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Dark Ares

Supplied By 4399enGame    On June 6, 2016    Comments(112)

Samsung Phone Dark Ares version1.18.0.1 Download

At the doom of human world,
The power of Ares awaken at the call of salvation.
From Heaven, Underworld to the Mortal Realm,
Titan the Demon shall be found and eliminated.
Are you the savior of the world?

Join the EPIC 3D ARPG Dark Ares with players worldwide! Wage your power in front of the world!

Game Features:
- Real time battle and real skills!
Challenge real players worldwide on multiplayer PVP, show off your battle skills– all in real-time.

- Vibrant graphics and immersive storyline!
With vibrant 3D effect and exquisite design of characters, you’ll experience the epic adventure through Heaven, Underworld and Mortal Realm as the descendant of Ares.

- 4 different classes to play!
Berserker, Warlock, Archer, and Assassin – Choose a class and create your own character!

- Exclusive Marriage System!
Find your Miss/Mr. Right in game? An epic wedding with exquisite ring, luxurious wedding dress would be the best gift ever! Show off your love to the world!

- Deep customization!
Various wings and outfits at your choice. You are different with customized glowing wings and equipment!

-Events with abundant gifts!
Every day is different with non-stopping events to join! You’ll never be bored in the legendary world of Dark Ares.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via:

4399enGame part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 6, 2016. Google play rating is 80.3034. Current verison is Actual size 43.0 MB.

What's new

    1. Another World: New map and new challenge! Slay the monsters and defeat others to gain excellent gears.
    2. Demon Altar! New PVE mode. Demons are escape! Slay them and save the world.
    3. Market system: Trade with your friends!
    4. Fix the laggy problem and adjust the matching of PVP.
Download dark-ares.apk 43.0 MB


Other country paying methods I really like the game. And it i came to the point to buy gems but the only peoblem is. That there are no other paying methods except using credit cards here in Thailand, which is i dont have. I hope you can add some paying features like top up using TrueMoveH or AIS or other networks to use as a paying channel to purchace the game gems.

Chat system I'm an active player of the game and also a VIP, I'm enjoying the game though I find it hard to communicate with other players sometimes because of the chat system that detects words as sensitive word that isn't supposed to be sensitive at all. I found It too strict that makes us unable to communicate well. Please fix this, I'll rate 5 for that...

Fixed pls admin ill make it 5 * if you fix the server nice game but when i play it after 2min or loading it will crashed i reset and reboot my phone nothings happen and it always happen while im playing .i cant play too long .pls i hope your cooperation . thanks for the reply

Crashed From the get go and its not my device I play much more demanding games and have no issues as a side note I have noticed that every game from 4399 is as buggy as you can get

Six star for this game but i can only rate 5 so i give it it was a very nice game if i could rate this more than 5 star i will do. i just have one issue the stamina didnt reset daily, it should be reset atleast half of the max stamina or make it full. thats all i can say,

My issue... I really like this game. I've gotten to level 25 in an hour of game play. However, what am I suppose to do with my unused old items in my bag? Also a lot of English reviews but no English come I can't take my character to other servers?


Love it! Best RPG game for me so far. Keep it up. just fix some small lag. :)

Its getting boring Well, good graphics and story, but i choose to have more skills can be used so it will be more on a real action. I hope on the next updates please make some skills, make it 4 active skills not only 3.

I love this game it so nice than clash of clan but i only hate this game when in a battle it will back my phone profile..i cant finish game..a bad trip games i was suppost to play..can even maintenace this....people love this game but the problem is it cant longer to play on th phone..

Lousy game Stuck in creating character, and i had made lots of names to come up with and choosed all characters, but still stuck at creating one. This is a bullshit kind of game. My money is not worth for this game

Please fix this.. Asap... Dear admin... It's much convenient if u could please fix these problems... 1. More players to add or to invite during the events (we need more party members to hunt).. 2. Play the events at anytime with no expiration time - these will benefit all of us, since the games suddenly crashes most of the times because of to much players in the game.. And it's very obvious that we have a number of tries in every events we played,.. 3. Add more gender per class / character ...That's all and thank you very much..

Failed big time As always the game is not loading after installing....such a waste of time!

GOOD GAME I loved the game the graphics was good but the big problem is when I minimize the game and went back it keeps telling me SDK VERIFICATION TIMED OUT so I will restart my phone and the will work.. please fic it ASAP

The customer service for this game is horrible. For some reason I cannot access my account, so I contacted support only to wait for 3 days and to be told to try something I already have! I've spent $1k+ on this game only to be treated like this?! Thanks alot.

Troll game.. Seriously? It keeps bringing up "do you want to quit the game? OK/cancel" randomly.. But that's NOT the bad part, when I click cancel it quits the game... Seriously? Troll. Besides that you have to get the "SDK bla bla bla" error when you try to connect at least 7 times before you MIGHT be able to connect, and probably you won't be able to. All in all I don't see anything in that game that's worth spending money on in its current state with too many problems

Log in error using facebook I cannot log in my account using "facebook log-in" i missed lot of events due to this error.please fix it immediately before adding more servers. I'm in server13-Caesar. IGN:kryptonite vip5. Pfffft.

Facebook Account Why i can't log in my main account using my Facebook Account ... please fix. Im vip 5 :(( <//3 I will rate 5 for fixing this problem

Its Super Cool !!! Thumbs up for GM's and Developer its was a great game and it so cool I'm addicted to the game :) more power guys and waiting for more events and happening thank you for this wonderful game. :). S1 IGN: Britz

Archer I cant get thrill in this game.. i get bored everytime i use the bow.. cant move while attacking... i cant even use the skill instantly... i always got hit by enemy...

Good game but... Always connection error evenif i have a very good connection. Also too lag during duels and pvp. Lastly, i wish the devs will add new skills. Ill give 5 if you can solve my issue. Thanks

Phantasm wing issue You had this feature where you need to unlock all normal wings to activate the Phantasm wings. I bought all normal wings and activated my demon wings (phantasm) and no stats were added. No Battle ratings were added. It was supposed to be 18k BR. Is this a scam or what? I need a refund if this isnt fix.

Great! Hey guys i just you to know that im uninstalling it because you cant help me to retrieved my account back which is in st.zeus server (azazel name of my char. Lvl 37, about 360k br) AND IVE RECHARGE TO BECOME VIP1. but on last day i cant open the game, its plain white screen only i can see. And when i uninstall it and reinstall it again, i cant access my account. Thank you for saying you could help me. but no, you DONT HELP ME! THANK YOU FOR WASTING MY TIME, AND FOR WASTING MY MONEY!

Cool game, it is the best! but i would like to advice, need guild war, battle all players like s1 vs s2 and also the rest of all the servers. Pk also... And the most problems. Is that I can't log in even if my network is all good.. Too bad

Good Game but lot problems Now i can't enter to the game because of that sdk server connection timed out. Many player expiriencing this problem . and on the other hand the regen of stamina should be every 2minutes and reduce the costs of stamina to 15 when you enter to elite dungeon.

Not connecting Im having problem connecting rightnow, i did everything.. i even reinstall the game but it still not connecting im stuck at log in screen.

Awesome.... Intense mmorpg via android phone ive ever play.. Love the warlock, the skills makes me freak!

Keeps telling me to update game. I just installed the game and haven't had a chance to play yet. Everytime I click enter game it keeps saying there is a newer version and I click update and all it does is restart the game and do the same thing every time. Will rate more stars once issue is fixed.

Always crashes!! Kindly fix it..... It always crashes and very laggy when it comes to arena 3vs 3 event can't attack nicely and after it crashes i'm using a ASUS ME301T memo pad.... Again kindly fix it i already paid ¥3000 for the diamonds i'll top up more if you fix it.... And please do an update w/c we can go to another server taking our characters not to create a new one and by doing this the game will not crash any time because players will be divided.... I think the major issue in crashing is over populated

Nice Game but lacks attention. First, the chat system has a ton of issue being sensitive even when the message isnt sensitive at all. Second, 1v1 pvp is not fun at all, its not balanced for lvl/battle rating. Do you imagine the frustration new player gets when battling a foe that has 150k more battle rating? This game is great. Cmon ppl please give it more attention. Last, it lacks activities. After doing the events and spending stamina, you are left with nothing to do. I heard an update is coming but its only for items that are for sale.

Nice story and gameplay but the game crushes and hang sometimes also i cant see my character its not moving turn to invincible please fix this ty

What is happening... I can't play right character can't enter the game its stock at the character selection fix it then ill give this game a 5stars

Rip off! I exchanged my burning blue heart for a purple helm but i didn't get the equipment..

Good but needs some Fix with the weapon. This game is really good and i like the way u made this game and it has such a high graphics and thats what i love about it but one thing it rlly annoys me is the weapon... i have to keep clicking the weapon button... it will be better if u change it into holding down the bottun instead of keep clicking it :) i would rate it 5 stars but 4 stars for now:) Thank you!

The game was great but its very lag. Love the game but its very disapointing because of the super lag and it caused the game so delayed and my character always died, even in the demon raid my character heath is in half gauge before i can totally control it. kindly fix it ASAP. for me this not a minor lag. Tnx

Nice game I play this game since yesterday now im lvl 31 this game is awesome but i think you need to put a dash skill when it comes to dungeons we cant hardly dodge enemy hits. And make town bigger coz it sounds kinda boring in town and put portals so we can enjoy other places in towns but over all its awesome,:))) i hope you mind this comment in terms of dash skill

Character deleted After not logging in for a few days, my character is gone, please fix this.

4 stars. No complaints with how the game runs or how they make you play the game. One thing--stamina reset. Maybe at least have it restored daily. Or at least half of the total stamina.

Its ok but... Need more skills and eventually would like to see new areas besides sitting in the starting area all the time. Also not to happy with just ONE character being VIP instead of the whole account. Thus why I'm still a big fan of Forsaken World

I want to play this game but the extra download is so very bad he waste my mobile data charge almost 350mb up pls if you want more people to play this make this very fast to download good luck for all like to download it sure you have WiFi to download it with no charge data I lost my patient of this bad extra download

I cant login I try to enter the game but always appear white box without nothing to read or to sign to enter my login acct.. are u guys having some technical problem rightnow?? pls fix it. I already have a lvl 5 CHARACTER..

Nice game and super addicted but... Please fix all bug and lag, goddess event = lag, invite bug, invisible monster, delay and reverse control when walk... cross server arena = empty or blank chat box... 3v3 event = delay and lag buffs... dungeon quest = stuck up when clear... in game = sometimes network error, force closed/stop

Pls Fix some problem in Chat It's pretty cool but pls can you fix some small problems in chatting cause it's too difficult to have a communication with others cause sensitive words is always appearing even though i didn't chat some sensitive words :3

Best game however When i get items i get to many it alway happens but i can't seem to take off some of my items in the inventory slots so if u can put a sells botton to free space in the inventory then that will be good other then the game is perfect thanks for listening to my request ???

.... Pls. Add silver chest on guild shop at least 2 per day..pls. fix the chat system sometimes it disappear..and pls bring back recharge on master card debit card..thanks i really love this game even when there is some bugs and glitches

I Love the game but. I LOVE YOUR GAME BUT. Put a lvl bracket on pvp because sometimes lvl gap. Im lvl 35 in your game and my enemy in pvp is lvl 38 to 39 . Pls do some action about it sir thank you so much.

Not letting me back on Hi I just downloaded this game today and is level 20 Character name is Vang and as soon as I logged back on it wouldn't let me play again.

Too much freezing Why too much freezing you adding too much server in less than a month so that too much hang up. Can fix this issue guys we suffer too much. I buy gem too much also so give us a good service. Dont ignore my report to you because too much suffering

Is this game supported on marshmallow I updated my xperia z3+ to marshmallow and it keeps on crashing i cant play is there any fix for this...

I Like This But When i didnt play this for a Month they Delete My Character and They Said They Didnt Delete Her and They Want Me To Recharge after told Them The Story...Still Want to Play But my Character Gone Hate that Happen

this game only cares about your money. i loved this game before but now, making recharge bonuses without fixing lag issues in cs then merging s1-s12, which is not reasonable and not fun anymore. you merged it so players will recharge more so they can fight even with players in pioneer servers like s1-s5. non-vip players will no longer enjoy this mismatched game.

Network error. It wouldn't start, giving me "Network anomaly". 2 days if there's no solution I will uninstall it.

Doesn't work properly The game won't reach pass logging me in. It just sticks on the logging in and never gets pass it .

B.R issue Been playing this game for less than 3 weeks now. i'm level 41 in s48 berserker and already has epic degeneration set with level 2 to 3 gems inlaid on it. However i just noticed that my Battle Rating is far low than some of the players who are lower level than me and has incomplete set. My enhancements are already max. What's the difference? What's the problem? If there are some sort of bug in game please fix it as soon as possible because i'ts really pissing me off.

Having some issue I have a level 45 character. Everything is good until this time. Now, when i press "enter game" or "quick join" it hangs up. I'm using a sony Xperia phone. I already tried to re-install it but the problem is still the same. Please help me cause i'm already addicted to this game. :( i would rate it 5 stars if you can help me with this problem as soon as possible. Thank you.

Very Entertaining and Addictive! .... the problem just for this moment is ... i waited for 3 hours and counting i cannot log in to the game.. only to the select character appear only! Can you fixed the bug? Many thanks.. brgds.. Larry/KJCM

Great game! Love it!!! Nice rpg.. Awesome PVP!! Recommend it to everyone... You will definitely love it... I removed 2 stars because I'm lagging like hell in S-53 server. Please fix the lag and I will give 5 stars again.

Too much lag Waste of time. need money to be strong and always merging of servers so the old server only will benefit of merging the rest is not because of gap of stats and battle rates.

I give five star because i realy love this game But can you atleast make the non vip have some rewards or anything to make them happy because they made this far without vip it seems unfair to non vip's cause everytime you have a new update or any it says recharge to bla bla bla im not forcing you to make it happend im just saying waiting for your reply thank you☺

Force closing Great game, I can't give 5 stars due to it keep force closing. Please fix immediately

Nothing happen when i clixk enter Why i cant play? my server is freeya and i have 2 characters i click enter but it doesnt work I play this game last two hours but now i cant enter?

Illegal signature?? Why? Ive tried several times always illegal signature please fix it I want to play this game ?

How to Fix your problem if your game has crashed after installing the app and it doesnt let you open it for Android Users It's very simple all you have to do is you need to sync your Google account properly in your settings it's not the games fault it's Google plays fault


Force closed What happen to this game...after the update so many bugs in I reinstall it....but force closed again and again....

DA Need to improved this game super log in 3v3 also in singlr duel also in Town also the bags need to fix this game

Not working. It wont connect to server it only says checking server its doing it again

Problems and you have two days Intel update I don't like how you have the marriage thing and you have to be level 40 and I don't like that next update make it level 20 because I'm level 21 and the wings and on the next update make the first set of wings free ok or I will give it one star and make the phantom wings free only win level 30 because it would be fare and free because I want to fly and I'm now level 26 I did not get 88 gems today

I love the game Just remove the 4399 pop up please. . Its annoying

game not loading after update nice game but game stucked on loading screen for more than 5 minutes after update. i think im gonna uninstall this if this continues.

Love the game wont work after android update how do i fix this

Hey I cant play this game if i click its automatically stop?

Bug How come customer support here doesnt reply to anyone i just downloaded the game on my sony z3 anf once i click on the game its loading then boom crashed out what is this if u care about ur game u should answer the community who is talking here otherwise goodluck i hopr u fix this so ee can join the game

Cool but equipment can be better Maybe make it so that the tunic doesn't change how everything looks?

Great! This is a very enjoyable game, I give it 4! I would give it a 5 if there was more customizations for avatar, such as different face and hair styles. Also It would be cool to be able to have pick either gender for each class. Other then that this is a great game with plenty to do!

Fix or delete Plss fix the trade option or detele this game..

Me Nice game.. but u need u add more skills u it will be greater than holy knight..

Help me please Im using LG G5 after installing this game as i open it always crash please help me

Not opening After i downloaded it,i tapped the game and 3 sec and it force closes by itself

I like the game but plsss fix loading stack huhu

why f i play 3-5 mins this game is automatiC stop !

I can't open it after the update I cant open the game why ?

It won't open Every time I open it it just closes out

Illegal signiture. Why is it everytime i log in it says "illegal signiture" pls help need your answers so badly :3

Dark ares Thank you..dark ares.

ANGRY I'm VIP1 but i can't claim the free wings, pls. fix that issue so many bugs!

Very nice game Play hard. Very good and nice game. Good graphics.

Bs Can't make a character yet alone play....sort it.

What da !!! Its so nice game is this

Love this game but one major problem!!! I really love this game and have been playing this for months now, only problem is lots and lots of VIP players :/ It is really hard to survive being a free user. Please release a new server only for free users and I will give you 5 stars. I really try my best to compete with VIPs and I'm in top 20. But no matter what I do I can't come to top and beat those high VIP. I really want your team to work on this and release a server only for free users. You'll have your 5 stars as soon as I see that happening.

Addicted to this game. Just want you guys to know that this is one hell of a game. Better than pc games. But please add more skills not just skills from elves. In order for us players to have a better combo esp. for single duels. Thanks so much if you can update it with new skills.

Please help One of the greatest mobile games I've ever played, but I upgraded my phone to stylo 2. I can still download the game, but it won't open. Now i cant play after putting in months of play, let alone the money i put into it. Am i doing something wrong or is my phone not totally compatible?

It is extremely addictive just please fix the lag in cross server arena during 1v1 3v3 especially during guild wars. That's why I only give 4 Stars

Worst game lags and frozen screen, poor compensation, poor customer service! Game latency issued are the worst I've ever encountered. No compensation despite losses. GM is very insensitive to bad reports from its players.

New update keeps crashing I can't open the game to download new things so i can get online. I loved it at first, but there's too many complications. I just got a LG K3 today and can't even play the game.

Load Problem... i just load 60php to get vip1 and get azure wings, the transac is successful but when i logged in still vip0, i load just this morning 5am still waiting for my vip1 please check it. Thanks

good but pls reduce the use of stamina in every mission I play this game in a short minute because of lack of stamina. After I use all my stamina by goldblitz I have nothing to do to this game I stack i have to wait in an hours and sometimes a day to fully restore my stamina thats the problem to this game pls fix it

ATTENTION!!!! How do I retrieve my game account? Somehow, my log-in info. isn't showing, therefore I can't log-in. Nor do I remember the account no. I've spent too much money to lose my account.

GnJ06 Whay my character its gone i just reset my phone its already level 42 im yousing google account my character name.. GnJ06 ..ops i enter wrong servers ^_^

Bugged & super laggy I love this game but most of the time its extremely lagged especially during cs arena fights either 3v3,1v1 and guildwar. The most frustring part is im between 3-4M BR and lower BR's easily kick me out in the game. Im an android user, phone & tablet running both octacore processors with 10mbps dsl connection. Now trying to re install the game and see how its work. I spent a lot of money in this game and if you couldnt fix this, i will completely get rid of you!

No words!!no letter!! only my name Why all the letters I can see is my name and I'm stuck on the screen cause it block by the tips or whatever and I can't close it it has no closing attachment..pls do something I'm a newbie

Doesn't work I have updated to android 6.0 and unable to open the game anymore. I love the game though when it was working. I just hope it will work again on my phone.

Bad Improve the Graphics, Make have an Field PK,keep make big screen because i can see enemy from far. Id using 5inch Smartphone.

The best game and the best lag Dark ares the best online game but useless because dark ares is super lag all time all day need 2 quit stop recharge guys this game is so lag.

Game wont start Just done downloading the game... Too bad would have loved to play with my friends there..please fix

Having issues Pls help, i cant log in my server s1101.idun, keeps on lagging but when i log in to other server its perfectly fine. Pls help asap....

I cannot download The starting screen,it wont let me download just says something like invalid internet but my wifi is strong.

good idiotic gm fix ur connection in pvp's...not some addtional lame costume...seriously ur making dark ares worse....

Pls make it easy for the payment method here in Saudi Arabia,so that I will be a VIP member also pls pls dark Ares make it happen I will surely rate you five star..and also from the mol points it said that you can top up from prepaid convert to dollar it doesn't work I am pretty annoyed that I just buy a 10saudi riyal prepaid card to top up so that I Will be VIP1 but it say that the card is used even though I had just bought it,,so crazy pls fix it and I will rate you five stars..

I accidentally uninstalled this game and now I cannot get my character back!!! She was at level 36!!! All that hard work, time, and expense for nothing!!! I WANT MY CHARACTER BACK!!! ?????????!!!

DON'T IGNORE It's a nice game but every 3mins. the game is crashed please fix it

PAY-TO-WIN. DUNGEON-BASED. It isn't the kind where you grind or farm with other players and that makes this game boring for me. With VIP System which is the hallmark of ALL PAY-TO-WIN games. It isn't a bad game at all though. Graphics is good. Skills are fine. Addictive? The best? Those are rather too much to describe this game. Uninstalled.