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Easy Weight Loss

Supplied By Harmony Hypnosis Ltd    On July 11, 2016    Comments(62)

Samsung Phone Easy Weight Loss version1.14 Download

*** Winner of Best Fitness App at The Best Mobile App Awards! ***


**Best Paid Weight Loss App on the Google Play Store**

Tired of trying to lose weight and failing? Then try the Easy Weight Loss App to achieve your weight loss goals fast and with ease and confidence!

The app has been created by award winning UK hypnotherapist Darren Marks and has already helped tens of thousands of people successfully lose weight and received rave reviews worldwide.

Don’t worry if you’re new to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, with this app you’ll get lots of great tips that effortlessly guides you towards a successfully losing weight!



- Easy Weight Loss state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions
- Lifetime support that will help manage your experience with the app
- Supporting material to help you lose weight fast!

We have also included 3 FREE BONUS hypnosis sessions by Darren Marks to help you along the way:

1) Relax Completely
2) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions
4) Sporting Motivation

Download Easy Weight Loss now, be motivated, begin to lose weight and feel back in control today!


“The Ultimate in Self Help… The high quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly today!” Yoga Magazine.


We’re passionate about helping people use hypnosis to lose weight and maintaining a sensible diet. So your feedback is important to us. So please email us at with any questions, feedback or weight loss tips.

Download Easy Weight Loss and start losing weight today!

Important Note: This app is currently being successfully used by tens of thousands of people around the world. However a few people have posted technical problems as reviews rather than contacting support. We would like to assure you the app is working without issues, but if you do experience a problem just look at the support page first and contact us if you need to. Problems are usually very quick and simple to resolve (like rebooting your device or reinstalling the app) and our support team are here to be of service to you and make sure you get the most out of the programme.

Harmony Hypnosis Ltd part of our Medical and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 11, 2016. Google play rating is 81.25. Current verison is 1.14. Actual size 44.0 MB.

What's new

    Now with a redesigned UI the new playlist feature allows you to combine and extend session lengths to suit your needs.
    Explanatory videos are now streamed and there is also the option to remove as well as save sessions, thereby saving space on your device.
    The new message centre allows you to interact with us directly.
    Any questions please contact us through the app.
Download easy-weight-loss.apk 44.0 MB


Seems to help Definitely sleeping well (best in years!). Finding it easier to resist random 'treats' and enjoy healthy foods more than I used to. Definitely worth a punt for the price.

Excellent content, Good app But still a few things missing. The new app is greatly improved and if the playlist could be kept in memory it would be even better. I had never done hypnosis before I download a DM app. It worked well to my sceptic surprise. Tried others by they just don't cut it. Now if there was new material it would be great.

My fav Im a weight loss hypnosis juckie. I've tryed 4 different ones before downloading this one. Its by far the best. Ive had some crazy good breakthroughs.

Amazing I had no willpower at all but as long as I listen each night, even if I fall asleep (I use the ones without wake up) I no longer crave the rubbish I used to eat! I use a calorie counter n keep finding myself so low I have to make myself eat a sandwich or something! Would definitely recommend it

Great beginnings!!! Have used 2 other hypnosis apps with no progress. I must say, 2 days in and I haven't had the craving for one sweet treat. Excited about the future me!!

All files are corrupted. I only chose 'OK' because I wasn't even to listen to the sessions. All videos are corrupted. I tried removing it nd reinstalling, deleting direct files from the SD card but they are still corrupted. Why is there not an option for audio only not just videos?

Fantastic app It really works. It's just been 2 days and I've lost all my cravings! Amazing. I'm not hungry at unusual hours. Can't wait to see how much weight I'm gonna lose.

Amazing! Cannot recommend this enough. I've only been using it 3 days but I've had a long term problem with comfort eating got years. No more! No cravings and eating at night, I feel great and can't wait to see how much weight I can lose. :D

Bit basic Extremely basic, it's like a basic version of Paul McKenna which works amazingly so I think I'll go back to that cos this guy just sounds like Garth Merenghi's dark side! Hope it works for everyone else who buys it.

Fantastic, I have found that listening to this when I go to bed that I always fall asleep before he gets to graveling his path, and also I dont snack as much.

Pretty good Seems to be working for me, have lost a significant amount of weight and have gone from no exercise to exercising pretty much every day. Could do with an emphasis on bad foods, though ie "from now on you will dislike foods like chips and chocolate." Or maybe it's just that I have no willpower :-)

Tried lots of other, for me no help BUT First I must say I am huge grazer ,all day long, so I am AMAZED by this hypnosis I have stopped. Am eating meals half the size I used to, WANT to go for walks , enjoy drinking water and have lost 4 kilos in less than two weeks and have not heard the hypnosis to the end think the subliminal learning is working well to and wake feeling great. Please try hope it helps you to.

Love this app Very helpful!! This one is the best ever

Great way to fall asleep Doesn't matter which of these apps I use the sleep is deeper and more restoring. Oh and I've lost 15lb

Still very early days but so relaxing

Thanks This app really helped me relax.

Fantastic I have tried many hypnotism sessions and this one I find best suits me. It works fantasticly.

Easy weight loss Hypnotherapy

Brilliant, eating much slower now and if nothing else am sleeping much better!

This is working for me! I've always had difficulty controlling my cravings; I tried this app and immediately noticed a difference in my thought processes and relationship with food. I think twice before eating foods I know are bad for me, and there was no longer a strong desire to eat those foods. I feel indifferent to foods I usually crave! I've never tried hypnosis before and was amazed at how quickly my thoughts changed. I'm using this in conjunction with the release limiting beliefs app. Thank you for helping me with something I've thought would always be an internal battle.

Highly recommended I was a little skeptical at first, but after less than a week, I am a believer in hypnotherapy. I am more relaxed, can now control my cravings and have a more positive outlook on my ability to lose weight. So far, I am down 2 lbs.

I have had this app for some time now. I don't know about life changing, but it helps me fall asleep so quickly. I just downloaded the other version too!

Relaxing...and Possibly Helpful I enjoy listening to the Easy Weight Loss and Sports & Excercising Motivation Hypnosis parts. I often find them relaxing. I'm not really trying to lose weight, but I do find that I exercise & pay more attention to what I eat more often than I did before using this app and that is important to me.

Incredibly relaxing. Great for meditation. Haven't listened to the weight-loss section yet. But the first one is excellent!

Weight loss Weight loss won't open. Bought others no problem till weight loss one. Love others.

Love the app...can't get it to open today!

Need refund I have exellent 4G connection and file still will not play. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times ...very disappointed. Contacting IT

Please help! I am very keen on trying this app. Just purchased it, however the 1st audio file I played requested downloading. As I accepted the same and began to play it once done, I realized its incomplete. The relaxtion count only goes till whereas it says he would count in 10-1 descending.

Waste of money this is a b******* app I wasted my money for nothing it shuts down when I try to play the video

Angry Birds = not relaxing I just downloaded this hypnosis app and began listening to find it is repeatedly interrupted by snippets of dance tracks. I continued listening until the music from Angry Birds began playing. I'm left feeling rather upset as I was hopeful the app would be able to help me, instead I've wasted my money as it currently stands. Please can you help fix this? Many thanks.

Excellent Very well organized, and easy to follow love it.

So far so good! I am now on my 4th day of using this app. I put it on in bed and usually fall asleep listening to it as it's very relaxing. I am using it alongside Slimming World and already I am finding myself much less hungry during the course of the day, which enables me to make better choices about snacks and meals. Would recommend trying it!

Awesome sauce This app is amazing. I have been listening to the audios for a few days now and I have already started to feel motivated to work out daily. The crazy thing about this is that I get up early on the am to work out before my kid wakes up, and I am soooooo not a morning person! I think that this app would be prefect of I could make a play list of the sessions I want to use, and maybe have a feature that disables calls and other notifications that would be disruptive. Over all this app rocks.

Best thing I ever bought off play! On the first day my appetite decreased, on the second day my desire for fatty and sugary foods vanished almost completely. Im more relaxed and alert, sleeping better, and I have an increased desire to go to the gym. Although I havent weighed myself, I can say that I have a more positive body image, and dont feel so negative when I look in the mirror. I cant wait to see how the next few weeks go and take my new body and positive body image on holiday! I have recommended Darren Marks apps to everyone and not just this weight loss one.

Amazing I have been using this app for 5 days and have lost 2lbs. I am also exercising every day. I have seen a change in the amount I eat and drink a lot more water! I hope this keeps up thank you so very much!

Welcome to 5 bucks you paid for crashing I bought this, it didn't download at first, then, when it did, that didn't help because it just crashed every time. I really wish I just didn't buy it. DON'T RISK I IT!

I love this app and now I hate it I download this app a few months ago it works great but don't upgrade your phone because when I upgraded my phone I can only use this app that if I allow access to all my contacts all my photos and every other thing I have on my phone. I don't believe the app has the right to ask this. I've checked out the Play Store nowhere where you say download says that you have to allowed access to everything on your phone they can stick their app they're not the only people on the market in

It's very soothing and relaxing. I fall asleep quicker and find it helps me make healthier choices.

Love it It really gives me the boost I need to get up and workout when I'm really feeling down and not into it. It's always good to have backup and I'm glad to know I have this.

Relaxing and allows for deep meditation. Even the kids use it ?

Playlist feature isn't working. Please fix it asap.Very good application.

Relaxing I like using this app, it is relaxing. No weight loss as yet but it's early days!

My avg virus scanner on my phone says this is malware. Very odd!

It worked It's soothing and calm

Crashed on opening twice Waste of time and money

Stay with it! It really works. Although I have had problems since the update, Darren Marks' apps have proven invaluable and, in some areas, literally life-changing. Have only given 4 stars because of the recent technical issues, otherwise 5 stars wouldn't be enough. Thank you so much, Darren!

App freezes up, cannot load to Playlist after downloading. Very bad directions, or bad app. Galaxy note 3. I want to set up Playlist & replay all night. Cannot even set up a playlist. Not happy.

So far, it really seems to be helping. After my 1st session, I had the mindset of wanting to eat healthier and start exercising. It works!

Won't let me make Playlist after update. I've made sure the tracks are downloaded but once I click on playlist and then the "+"... none of the tracks are showing up to select... 5 stars once this is resolved.

Play list The play list doesn't work since the update.

Very helpful, my cravings and bad food habits are gradually disappearing.

Easy weight loss This is a really good booster if you are trying g to lose weight

Helps tremendously I have several of Darren ' s apps and use them often. They are the best out there. Quick response to questions or if you gave ant issues with your order.

I have found this app really motivating. I listen at night and sleep better for it. The changing beliefs session has helped me to leave behind old patterns and make better decisions for my wellbeing.

Nope Waste of money

Playlist feature isn't working. Please fix it asap.Very good application.

I use it often

Take Time Out First time i used this it actually helped me learn to breathe, quiet those noises in my head & relax my body. It will take several uses for me to off load negative memories & emotions but it really helped me get to that place.

Relaxing and helpful I don't think I've lost weight yet, but I do love the relaxed feeling I get from the sessions.

Playlist feature isn't working. Please fix it asap.Very good application.

I loved this app untill i got my s7 edge now it doesnt work at all.

Relaxing and allows for deep meditation. Even the kids use it ?