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Defense Zone 2 HD

Supplied By ARTEM KOTOV    On May 14, 2015    Comments(108)

Samsung Phone Defense Zone 2 HD version1.5.1 Download

The new, engaging levels are even more stunning and impressive. New weapons have been added, along with new opponents, and even more action and tactics.

The game supports four languages: English, Russian, French and German.

The game settings are balanced to meet the goals of different players. If you want to test your skills and strategy, you can play the difficult level. If you are just playing for fun, then choose easy or medium level.

Greater variety of weaponry and landscape types gives you huge freedom in choosing your battle tactics. Choose the right weapon type and position to make sure your defense is effective. Airstrikes and the possibility of temporarily increasing weapon power can give you the advantage, and guarantee you will never get bored in the battle process.

Advertising can be turned off free of charge in any version of the game.

ARTEM KOTOV part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 14, 2015. Google play rating is 92.9253. Current verison is 1.5.1. Actual size 195.0 MB.

What's new

    - Bug fixes
Download defense-zone-2-hd.apk 195.0 MB


I love this game. This game is a blast to play. levels are interesting and diverse and make you think about how to best deal with it. nice features like the ability to continue saved games.

Awesome Really like this game, excellent visuals and game play but I have only 1 complaint. Whens the 3rd one coming out because I've heard about it but no one,(I know at least) seems to know when ? Other than that, probably one of the best games I"ve played in god knows how long. One more thing,(though totally unrelated). Phong wrote about a cheat button! What cheat button? Have never seen one on here, so could someone elaborate please.

Very bad upgrade. Cheat button only display one time, after that no cheat button any more even restarting game.

Update lost the money health access Buttons aren't there after this second update.

ads on my paid for game!!! Is there no end to the greed? We paid for the app to not see ads. so you added money and health cheats... Yeah! its about time. BUT.. that dosn't give you the right to put ads on our game. You said "don't press the money button" ... really? If you must... charge a one time fee to remove the ads from the buttons.

Loved it until... They added ad supported features to an app I paid for. This is a disgrace. Would give 5 stars otherwise.

Used to Love it ***Update*** new music sucks. The 'watch the ad for a few points' is bs. ** I liked the old score. I suspect you are testing elements to be used in version 3. Do you have a beta test group that your paying customers can access and provide feedback?

Bad update I bought the game. Think the gaming is great. But this new update sucks. You have to download something if you want more money and or health. If you decide you don't want the download and uninstall it it takes your money and health away. Which means you have to keep what you got even if you don't like the new game. Or you have to download every time to get it. How does this help the game out? I'm not happy with the new update. Is all you say is don't press the button? Great update. No!

Cheats? I played it once with the cheats and now they are gone!

Great game! Lvl 29 too hard Awesome tower stradegy game! Weapons and explosions look very good and challenge has been tuned very well for each scenario. LEVEL 29 IS TOO HARD! NO MORE 40 OR MORE ATTACK WAVES!

Not Well Balanced!! This is the most awesome Tower Defense Game that I ever played in my whole life. Stunning graphics, astounding game play, no IAP but it is not freaking balanced!! Fix this!! Can't even win on the 15th level.. Very bad balancing!! Good job for ruining the game devs!!! It is just too damn hard to win!!

Very good, but too difficult This is definitely one of the best defence games I've played, but the difficulty from level 29 is too step. You can't collect enough points to build the towers needed to beat the never ending waves that seem impossible. There doesn't seem to be any balance. Managed to beat level 29 on easy, but I think that was pure luck than skill. Level 30 on easy was easier than the last. Still seems impossible to get gold medals without losing lives. Would still recommend this game, but expect to become frustrated at the higher levels especially if you wish to achieve perfection

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Amazing game, BUT, it's allways crashing and sending me back to my phone's home screen. I would of gave this game 5 stars, if you could actually play the game. It is impossible to play a game that allways crashes. I have uninstalled the game because it is really irritating that it crashes all the time. I loved playing the game but the crashing got beyond a joke. I am annoyed because this was the only game I was enjoying playing and I now can't play it anymore. THIS NEEDS SORTING A.S.A.P.

A satisfying challenge I have now beaten every level without any health lost on the hard difficulty setting. For those complaining about level 29, while true, it is hard, it is absolutely beatable, as are 30 and 31. You will need to save the game a few times, but eventually you will get it. Number one tip: mortar and freeze combo will take you very far. Happy to have a satisfying challenge. Great game. Five stars.

Totally Addictive The only one I keep playing to waste a bit of time. Even after completing all the levels I keep going over them and no additional purchases to complete levels ... more levels .. more power ups please

Great. This my favorite defense game. Level 29 is the hardest level and I did beat it all the level on easy while have more than 18 health left. Level 29. Start out with lots of machine gun turrets and you will figure it out from there. It took me about a week to get that level.

Excellent TD game But level 29 is impossible to beat on an easy setting, not even half way through it. Issue of balancing, needs improvement. That aside, it is the best tower defense game around, having tried nearly all of them.

Amazing RTS Tower Game! Loving it, the only game so far that is worth the money. Gorgeous graphics and gameplay, I love the option to turn some effects off! Snazy game! One thing, I would love to see more weapons added in the near future. :)

Not bad Its worth playing but not on par with the best android tower defense games (sentinel, myth, kingdom rush, field runners, etc...). Also I can't beat level 29.... developers: If your going to require beating levels in sequence then make sure that the difficulty of each level is also is sequence! The tower placement system is annoying. It would be nice if you could sell a tower for 100% if it has not fired yet (to test optimal layout when game is paused).

Too hard and no game guide Cannot get past level 4 without losing health on normal. Also no game guide, so you have to guess what turret does what. No tutorial either. Bit of a let down. Graphics and sound are good.

Great challenge! Great way to kill time and very challenging but I finally beat all levels in hard with max life remaining wooo!

Black screen after latest update The latest update screwed the game. Will not load anymore :(

Google Play Great game, nailed it. But Google Play achievements aren't and never have worked for me. Please fix.

Learning curve This is an update. Once I learned some strategy I had some success. I've currently completed 25 missions at the easy level with no health lost. Some conveniences would be nice such as viewing the stats for a tower before placing it and an introductory tutorial explaining this implementation of a tower defense game. Graphics and audio are spectacular.

Great game but..... Mission 26 is SSSOOO hard! Even on easy mode I'm nowhere near to finishing it. Been stuck on it for 3 weeks now! Grrr!

New levels Great! 5 stars. And waiting for new levels!

Back to Perfection!!! Installed it on my new phone and works great. By far, the best TD. Highly recommended. More levels is always welcomed.

Awesome game Love it, but would like a few more new weapons. Can't wait for defense zone 3!

Super Great Game!!! Game Play,Graphics,music are all Great. Lots of levels. Fun to replay levels. Keep making more versions of this game:)

Great!! Really good game. Should get some more kinds of weapons tho! But other then that its awsome.

Hello I think the game balance should be updated. A very very nice game but I think there's something wrong with the game balance.

Update broke game The new update turned a working game into one that just loads a screen saying 'Powered b unity' and does nothing else. Good Job breaking the game.

Great! Please realease more levels.

Not for the Galaxy Note Edge Even though it doesn't work on my Note Edge (just get a black screen) it works flawlessly on all my other devices such as: Galaxy S3, Note 3, Note 10.1, Note Pro 12.2. That's why I gave it ⭐⭐⭐⭐. As soon as they make it work on my Note Edge I will give ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Outstanding game One of the very best mobile games I've ever seen, gorgeous visuals, finely tuned game play. A thorough and fantastically executed piece of software.

Was a 5 * game but! This and the original was my fave games but just reached level 29 on DZ No2 and it is so stupidly impossible compared to all the previous levels that u have to buy money and health to complete it, i pride myself on being good and getting gold on every level which i have so far so I'll refuse to pay to cheat especially after paying for the game in the first place.

Bad!!! Was my favorite game now hated! Paid for no ad version years ago! Now you set difficulty level so hard on easy you have to watch ads to ad health to continue level. POS BS! Went from a 5 star game to the biggest greedy waste of time ever. Zero stars it should get now!

Best Can someone please tell me how they beat level 29. Really, it's crazy they would make a map so hard, even on easy!

It was great. But not now. In order to win harder levels you must view advertising ads. This is a shame for a game that has been purchased. It would seem some software developers are becoming a little greedy. I would rather pay more for the app than having this problem. To bad.

RUINED BY GREED!! A once great game, now totally ruined by the developer's shameless greed! Here's a news flash, buddy - ANY attempt, by ANY developer, at manipulating players into watching ads in a game for which they paid their hard earned money primarily for the purpose of removing all ads, reduces that developer to the level of a bum, panhandling spare change from well meaning tourists for a bottle of very cheap wine!

Was five stars, now has ads When a user pays for an app he/she usually expects no ads. I now no longer trust this developer.

Major flaws Work on the balance please. Some levels are really easy while some are stupidly impossible... like, for no reason a bunch of tanks are basically invincible? Also... the "get money get health" options keep disappearing... fix these problems for a better rating.

Intense Fun to play even when you have to start over.sometimes you have to really refine your layout/strategy or you can get totally over run.

Great game... still! I would definitely pay for new levels! I want more! ☺

Awesome Tower Defense Game Loved the original. No hesitation in buying the sequel. Great game play and graphics. Awsome!!

Problem Every time I press Get Money or Get Health game stopped and restarting without saving.

Great game but... Can NOT get past level 29 on medium. Beat all the other levels no problem. Just seems to not be balanced properly.

Awesome game but ruined with update. Please remove the 'cheat' option as it ruins the game! Was fine before you added that. You are just getting players to make money for you by watching the video ads....

Addicted Nice and fun game

A game I came back to. A solid tower defence game with good graphics and sound and without annoying in-app purchases. Now sadly reduced to spyware. A shame, really.

Good Game but.. Some of the later levels are impossible to complete even on easy. To get through these levels you need to watch ads to get extra life and money. I doubt this is accidental. Ads on a paid for game is lame bs. 5 stars otherwise.

True jon.Was the best and now.....just 1 star

Cheats? How often are the money cheats available? This is taking me forever!

Defense zone Nice strategy game to play...

Top defense game of all! Have played this game so many times that I never get bored playing it! No problems whatsoever! No ads when purchased!. All I ask is for more maps, please! A+ Game! Oh! and I haved passed all levels.. it's hard but not impossible.. change your tactics!

To all of you saying that game is hard. Its not, learn to play.

One of the best TD games ever!

VIRUS VIRUS VIRUS Warning,if you download this game it will destroy your phone.CROOKED DEVELOPERS MAKE GAME SUPER HARD AFTER YOU PURCHASE IT.NOT COOL.0 stars if i could.Do not buy anything from this ARTEM KOTOV guy.YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF

Was a 5 * game but! This and the original was my fave games but just reached level 29 on DZ No2 and it is so stupidly impossible just on easy compared to all the previous levels that u have to get money and health to complete it, i pride myself on being good and getting gold on every level which i have so far so I'll refuse to pay to cheat especially after paying for the game in the first place.

Why My favorite android game ever, countless hours trying new strategies to get perfection. Even emailed the developer to show my excitement for defense zone 3! Complete and utter BS now. I too paid for this, will not purchase the 3rd due to this forced advertisement watching waste of time to get gold. Thanks for the fun times but F off for this blutness fan assassination

Great game!!! Awesome game! Can't wait for Defense Zone 3!! Anyone complaining about the ads are just silly. I don't see any ads!! People rating it one star just because they didn't have enough sense to turn off the ads are just unfair and whining. I'm giving it 5 stars based on the QUALITY!! There are other games out in the market with no ads, but nothing compared to the QUALITY of the game play or graphics.

What a shame. Used to be a great game. I purchased this game a few months ago and was very happy with my purchase. Best tower defense game around. UNTIL a few days ago. The developers increased the difficulty substantially. Now the only way to get enough health etc. to complete a level? You guessed it! You have to watch advertisements! Only way to play the game now is to sit through multiple video commercials! This would be bad enough if this were a free game, but i paid real money! This is unacceptable. I feel ripped off.

TD games come and go But this one is here to stay for a while. Don't know what people are complaining about, I find it quite good. Yes, some levels need different strategies, but that's the fun in it. One of the best time killers :)

Game crashes The game crashes every single time it makes it to the title screen. I bought this game in the past week and have not been able to play it yet. My phone is an HTC One Max. Please fix this issue so I can finally enjoy what my hard earned money paid for or just refund me.

This game is, in my opinion, one of the better TD games on the market for mobile devices right now. Not only have I become quite addicted to it, but it presents a good challenge with an unforgiving and brutal progression system that makes each level exponentially more difficult than the last. This requires not only skill, but contemplation. One must be of the highest echelon of tacticians to succeed, here! Have fun!!!

I was reluctant to purchase this app due to the large amount of recent negative reviews related to the inclusion of in-app ads for this paid version, but I really loved the free Lite version so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I am so glad I did! This game is fantastic and I really don't see what all the complaints are about. So far I'm up to level 18 without ever having to see a single ad. There have been many times where I've had to replay a level 4 or 5 (or 10) times before I have the right mixture of towers to beat it, but that's what I love about this game! I wouldn't want it if every level was beatable right away. Perhaps the later levels get harder and I'll update this review if I reach the same frustration as other reviewers, but for now this game is my new obsession. Love It!!

Unsurpassed All the bitching and groaning below must be from non-mensa level players as I have perfect scores across the board before and after numerous updates. To that end I have photo's for the award panel showing perfect scores and then deleted from my Note 12.2. The difficulty increase was a refresh as it made it a new game, without buying health. My only disappointment is DZ HD3 is delayed for so long. This game has kept me occupied through some incredibly long journeys. Great work, hurry with version 3 . Level 29 is not actually the hardest, remember it's a puzzle as well as a shoot up. Oh, my install is done, time to best the game for a fourth time, later.

Love/Hate for the game. Love the graphics, sounds, music and general game play. Very topnotch, but... Hate lack of instructions, tutorials, way to difficult on medium and for a novice to TD games like me impossible on Hard. I think the your "Ads" scheme is very thought out and adds a nice option, but without a strategy guide or at least a FAQ with some ideas on what each tower does, range, etc. it's a lot of try, die and repeat just to get an basic understanding of how. I would have rather had fun learning different combos to improve my score, than the frustration of try/die attempts. I'm sure it's a great game for Hardcore TD fans, but I'm just starting out and this game is way too frustrating just to blindly learn as I go. I've looked all over for some sort of "Strategy Guide", walk through, tips on the web, but the only things I can find are Youtube videos showing how other's attempting (some beat it, other's died trying). Anyway. I'm sure it's an awesome game and I will enjoy playing whenever I want to waste hours dying until I figure out which tower works best. Anyway keep up the good work and hopefully your next game will include some "Helpful" information for novices like me. Take care now.

Was Fun This game used to be fun, but on easy the game is basically impossible, I guess that is what people get when they buy games from Russia

Still A Great Game. Not sure why there are so many complaints about ads, I haven't been bothered by them or even seen any in six hours of play time. I actually had to seek out these ads because they aren't right up front, they're buried in a menu, waiting to be activated. Don't believe the ad hype, it's just children complaining. This is a good example of TD done right, and ads done right.

Great till 29 Enjoyed game until level 29 which is virtually impossible even on easy. Got bored trying to get through it after weeks of trying.

Great game Its fun, the graphics are very good; I‘m hooked! Revised after last update: I paid money for no ad version now have ads. That is plain a rip off!!!!

So I started normal level with two thousand extra cash. And still got my ass delivered to me. Best game. 10/10. 20/20

Addicting Best tower defense game so far. Some levels much harder than others. For example: took several tries to beat L8 with 100% health, but L20 and 21 we're relatively easy. Appreciate the approach to ads- they only appear if the user requests money or health. Sometimes the option to get more money disappears and returns after restarting. Like the option to pause while placing towers. Great graphics. Good sound. Well done.

Good Game but.. Excellent game. Should be 5 stars. It's not because of the ads. Greedy. Some levels are impossible without watching ads to get upgrades. What a rip off to pay for a game that cannot be completed without watching ads.

Many levels for the price People are complaining on how it becomes stupidly impossible at levels in upper 20s without watching ads, which I won't do (I'm happy to pay money for a good game, watching ads just ruins a game for me). I agree, BUT, come on, there are many levels representing hours of play before that point. So, overall a solid game. Runs smoothly, fun, no real issues.

Paying for winning .. Is a thing which I do not need in a already payed game! What a shame.

Finished all levels I like this game....anything other than easy is nearly impossible to win unless you constantly add lives. What I hate is that even though I paid for the game I still have to endure 30 second commercials every time I add health. If you pay for the game you should not have to endure advertisements

It's a great strategy game On my Sony Z3. It's flawlessly playing for me....theres no ads and absolutely no problems with this try the demo and if ya like it take the next step and buy to full version! I just noticed the post below me Lol THERE IS NO VIRUS IN THIS GAME!!! I'll also state that is a lie aswell....theres no issues with this game! So don't even worry!if you like it buy the full version..Thanks again Artem Kotov

Offers very little new. It's basically version 1.1 as opposed to 2.0. For those who played the first the game will feel very similar, too similar! I think the devs added a few little niceties so they could repackage it as version 2. Great way to make money I suppose. If you played the first then give this a miss unless it's dirt cheap.

defense zone 2 hd one of the best td game out there. get rid of the free health and money with ads please. this is a paid game. c'mon developer, what were you thinking..

Great Game I revised my review after giving the paid version another shot. I really like the graphics, sounds and game play. This is the only game I have on my phone and it keeps me busy.

Challenging and addictive... ...but not impossible. If you take the time to play with all of the units, you will persevere. There's always more than one way to skin a cat! Can't wait for pt. 3!

Typical TD but works like a charm TD has been one of the best games to be played on smart phones and tablets. This one works and plays on point. A well balanced game indeed and the reason why I'm buying paid games is to avoid ads. Props to the devs. Keep it up!

Level 29 is impossible to pass even when using extra cash for watching ads. I paid for game must watching ads and can't pass level its ridiculous.

You've F@cked Up a great game ! The levels are impossible to clear... Oh and if you think I am telling lies too... then I'm sure it wouldn't be beyond your ability to create a walk through... or change it back... at this rate you'll be playing on your own... !

Weapons Ineffective. Unstable display Impossible to get past mission 29 even in easy mode. The farther you get the more jittery the display becomes. You try to move the display around it jumps back to where you started. But no need to worry, the Game developer will not fix it. If anyone knows how to hack this pos please post!


Still good Played it since long time ago, recently downloaded it again to check all the negative comments, well, its even better now with the adds function. If you got stuck go to settings and get more money or life, before this, you would just waste time doing it over and over again.

After Level 15 you need to cheat to win! I understand that I am not the best tower defense guy, but after Level 15 on medium it requires me to use the "Get Money", just to win the level. That is just not acceptable. I have scoured the web and youtube videos (btw there are no Medium or Hard available) looking for advice, walkthrough or anything other than cheating to beat these levels. Even now on level 20 with 1350 in money to start I still cannot beat this game. There are no official forums or anyway to contact the developers for help or to complain. Those who are interested in this game you are warned to stay away from this off balanced forcing you to watch endless ads just to progress on medium.

Most excellent Tower Defense game I bought DZ2 not long after release after playing the free version for awhile. I've not always enjoyed it, but I keep coming back ?. Ads are not an issue. My only complaints are that some levels seem to be only beatable if played a specific way - but there are no hints or help available, even outside the game; and there rant should be some guidance available about which weapons work best against which enemies. Altogether, though, a sterling product well worth the purchase price.

Impossible to win This game fkn hard.. impossible to win even on easy mode. Too many enemies, less money and health. They just want you to watch ads to get additional health. Dont buy this app!!!

DZ 3 levels I hope this team make defense zone 3 more than 30 levels. Or keep update new level.

Great game! Amazing game! The whole game looks great, and so do the movements of the turrets and mechs. The default health and money is sufficient to get a gold medal, but i guess there is that option to watch ads to get everything upgraded by round one, or if your just terrible at the game(ABerett1123 im looking at you). Either way, there are always guides on youtube on how to beat a level as a last resort. My only complaint is the turret ai. Thankfully the rockets and lasers prioritize the air troops over ground troops, but the canons($200) should NOT lock on and just focus on the nearest troop to the end? If this was already in, it would make the gamevsignificantly easier :)

Why did you increase the difficulty and add the "HP/money" ads? I played this game sometime last year and it was amazing. Decided to play again, and I read the other reviews stating that he increased the difficulty in order to push the ad views for money/health ingame, and at first my reaction was "bullshit no way", but sure enough he has significantly increased the difficulty of the levels. I'm only on match 3 and no matter what I do, tons of enemies make it through. I used to demolish every level. Money trickles in too. Oh what a coincidence. I can watch ads for both.

Great, challenging game Contrary to the allegations, the game is not only beatable at every level in hard, but it's beatable without losing a life. And without watching ads for gaining health. It does take a lot of experience, perfect placement and timing, and saving often so you can restart as needed.

Would have been 5... But why on earth backing up your progress isn't automatic is beyond me. This is plain silly design decision. I didn't realize this option was entirely manual and consequently lost a lot of time and progress after a required device reset. Super frustrating, guys.

Crashing Love the game, can beat it without watching ads unlike some people say. But in the middle of the game I'm having crash issues. At random times the game crashes and loses progress, if u save occasionally u can normally load back. However now it crashes every time, saved a game on lvl 15 and can't get to 20 without a crash

Defence zone HD Big boy strategy game one of the best!!. Don't know what people are complaining about like I said this is a big boy strategy game not for little boys so if you get frustrated quickly don't play it play something nice and easy like Barbie or Peppa Pig...

the game is awesome... but the devs are asshats. you buy this game only to be forced into watching ads to earn in-game money thats 100% required to beat the level. thats pathetic. thats corruption. thats greed.

Want my money back, game wont even open Very fun game ,when it opens. I try to open it, I select English and continue and nothing. Just a black screen. I've uninstall and reinstall, I've cleared catch, and nothing works. I've tried on both my devices, { Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Tab 4) and it just won't open.

Fallen gem despite advert bonus' Last several levels even with advert cash bonuses become impossible. Huge ramp up of difficulty curve at end. Apart from that an incredible game

Good Game but.. Excellent game. Should be 5 stars. It's not because of the ads. Greedy. Some levels are impossible without watching ads to get upgrades. What a rip off to pay for a game that cannot be completed without watching ads. Edit: developer says ads can be turned off. This is true. As I said, some levels cannot be completed without watching ads and getting upgrades.

Disappointing to say the least ... This was a great game now it's not worth the price in as much as you MUST watch ads in order to complete many of the levels! It was very challenging before but now it's impossible without watching ads to get additional money or health even though you paid for the game. If this doesn't matter to you ... it's a great game.

No in-app purchases!!! You pay for the game ONCE and that is IT. Defense Zone 2 is so awesome, I love it. Yes, it gets really difficult sometimes but that's what makes it so much fun! Thank you for such a great mobile game!!!!

Level 29? Has anyone successfully made it passed level 29? I've watched the adds and started the game with over 100 lives and $1000 and still no luck. Aside from this level it's a great game but dam this level seems completely impossible. And I've tried on easy mode. I want my money back

Fantastic but.... Great game,stunning graphics compared to any other games, done a really good job..just think u should be able to replay the game on a harder difficulty than hard and add all the turrets from the very 1st level cheers

Was a 4/5 star game One of my fave games but now try to play and after unity splash screen there is just a black screen..... please fix for better review