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Doom & Destiny Free

Supplied By Heartbit Interactive    On Aug. 10, 2015    Comments(136)

Samsung Phone Doom & Destiny Free versionVaries with device Download

Doom & Destiny ADVANCED, the sequel, prequel and remake of Do&De, is on a CRAZY SALE! You should give it a try!
Four nerds, drawn into a fantasy world and mistaken for heroes, have to battle their way through a massive, crazy adventure and defeat a preposterous villain!

This great RPG has magic, dungeons, pizza, and jokes galore. If you ever enjoyed 8bit and 16bit role playing game, pen and paper rpg and nerd humor, you are going to love this game!

Do&De features NO in-app purchases (IAP) - you get the entire game for free! Only ads!

* 20 hours of story and 20 hours of extras, adventures, side-quests, and more!
* Turn-based, easy-to-learn combat
* Change your party order to apply special bonuses
* 100 levels of experience
* More than 200 special powers and spells
* More than 300 enemies
* More than 500 items between potions, chips, weapons, shirts, and armor
* More than 700 locations,
* More than 10,000 lines of dialog
* Epic Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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Heartbit Interactive part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 94.3892. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Fixed bug where you could lose hp/mp after loading a saved game with J or N as lead.
    Fixed blue screen issue
    FIxed minor bugs
    Save to Cloud now has a backup feature
    New banner to take into account full version price change
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Blast from the past Looks like some of the games I played when I was younger.Very good game.

Good I Like the humor the most. But controls are sloppy. Easy to get used to you just can't move to fast around corners.

Very funny I'm enjoying this game quite a bit

A "must" for every AD&D fan!

Lovin it I've been playing it for awhile and I love the feel of the game. Controls are a little weird but all in all awesome

Cool game Love it so far

It's an grade A game

Fun game This game is so much fun and has funny humor

Sweet 3 hours in and having a blast!

Like this game alot

Fun...but.. Its fun as hell. The story is fun. Lots of humour. The controls are a little tough, but thats about the only downfall.

Good twist to a RPG It's got a good plot and it plays very well. Simple things to fix are the sound byte of the xp when I leveled up it NEVER went away. So when I play the game with sound it is constantly playing. When I made it to the first castle town, this event really sucked, I got trapped in the corner of a room by a man and his dog. I didn't save close to there and after some time of waiting they never moved. So not to self, save before walking into every house!. It's a must now. Plus a few others.

GigAwesomest! I've played this game on my laptop last year and it was just awesome.. Now it's on Android?! How nerdy is that? Plus it doesn't need net connection and you can play it anytime and anywhere you want!(Including Bathroom Breaks) Thanks GAMEMASTER BENJAMIN and the Nerds who developed this Game!

The"Earn as You Go"is thee Best Doom was one of thee ģreatest rpg's that I had played and enjoyed the most. At least, I don't have to pay for extras, you get rewarded by earning from experience and gain.This is the only game that you don't have to pay for extras. I enjoy the game, I wished that other games would be that way.

Super enjoyable. I really love the humor on this game. It doesn't fail to make me laugh whenever there's a cinematic/conversation part on the characters.

Hilarious I'm still early in the story but this is retro and still fresh. The controls are good once you get used to them. The ads aren't too bad all things considered.

Great game! I don't agree with many here regarding controls: I think they are very good actually, they work for me at least. Apart from that: the game is great! It's a really good jrpg, with a fun story, good'll smile a lot! It's like Final Fantasy (old style) crossing path with Monthy Pythons. Good job, really good job! Plus: the free version has very few ads and is a complete will buy this game, just to thank the dev.

Awesome game! This game Is very goofy and addictive. My only down in hours of gameplay is the controls. Also that some npcs like cats can get you stuck in a corner for a long time. But overall the game is great!

Very unexpected results from a free to play Beautifully done. Controls are a bit sticky for moving. But that doesn't depreciate gameplay in the least. Wonderful dialogue and an amazing comedic story. A feel of the past of SNES gaming for a new generation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO RPG LOVERS

Classic style rpg with great laughs! This game is great. It's very reminiscent of early final fantasy games, but includes a lot of humor that makes it stand out. Love the game. I laugh every time I play. Great job guys!

Love it!! I love the humor! Not big on the occasional language, but other than that, no qualms!! Great humor! I do wonder though... Is there a paid version where I don't have to see ads all the time? The ads annoy me... :(

No crashed so far, working fine Good old time turn-based rpg. My all time favorite. Hard to come across free turn-based rpg this great. Hafta agree control's a bit sloppy, a bit hard to maneuver those nerds. But, overall it's a good game. Funny, many parodies, silly conversation (literally) all the time, not serious at all. The plot isn't that new but some twists n details (n gag) here n there make this one of a kind. Good work, dev. Hope y'all are kicking n alive back at home after such adventure. Lol [Redmi 2 unrooted, Kitkat 4.4.4]

Excellence defined Game play is smooth, battle system straightforward, but still has depth. UI is intuitive and quick. And the plot is refreshingly original and well written! Easy 5 stars.

ONE OF THE BEST GAMES ON GOOGLE PLAY EVER! This is easily one of the best RPG games ever! It has an old-school RPG vibe to it, mixed in with some humor and references to popular trends from the past (most of it being from Dungeons & Dragons). The only drawbacks from this game are minor glitches, somewhat sloppy controls, and it can be a little laggy sometimes. But, besides those problems, it is STILL a fantastic game that I highly recommend to any RPG fan out there!

Extremely well made! I was so surprised with this game! Normally after a while of playing other mobile rpgs, I get bored of the story line, but this game has provided hours of entertainment and witty jokes. I loved the puns and creativity of the developers and would recommend this to anyone! I'm planning on buying the full version to support the makers. Well done!

The control scheme blows, but the story line and dialog are top notch, the ads are unobtrusive . deffintly download this.

Good game controls a bit awkward As i said controls leave much to be desired but if it was easier to control and simple to learn differences in characters they dont show their class when u see their avatars they all just look like normal kids not warriors wizard lol and pirate whatever thats supposed to b in a rpg but i get its a attempt at comical desired choice of that character. All in all good but not great.

Thoroughly enjoyable It is a fun rpg, turn based combat system with tongue in cheek humor that cracks references to all sorts of nerd colture. If your looking for an on going mobile game, check this out.

i am love love loving this great game. im not one to pay for apps but this one i will definitely buy the paid version simply to support the devs. story is great game play is great the controls for moving get a little hinky but still a awesome game

Good and a little meta. Just started playing, but this game is scratching the JRPG itch I've been feeling lately. The meta jokes work, so don't avoid this game if that's something you normally don't care for. The I'm only issue I'm having thus far is that the movement control blocks most of the left side of the screen; what isn't covered by the graphical analog stick is covered by my thumb. Perhaps a transparent stick or a set d-pad would work better. In any caee, its free! Its fun! Download and enjoy! ^_^ Vm

Great game played on my old windows phone but kept crashing but works great on my galaxy s4 definitely buying once I get paid

interesting... usually, i hate rpg games with standard "hero save da world" story but this one is kinda enjoyable and pretty fun... five star for Hi-five!! XD

Absolutely amusing If I didn't know better I would think the devs played video games. But the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent... or at least the nerdy. Great execution and humor. Very impressive

This is an awesome mobile game! It's a real game, not some wait an hour and get some lives garbage. The ad placement is cool too. Not annoying. This game deserves all 5 stars

Excellent Free Game Way more than I expected from a free, no in app purchase, no need for internet game. Very fun like a throwback to old RPGs. Great humor. Controls do take a little getting used to but not horrible. The ads aren't even overwhelming. Am considering paid version to support the developers. Please keep great games like this coming!

Awesome! I totally love this game! Major fan of the "old school RPGs, and this game delivers. The humor is sophmoric at times and intellectual at others. Love it! And is that a sample from Space Invaders when you defeat an enemy? Anyway, great game and keep up the good work. Thank you

Nerdiest game ever Worst game ever. Kappa. But I do find this to be a very good game that reminds me of one my favorite series, Final Fantasy. I'd highly recommend it to any RPG fan. The random ads can be a little annoying, but it's only 5 seconds.

Awesome retro rpg I like it! The story is interesting and fun in its own way. I like the characters, the sense of humour, the desing of locations and the rpg gameplay itself. Many cool features! I have a few minor complaints like the thumbstick is wierd and there is no transition to a random encounter, which made me escape by accident a few times. I wish you added a classic analog stick instead of a thumbstick. Anyway cool game for no price or IAP. Thanks, now to finish the adventure!

A well made RPG What else you need?

Awesome Very lovingly crafted traditional JRPG type game with lots of nods to real life, other games and cliches. Well done

Nerds unite! This game has just the right mix of RPG elements and snarky, nerdy comments. I love it!

Fun traditional RPG Love the gags and in-jokes. A little annoyed by the misspellings but I get over that quick enough when I'm having so much fun! Can't wait for the sequel.

Funny! I never know any game that have a good joke like doom n destiny did

Awesome throwback! Very fun game with lots of elements from the old style and some pen and paper blended in. Highly recommend checking this game out!

Great fun! A must for the nerd in us all !

Doom and destiny Good game reminds me of final fantasy a little

nice game Well made game, I like the classic gameplay style and its fun.

Nerdy adventure! 4/5 would bang.

FF, D&D, and this

Great game but... The control pad really needs to be fixed! Anytime I try to go down it goes up! I think you guys need to make it a d-pad, I think that would work a lot better! But I love this game!

Like early zlda It's a gamers wishful thinking, easy to play though the 'joystick' 'sticks' with the screen change. You dont have to spend money to have fun, even if the adds can be mildly irritating

This is the Spinal Tap of RPGs All around great game. Totally original, tongue and cheek parodies, and tons of rpg clichés. If you've seen Spinal Tap you will know what I mean when you play this game. Just brillant. It's very rare that I can play a game that also gets me laughing through the whole way. Thanks alot!

Legit This game is full of items to loot,and buy. The map is quit large and full of places to explore, monsters to fight and people to talk to. The lvling system is easy and fun to use. This game also includes various adult humor, and it makes the game a bit funny! I recommended this to people who enjoy games like final fantasy or turn based games.

Actually liked it I didn't expect to enjoy this. Excellent writing and gameplay, definitely well above the caliber you usually find in a free game.

This is an awsome RPG that I love so much. If only other games were like this. Just some minor bug to fix but I still like this!

Awsome There are a few minor issues I have, a window should pop up saying where you are each screen (or area)... and on my 7th playthru, it seems like ALL enemies always attack Fancis or Mike, not sure if they are smart or a bug... 4 stars =D

Pretty entertaining. Good classic style game with new humor. Controls need some work. Low rating due to spots in the game/ story you can get trapped in if you are not strong enough to progress and you cant go back. Not worth the time to start over.

Best turn base RPG ever! Story line and Dialogue is amazing and funny! You dont get that a lot in rpg. Battle is classic but classic rpg is always for its simplisity. I dont what else to say but great job creators! :D

Good game funny characters... funny story.. just perfect... anyway how do i get dragon orb in the arena where i hv to answer stupid question... especially when he ask what is the best indie game.. all the choices r the same... i try them all but always end up the same...

Old school feeling rpg. This has been a fun play so far... Have a few hours of game play in and only complaint would be that on the nexus 6 there was a bug in the intro with an overlay not getting removed. It made me almost not make it through the 'learn controls' part as as I had to play part of it blind. That aside it has been bug free and seems like quite a polished game.

Found a bug I'm at the beginning. After completing a battle, the dead or alive stars fill up. The sound effect it makes doesn't go away unless I close and reopen the game

Needs better control inputs Of what I have seen so far, the game has been entertaining. Unfortunately it also uses virtual sticks to mimic an oldschool controller. Any time the screen changes both sticks randomly relocate and if you are still touching the screen, you either have a random direction or command input which is annoying enough to be game breaking. I will not be paying for the full version as my money is earmarked for quality gaming experiences,

THIS GAME ROCKS Awesome game. Passes by time like no other. Story line is fun. Lots of funny references. Only slight downside is the adds. But overall best rpg I've played yet.

Bug Controller overlay stays on screen during tutorial quest on Nexus 6P, meaning that you can't see your character on the pulling lever bit.

LIFE! I love this game it's perfect for the rpg nerd lol its got little secrets everywhere honesty it's hard to use my phone as a phone I'm always playing this game it's dope af!

Fun game Very fun with great humor. Only knock is the controls on the mobile version. But it is similar to many mobile rpgs.

Truly awsome! Doom and Destiny is what I've been looking for all this time I tried random RPGs. Good job dev team, this is an amasing work of retro, nerd, gaming, ....stuff!! When I'll be done with this one I'll most definatly be heading to Steam to play Doom and Destiny #2! :D

Excellent RPG! I saw the ratings were good and wanted to try it. Definitely haven't been disappointed. Great storyline! Great job devs! Keep them coming. This is what an RPG should be.

The best RPG I've played in recent years. Great script, brilliant game mechanics. I love the controls it's intuitive and responsive. All round it's my favorate game at the moment and I'd recommend it to anyone!

Fun game Fun game with classic FF elements. Ads can be a bit annoying but not too intrusive. Over all I'd recommend it anyone who wants a jrpg to play on their phone.

Fun an free Really fun with nice concept, good plot, and funny character. I don't find the ad annoying. Hope for another rpg game.

Fun, funny, and a great story Honestly, I love this game. Wish it had more, but that's what sequels are for!

Doom & Destiny For rpg fans. Brings back fond memories of final fantasy I.

Great game! This really takes me back to the old times, playing final fantasy 3 on the car ride home from grandma's house. The game does have a few bugs, for instance the level up sound not stopping after you go to the home menu. However, so far it seems like this is one for the books.

Enjoying it so far I've only played through the first episode but so far it's really great you can see the attack order in combat (which plays like an old school RPG) and the dialog is funny and definitely not for little kids. My one complaint albeit a small one is the controls are a little rough when navigating.

Cool game Dont mind this game, worth buying when you can. Definently going to buy

Great game sucky ads. In fact too much If you can lessen the ad pop up coz its annoying.

Simple yet so much more! I love the humor of the story as well as the many references mentioned in the game. The gameplay is simple to understand and during my first play through I have done so much already. I just wish that the ads were shown more after battles instead of during explorations. And also I dislike how when I go to the next screen the leader would asume I am holding the analog stick back to the previous screen area. It would be better to have a constant flow.

Great game. 4 hours in, great so far. Funny. Enemy status and mp reducing spells are a bit too powerful.

Lots of fun. Really enjoy all the pop culture references. It's like borderlands meets final fantasy.

Like it a lot ;) It reminds me bout them old time games. Well made and good laugh at the same time. If all android games were like this I would quit smoking.

Awesome game This game has great playing capabilities, rp, and a good story. Games like this aren't so easy to come by.

Classic RPG done right When there's a Dead Milkmen reference in the first 5 minutes you know it's gonna be good. Controls feel quirky for a couple mins, but I quickly got used to them, better than soft buttons.

Really Enjoyable An awesome and fun game, silly humour and lots of references to other games, a must play for any old school RPG fan.

Great game Never really play this kind of CLASSIC games but with the story and pretty nice graphics it made me play till the part where you are in the spaceship though. Can't see how I can escape lol

Humour makes the game By all means the framework of the game is a classic (some would say mundane) retro-feeling rpg, but the perpetual tongue-in-cheek humour was funny enough that I spent probably more time talking to every single npc (and exploding every chicken) in every town than I spent actually trying to progress.

Just as good as I remembered it! Back in 2011/12 I had a Windows phone and downloaded this game fresh off the Marketplace. And I swear, it's the best game for Windows phones! Was hooked, completed the whole game and got every secret! Now, years later I found out it's on Android too and I'm giving it a go again! I love this game! Too bad this version has ads and the joysticks are a little problematic switching between screens, but this game will always receive a stellar 5-star rating from me :) Thanks HeartBit!

Nice game. Good storyline. The animated characters are cool. It has a little twist of modern and post-modern speech in it but that makes it all the more interesting to play this game.

Very good Love the game, but if you hold the control stick when switching areas it glitches out, taking you back the way you came most times. Very good free rpg.

Good fun Great game, very enjoyable. I wish there was the option to hide the game pad graphics for the movement stick. Small annoyance when I can't see the group while moving on the left side of the screen.

Fun stuff Great game so far. Many great references, funny dialog and its fun. Only thing I don't like is the movement but u can get used to it

Old School Brilliance with some modern flair. Better than the still unfinished sequel. The sequel is worth a dollar if you catch a sale but wouldn't recommend paying full price as it remains unfinished still after I purchased the early version about a year ago.

Great Game! Love the story so far and the humour is spot on... Controls take a little getting use to and moving with the left hand side can obscure vision sometimes but nothing to hectic! Keep up the good work!

Truly fun game! Doom and Destiny is a great throwback to retro rpgs. The dialog is fun and wrought with pop culture references. Lots of secrets and stuff. Been playing a few hours now, and looking forward to putting some time into this game.

So funny and cool rpg It's so funny the first few minutes i already laughed it's hilarious and pretty cool rpg and i know i need to pay but please decrease the times you get the ad thing where you wait 5s when i was offline in the province it kept appearing every 2 or 3 times i exit anything or anywhere that's all great game keep doing more if you can like it

Incredible This is easily one of, if not, the best games i have ever played. The controls are a bit shotty, but still a great game

Oldschool style RPG perfection Took all the good parts of the old RPGs and made this game. Also it doesn't take itself too seriously and has great humour. Reminiscent of Final Fantasy 2 with a dash of Dragon Quest. Free version has NON-intrusive ads, more like a 5 second commercial. this gets 5 stars because it's supposed to be an oldschool style RPG and they delivered it near perfectly. Thank you for making such a great game. As soon as I can afford to feed myself adequately, then I will buy this game! I truly would buy if I could.

So far. Just started this game not that long ago, so far I'm enjoying it. Game play is solid, controls are thought out, it's not a limited progression through daily recharges or reward scenarios and it avoids to be a pay to win game. The story so far is entertaining and the battle system is smooth. I really recommend this though for anyone looking for an rpg, the ads aren't even ridiculous, just a few seconds. If I had the cash id buy it.

Hilarious and Classic Great game. If I'm to point out any cons. I'd have to change: Making the final boss and story line continue to lvl 100 instead I was able to finish at lvl 30. then 70 more lvls without a storyline boss? even though there are other things to explore I don't feel they are enough to grant 70 lvls of playing without a story. I don't know why the final boss was introduced so early on? being able to save a port location if you need to go buy pots and return via port would be good.

One of the best I have played a lot of different tablet/phone casual rpgs and this one is one of the best. Funny, self-aware, simple with easy to play controls. it doesnt try too hard to be different but stands out all the same. No pay to win which is an added bonus. Keep it up, make more. i dont mind ads but i'll buy just to supoort them.

Force closes Force closes during the tutorial after explaining action buttons on the right side of the screen. Using a galaxy note 4. Hope this gets fixed, it looks fun and brings on a bunch of nostalgia. EDIT: after rebooting my phone and running app killer it made it through the tutorial. No problems since, and its hilarious. The analog stick is a bit gltichy, after entering a new area you sometimes go the opposite direction and end up back in the previous area. A d-pad would be a nice option.

This is the best game ever. Seriously. The game itself is fun, but the wit is over the top. I've been playing video games since the NES came out when I was 5, and this game's jokes go all the way back to then. It's a very interesting twist on a game - a comedy RPG. Every RPG fan should play this game! Thank you for the obvious effort it took to make it!!

Awesome! I couldn't stop playing this funny, interesting game. Even when I finished it, I started it from the beginning because it's really cool. Absolutely "must have" for every rpg-lovers. We can find themes similiar to Mario, Zelda, LOTR, and much more, including real life. Perfect. I would give even 100 stars. This game is not very hard and too easy, but you have to think while playing.

Entertaining, well crafted old school rpg. This game is a lot of fun. It's crass and full of humor but its also an engaging game. The story doesn't take itself too seriously but it's also not lazy in its execution. All around a solid effort, I'd love to see more games like this on mobile devices.

D&D!!! This is a fantastic throwback to the old-school SNES RPG's like Final Fantasy 2 and 3, but with some funny, well written, modern speech sprinkled with lots of references for longtime fans. There may be a few words that seem out of place, but it's a nitpick. The controls work great, the graphics are nice and retro, the gameplay is fun and familier, and it just all works very well!!!

Pixels FTW! I couldn't put my phone down after 2 straight hours of game play. The classical music, bombastic pixel characters, and equipment will have you comparing which tools are the duds VS the necessities. I loved the turn based battle style and the quirky dialogues that are so delightfully random and original. There is a lot of foreshadowing in the beginning, but I haven't played far enough to say it's pervasive throughout the rest of the game. Easy story and characters with...character-WOW! ;3

Best JRPG I've ever played! The more nerdy you are the more Doom & Destiny will delight. From Final Fantasy to The Legend of Zelda to Dragonball Z, this game has hilarious, witty references to them all... Plus way more! Smooth battle system, good power system. Really good story... Side quests... Secrets... Best game on the market... Hands down. If you don't own this game you should be ashamed of yourself.

Solid RPG Good controls and silly fun dialog make this game a lot of fun so far. Very fair free to pay model. *edit: after deciding to upgrade to the ad free model I had trouble installing. Whatever you do, don't uninstall as you will lose your save games. Better to develop an upgrade than a reinstall... still despite this, it's worth the money. Just go ad free early. ;)

Awesome game! Not only is this a hilarious parody of the classic rpgs, but it has great game play mechanics as well. The virtual controller is awkward but the combat, skill, inventory, etc. systems are great. So far they haven't asked for any money but I assume they'll have to eventually? There are a few adds though, so maybe it's totally free! I've been looking for this kind of game for my phone for some time and it's hard to find one this polished. Very pleased.

Strange bugs, but love it! The game is great and I've only just begun to play it. However, there are obviously many bugs throughout the game that need to be worked on. One specifically involving the XP gain sound effect to play endlessly even after the post battle screen. I understand that this is a mobile game and things like that are bound to happen, but it'd be great if you got to stuff like that. Still, it's a great game!

One word: FUN A bit short and easy but it doesn't stop you from having an enjoyable time. Grinding isn't much a problem and to me its a good thing, my mind is more focus on the story. The cliches and funny scenes serves as the backbone to the plot of the story, what more to say? AAA story driven game worth playing for everybody... well except for a bit mature content :) just a bit

good game I haven't seen any glitches so far but it is really easy to grind for xp because all you have to do is walk in circles until you find a random encounter. mabe you could put a cap on how many times you can fight in one room? but it is a very good game and I recommend downloading it.

Thrilling Probably the best rpg I've ever played. What stands out most for me is the comidy involved. It's not sad dry humor that you would find in any other game, it is fresh and keeps the attention of the players. Testing the nerdy knowledge that everyone has by throwing in puns here and there, making fun of other games and shows really brings out the colors of this game. I hope that there will be a sequel...even a totally new story with different characters would be great! Your fans thank u #flyingspaghettimonster

Great oldschool 16-Bit RPG Very well put together nostalgic game with table-top RPG, (even Magic: The Gathering) and retro video game rpg-referenced comedy. A parody (although still VERY challenging) RPG like this, should have been made. Was long over-due. Even after beating the "final boss" only half the game is completed. 2 different endings, depending on when you decide to teleport back home (once you beat the "final boss")....Well done!!! Just downloaded the Prequel....can't wait to play it. Already laughing, just thinking of it.

Great! The controls takes some getting used to but it's actually a great system. Very lighthearted and fun also one of the only mobile games I can spend two hours playing on a single play. One of my only complaints os that some of the characters images were stolen from other rpg I can't recall the name of.

Old school RPG Wow I can't remember ER the last time I gave a 5* rating. Hilariously witty banter. Love the battle system. Old school looks with a new age feel. And it's FREE!!! Yes there are ads but they don't pop up too often. Well done all around!

Doom and Destiny This is such a fun and comical game. I love the rpg genre as a whole, but this game pokes fun at them all in the best possible way. The controls are simple and easy to work with. The graphics are a good throwback design, and the story content keeps you comin back for more. Well done all around.

This is a great RPG! You've done a great job with the gameplay in this so far. My only complaint is that I can hear NOTHING on my Galaxy S4 unless I wear my earphones, and even then, I barely hear a thing. If you can fix the sound issue, then I will definitely give you my fifth star.

Great RPG Plays a lot like a classic RPG. If you want a free game that gives you just as much customization and play as a Final Fantasy game this is it. Its funny and the coincidental reminders of old school games and franchises are quite amusing. Bi-Force is my personal favorite. Great game. I hope the creators make a sequel.

Awesome so far! I haven't picked up any bugs as yet but I'm only 10% in. Can't complain. Would love to buy it but it's a little rich for my blood. I'll just keep skipping ads. What a funny and fun RPG! Well done!

Great old style rpg An RPG with a nostalgic feel. Funny puns and references to classic games and movies. Lots of fun. A few too many ads but not enough to quit playing. More instructions for newbs would be nice, old hands will pick it up easily.

A real game Restores my faith in old school rpg's. Upsides-high quality gaming experience. Funny. Unique gameplay on a over used game type. Challenging. Tons of items. Big world. Total customization of character stats. Funny, adult humor, not a kid's game. Try for free. Downsides are few. Controls are adequate. Powers are many but no power tree or amping out single powers, all are bought like items. Characters' outfit and look are set. Only four main characters is good yet limited. Items have no upgrades, just buy new

Fun Easter Eggs Love the retro references throughout the game. My only minor gripe, are the characters that, lead to the game rating. The choices should be: To the rating machine/ To the Facebook/ Rate later....This game sucks, should not be an option. I don't mind rating the game, but want to do it on my time. Other than that, great classic rpg platform.

Fantastic! I've played many rpgs on android but eventually stopped because I'm not satisfied. But I think I finally found the rpg I'm going to play until the end! It's like playing old school final fantasy once again. And the parody of famous characters is hilarious! Thumbs up! Definitely five stars!

Absolutely hilarious and really fun I am extremely picky about rpgs but I love the simplicity of this. Doesn't take long to figure out. I plan on buying both soon. One bug I have is sometimes the sound effect that plays when the stars fill up for quests will play nonstop until I restart the app.

Great, but fix the ringing sound..... A funny and interesting Final Fantasy type RPG game. One thing, though: After you skip the battle results and side quest rating/stars, there is a bug where the ringing sound effect continues and doesn't stop. Please fix this right away!

Wow. Just wow. I can't believe how good this is! I'm all the way to elven village and still immersed. Fantastic story, difficulty, so many secrets, great character skills and individuality... The tactics system is great too! And quite the humorous retro style.

D&D Great. A lot of fun. I really enjoy this game. It has a funny story, funny characters too. I only have a problem with the controls. It uses a touch joypad, yet you can't move diagonally. I would like to use a touch D-pad instead. It would make moving a lot easier. Still a fun game though!

Great RPG Great RPG (especially for free). Good story, reasonable amount of options for customizing characters, funny dialog for geeks such as myself. The only down sides are slightly annoying ads and a control scheme that could use a bit of work. Otherwise, it's a great game.

I love this game After playing for a week it stands up to the hype. I have to agree with some of the others about the direction pad. The right button controls are awesome. The secret areas are well placed and the designs of most maps are well developed. Thank you for such an exelent old school rpg.

I enjoy the game a lot. Still about halfway through it and an already looking forward to playing the next. Humor is great, gameplay is great. I would say ther are two problems: (1) The handbook can be organized better. (2) The movement gets a little spazzy at times causing me to back and forth between parts of the map our accidentally hitting the pause button (and inadvertently hitting the "To Title" selection).

Funtastic A fantastically fun and well done RPG. Great geeky and nerdy references. Well developed characters that I can swear I have played ADnD with irl. Most important is the story. It really works for the goofiness that the game is trying to show. Love it. Just beat it after 25+ hours (save time) and I want to clear the game which may take another 25+. Best RPG

Interesting.... Just got into the game finally and been having fun.. Lots of rip offs. Zelda, LOTR and probably more to come. Hope this game can cash the check it has written. So far one of the best rpg's I have tried on the play store so far. I have played almost every final fantasy, breath of fire and fable out there and so far this is holding up to my expectations of a solid RPG. Great job Dev's

Fun RPG with a Great System This game is irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, self-referential, and often satirical to the point of parody. And yet it is not only incredibly fun, but it is also a high quality RPG in the older style. The story is legitimate and the controls are solid. The game mechanics and system are fantastic. I highly recommend this game. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea, but I truly love this game.

Doom & Destiny Awesome RPG!!!! The best I've played in a while. Everything real gamers loved(they know it) and more just wished the story and boss story were longer. This is what real gamers want. One game between you and another world, that is distracts you from the difficulties of life, reminds you if the good old days and expression of fantasy through imagination. Thank you, I loved it. 5 Stars!!!! High quality games free offline downloadable, nerds need this. Here here to nerds!!!

Great old-school 16-Bit RPG & not to mention, HILARIOUS! Very well put together nostalgic game with table-top RPG, (even Magic: The Gathering) and retro video game rpg-referenced comedy. A parody (although still VERY challenging) RPG like this, should have been made. Was long over-due. Even after beating the "final boss" only half the game is completed. 2 different endings, depending on when you decide to teleport back home (once you beat the "final boss")....Well done!!! Next download....Doom & Destiny Advanced.