Actual size 6.5 MB.

What's new

    * Recently battled Pokemon now at the bottom of the details page
    * Bug-fixes to remedy random crashes
Download ev-tracker.apk 6.5 MB


Update? I use this soon for all my ev needs but will there ever be a new update? Will omega Ruby and alpha sapphire ever get added? Also you need to add the ability to undo because I've hit the wrong Pokemon many times and have to start over. Besides that It's a great app

It's great, but when I click the wrong Pokemon I don't know how to undo it and it messes ever thing up.

Its kinda eh The ui is a bit clunky and it took awhile to figure out but good

Needs super training option. Would be nice if you could tick each ev stat individually instead of having to look for pokemon with the specific stat yur trying to keep track of.. for those of us that actually use super training.

Bleh I only keep this app because the Pokéinfo app does not include ev yields. It's accurate but mediocre.

Wohoo This app is good for pokemon lovers . I see pokemon 2 times in a day . I like pokemon very much.

Too easy to mess up It's really convenient and I like it, but you can screw up way too easily. There's no undo button if I accidentally click a pokemon I haven't battled.

What the heck I am trying to download this but it keeps saying I have insufficient storage its 6mb for the app I have 26mb why won't it download?

It's great, but.. Would be better if there was an option to count horde battles all at once, instead of ticking the same pokemon 5 times.

Pokedex All the other pokedex's are worse than garbage. YOU CAN TRUST THIS ONE ITS AWESOME!!

Good but wish i could battle other pokemon.

Asome I love this app you like asome download this

Tejas This a nice game

Very nice Better than I was expecting. The only way it could be improved is if there was a way to search the Pokédex for Pokémon of a certain EV yield and give their location. I hope that makes sense. That would make this a five star app.

Useful It it very useful when you are going to make plans on ev training a Pokemon

LOVE. It! Nothing wrong with it only one problem it forgot two games

EV tracker Awesome

Awesome I love pokemon

Some body told this app is useful So i give u 5 stars for this app :)

UI will need a redesign No sorting options and no quick boost (no +10 or +100 instead of +1/click) in the edit feature of the evs tracker.

Needs Update Doesn't include Super Training or OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire. Also doesn't allow you to set goal EVs for your Pokemon. May be useful for older games (pre-X/Y).

Pokemon I want to battle with pokemon

Awesome Its shows for pokemon black 2

The legend It is very good at giving information Love it a lot

I LOVE THIS APP!! It is Awesome

Hate this counter

In case anyone manages to see this, there is a way to manually adjust the EVs of your pokemon for errors or super training. Scroll down from "battled Pokémon" (the button to add a new one, not the list) and press "fix effort values". It opens a counter like system for easy adjustment.

Doesn't support Super Training Really frustrating that I have to look up a Pokemon that yields the same EV's that I get from super training. Why can't I just plug in the numbers that I get? Ex: buttons for +1, +2, +3 in each stat (atk, def, speed, etc.)

I use this app all the time Although everything is perfect, there is one minor detail that is incorrect. In generation 6 games the max EV's a stat can have changed from 255 to 252 but the counter in this app still has 255. Just wanted to point that out. Everything else is great. Carry on.

Cluttered and clunky, outdated, and missing features About all this app has going for it is the ability to track EVs multiple pokemon, grouped by game, and the Pokedex. Past that, ORAS is missing from the games list, there is no support for XY/ORAS's Super Training, and the interface to tweak EVs is terrible for setting large numbers (e.g. if you were tracking them before another way). In addition, it feels like too much is trying to be shown at once and there's a lot of wasted space used in padding.

EV trainers I usuallty mess up in the middle and then need to correct and then the traking is a waste of time. But this is so far the only APP that allows to quickly look for PKMs and see the amount and type of points are going to give you. I miss this in all the other Pokedex APPs. Remember: This is not a Pokedex. They should anyway add stats and other pokedex info...

It doesn't work properly for me so I really can't say it is any good.

Upon a Pokèmon misclick, no way to revert number of times battled, but there is a manual fix IV button.

You got spheal That's awsome

Great Except one thing. Why is there no picture of Diglett

Needs better interaction When entering EVs, how about letting us type them in, or at least let us hold the +/- button for rapid change

Started ok but doesn't work anymore Lost all my effort value information. The app refused to open the file for the stored information

Arjun I like its game