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Crystalux puzzle game

Supplied By IceCat    On June 20, 2016    Comments(161)

Samsung Phone Crystalux puzzle game version2.3.1 Download

We are presenting to you the brain building tool, the boredom killer, the time accelerator machine - the Crystalux puzzle game.

Crystalux is the puzzle where you can move hexagonal chips collecting patterns of colored crystals. If the crystals with the same color make a line (connect) they light up but it's not a game’s goal. A level should become a form, a pattern, or a beautiful picture. If it is hard the game contains a lot of tips to cope even with the most complex patterns and make it more simple. Let's start!

But watch out!

First of all: after passing this puzzle game you ultimately train your brain and may get too smart for this planet!
Second: you will finally have fun at the office or on a date - just solving the puzzles.
Third: you might simple miss your station while connecting these hexagonal chips with crystals!

The game offers:
- 100+ secret patterns - and more coming up soon!
- The difficulty level provides optimal strength training for your brain.
- Solve the puzzle while relaxing to real zen chillout tunes!
- Let the crisp, clean lines of hexagons and the glow of the crystals soothe your eyes.
- Hints will help you advance, and your friends will never know!

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IceCat part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 20, 2016. Google play rating is 88.0579. Current verison is 2.3.1. Actual size 30.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes
Download crystalux-puzzle-game.apk 30.0 MB


Soothing When my brain is tired of too many important life's details, this helps to focus on something else to give the details time to work themselves out. Fun.

Great game,but... It would be super awesome if we could purchase the game and not have the annoying adds.

Balance Not so hard it makes your brain "smoke" trying to figure it out. But hard enough to keep you thinking and entertained. Good graphics too.

Problem solver rather than cheap thrill seeker? Then this is for you. It's low key, you'll get no explosions or flying creatures and whatnot. One of those games for when you've got ten minutes. If you play any longer than that, you need to see a psychiatrist/get laid.

Cool Because the developer took the time to reply and because they do at least offer a daily free hint, I will bump the rating to 5 stars. The game is elegant and well done. Challenging but not agonizing or frustrating. Developers who acknowledge users get high marks from me. Thanks.

Fantastic Timekiller Challenging but not impossible. Nice graphics and enjoyable soundtrack. A great way to burn a few minutes and lose yourself in a fascinating game. Highly recommend it. (Got it through AppGratis for free + no ads + 10 extra hints)

Really good fun. The graphics are really beautiful, and to me, the music is relaxing. The games aren't time limited, which adds to the relaxation vibe. Every time you solve a puzzle, a message pops up, and they're encouraging/funny to read. I got it free with appgratis, but I would have happily bought it. Way above appgratis' s standard fare.

Addicting Hard enough to make you think but not so hard you throw your phone :)

So far, so good. ! Its simple so far, and getting more complicated each level. Its also funny at the end...with the comments after u complete a level. I like it.

Still has ads I installed this from appgratis. It was supposed to be ad free and with 10 hints. It still has ads and only 5 hints. 3 stars because it still looks interesting. From galaxy s5.

Crystalux puzzle game Fab game really gets you thinking on the harder levels I defo recommend it ?

This is a great game. I don't download many games that I actually like but this game has held my attention for a few hours. You have to figure out where each piece goes in the puzzle which isn't too hard if you have patience.

I love it! It's a great game to get lost in. Helps a lot after a long day.

Challenging but motivating I'm at level 38 and finally stuck. This game is tough, but it never makes me feel beaten. I can see myself learning new logical strategies to beat a level. It's fun.

Lose progress Ever since update, I occasionally lose progress when I close out a puzzle. I took developer's advice and only close out by hitting my home screen (which is the only way I've ever been able to close out). It doesn't happen all the time, but it's extremely frustrating when you've made a lot of progress and go back to the puzzle and you're back at the beginning. Please fix.

Not ad free Installed using appgratis for 10 hints and ad free. Opened it, saw 5 hints and I can remove the ads for $.99. What did I do wrong? Got a reply back and all is well. Very addictive game.

Nice game.... just perfect!.... need a relaxing game to chill out.... this is the perfect game for it!!!

Awesome Great game. How long till the next set?

Hard but not too hard I don't usually write reviews, but this is a very good game, installed it with appgratis unlocked the ad free version and extra tips without any issues. Runs smooth, vibrant graphics and relaxing music.

Great game Very adictive and fun cannot put this game down

I love the increasing challenges each level brings.

Great Really fun! Lovely graphics and fun, challenging levels.

Problems Saving I love this game, but once I reached level fortyish, it would not save all of my progress completely. For example I just best level fifty and began fifty-one, but when I went back to the list screen I had to replay level fifty

Fantastic game! It's a mind bender for sure...

Simple yet challenging Fun challenge. They start out pretty simple to help you get the very easy process down but the skill level continues to grow. Very solid game. Nice colors and design. Recommended!

It's good. Still, it's almost mindlessly easy. Might rate higher if it gets more challenging.

The best games please keep continue thumb up

Great game love it keeps thinking but you guys cheated me I was up to 1120 got an upgrade and now I have to start all over again it's just not fair I hope you can do something for me like bring me back to where I was thank you

Carol James Love this game good exercise for the brain lol!!!

Makes you think!!! Great game! Starts off easy and gets harder and harder!

Interesting game Helps to make me stretch my mind

? Enjoyable enough and passes some time.

Amazing Its good puzzle game, not too hard to solve. Also graphics are very nice. Thank you developer. :)

Love this game really test your brain as it goes !!!

Love it even more since it's been updated

Killer Great time killer with little guidance.

Nice so far. It starts out easy so you get the hang of it quickly. It progresses at a steady pace so it isn't getting too hard. Appgratis promo worked for me.

Really makes you think..with little help.

I'm entertained but the 'music' is very nerving. I have turned it off.

Love it It's great. I like the UI. The addition of a zoom would come handy as the tiles get smaller as the progress!

Battery Killer Excelent game but drains the battery so much it can't be played. A MUST TO SOLVE! You can't play more tha 20 minutes and the battery gets to 50%, I imagine it is because of the display brightness

So Addicting Absolutely love this game! Only problem is that I've finished the game and have no sequel. .....PLEASE FIX LOL

Crystalux puzzle game Very good too play but not enough hints. Should, have at least 10 hints per limits.

would be 5 if we could get rid of the ads! great game, PLEASE can we have an ad-free version?

Great game It's so simple. It's so hard. Love it so far.

Great mind game This game makes you think but in the end the finish was worth it.

Interesting 2d puzzle Creative and not boring. Some of the levels looked very easy at first. Definitely worth a play.

I love the challenge of working out the different ways each pattern will fit

Awesome Very addictive gave I got this game after reading my bros comment and spent hours playing it

Great game It is a great game. The only thing I find annoying is that it consumes the battery and the temperature of the phone gets sky high

Awesome This game make me anggry to my self because im not good for playing it, btw its game very good game

So relaxing It puts your mind to work, but it only requires minimal effort. No waiting for lives. Just play each level until you complete it. No timer. Great game - excellent for lazy weekend afternoons in the sun.

Best puzzle game ever. Cant wait for more levels.

Challenging! Brilliant. No time to beat and great puzzles that you can take your time to work out and undo and try again and undo and try again without being penalized in any way, shape or form. Need more games like this.

Relaxing Relaxing puzzle for those with a visual spatial bent.

Awesome! This is my favorite game! I love puzzle games and have been playing various ones for about six years on my smart devices and this one is def the best I've played. Please, please, please bring on the new levels as I've completed them all so far including your boss level and I want more! ?

Battery Killer Really enjoy this game, but drains battery way too fast. Galaxy Note 2

Challenging Later stages can be really challenging - satisfying to complete them

It is so relaxing and fun to play It challenges me to try harder and go further

Not as easy as it seems Simple to play but not as easy as it seems. Ads not too intrusive. Fun!

this game is superb, thank you, keep developing ? new levels passed so fast..

Best ever game I played it Wow a friend of mine put this fantastic game on my phone

Easy to play. makes you think.

Very cute and challenging!

Complicated. Interesting. My kind of challenge. Hopefully it doesn't get too costly.

Love this game

Challenging and addictive

Crystalux Of course I love it. But this is the third time I have had start from the the beginning. It will do. Fourth time now.

Addictive and Challenging Can't stop playing! :)

Boring What is the since updating the game with did not put any news in levels

I can't put it down! Finally! A challenging puzzle game. Well done!

Loved it! Loving this game. Even thinking about spending the money to remove the adds. Great job guys!

Awesome!!!!! Crystalux is a wonderful resigned game that will fill hours upon hours of excellently crafted puzzles to solve. Coolest game I've ever played.

Awesome I like the challenge

4 words ..... Ads and Battery Killer! Was interesting until the full screen ads every 2 games, and then my battery died. There are plenty of games that run unobtrusive ads that don't my phone but this one is that obnoxious drunk who insists on going with you to penny beer night at the club. This game can SUCK IT!

Amazing puzzle solving Love how every puzzle stages are difficult & very challenging. Keeps u sharp & always working your brain!!

So ADDICTIVE and FUN!! My husband got me to download this game and now we play to see who can figure out the puzzle 1st. I love playing this game anytime & anywhere! The puzzles get more challenging with each level... go ahead, download it, you have nothing to lose, only fun to gain!! Gets your brain working!!! And there is not an ad every 2 levels like I have seen someone post, at least not on mine and they are there for maybe 2 seconds before you can hit the x and move on!!

...sLam.dUnk... I have NEVER rated ANY app/game and NEVER intended too. But I just couldn't help myself for this one. Its simple, thought provoking and just plain cool. Being able to play at my own pace helped me to enjoy the AWESOMENESS when I figure the puzzle out...some are quickly and others I just got to come back to later...lol. No WORRYING about 'dying' or 'coins' or 'timing' in most others...so THANK YOU=)

Crystalux Absolutely amazing puzzle game! Best feature is the ability to sit back, listen to the serene music, and take your time solving the puzzle! That's right, with no stressful clock to beat, one can actually do what these games are supposed to really be about doing-RELAXING! AND HAVING FUN! Enjoy!

Fun puzzle. Good puzzle love brain teasers hut you should be able to earn tips and as well s given a basic hint to what you are trying to build on harder levels like a glimpse of one shape or three connected pieces. Otherwise it just makes it frustrating and unappealing afterwards.

Using Your Brain Never Felt So Relaxing! LOVE that there's NO TIMER & DOESN'T COUNT MOVES! Sharpens your spacial skills without hard concentration, go at your own pace. Easy (1)tap-there-(1)tap-here to swap tiles, patterns are well designed with increasing difficulty, & saves game play. Its a perfect stress reliever. I mute the app & kickback with my own tunes with this easygoing brain-game.

Brilliant Holy crap, I didn't think I'd find a game as addictive as Monster Busters, but this is it. My brain bloody loves it. Awesome.

Inability to skip a level If for some reason you can't complete a level, it would make sense to be able to skip that level and then come back to it. But the way it is now you just stop. There is absolutely no way to move forward. Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it

I like this game a lot!! It's challenging and fun. It's not too hard so far, so I'll keep going. Tired of match-3 and bubble shooter games. This one is a good change from those!

Fun Super fun game. Only thing i hate is that you cant sign in. I just got a new phone and tablet. I couldn't transfer my old game to my new phone or sign into my tablet to play the same levels im on in my phone. If they don't make a feature to save games i probably won't download it again if i get a new phone. I was on like level 90. Really annoying.

Crystlux Thank you so much for the game. It is a very nice relaxing puzzle. The music is soothing and the graphics are beautiful. I totally love this game. Mind workout plus I love your clever grandma!

Good mind bender A good game to occupy some time. What's good is you can pick it up at have a go and when stuck go away and think about it.

Very Cool but I have a a question... This is one of the coolest puzzle games I've played. Question though, why does it eat up so much power? Even when my tablet is plugged in there is a steady drain of battery power! How is that possible? I go from 100% to 75% in A half hours time even while in charging mode. I use music apps that are very demanding on the CPU and maybe drop 1 or 2 percent after a full session. I can understand that, but this game??? Where does the power go? Please explain and offer a solution. I know I'm not the only one with this issue. I appreciate the developers help. Thanks

Great game but needs to be tweaked. 1) It needs an area where you can put pieces to the side until you use then. 2) Give 2 hints per day instead of one. 3) Have an undo and redo button.

Love, love, love it! This game manages to be relaxing, quite challenging, and yet it remains a game that is very easy to learn and play. Kudos!

Love this game. Really challenging, thankfully able to get a few free hints every day. Not many ads to spoil it either. Love the background music too, so relaxing.

Awesome This is a great time passer. It also works your mind. I really do enjpy playing this game.

Time passer Just enough challenge and good balance of ads

Challenges you to think. . Very enjoyable.

Great puzzle game This and Color Zen are my two favorite puzzle games. Crystalux is challenging, but not too challenging. Other than the occasional glitchy tile that fixes itself after moving it a couple of times, it's flawless. I can't wait for more levels!

Enjoyable puzzler Would be 5 star but i am stuck lol

Crystalux Relaxing, nice music and no pressure. Great puzzles so far, though this rating applies only up to level 20 so far. Thanks for this game!

Cool game! I was instantly hooked. Very unique and challenging :)

Great thought provoking game!

Fascinating Love this one! But beware ---- it's very addictive. Just one more -------- !

Complicated. Interesting. My kind of challenge.

Need more levels!! I finished all levels, please hurry on the 3rd pack!

When do the next levels come?

Crystalux puzzle game Like the challenge

Great!!!!! Maybe the best ever game on mobile and tablet!!!! Great job Icecat.

Great Fun puzzle game. The funny comments on top makes you want to find out what it's gone say next. Lol awesome touch ; - )

Love this game. Please add more levels soon. Replayed this game so many times.

I really enjoy this game

Best puzzle ever Thoroughly enjoy this game, it's both calming and challenging

Great mind game This game makes you use your brain. I love the calmness that takes over after the first puzzle. It takes your mind off things. Very addictive. My husband and I fight over it. :)

What's next I've beating all 272 levels when's the next update or even new games coming out

Great game Really good game. Fun and Challenging. Ads are not to annoying and can be used to get free hints.

Puts you in "the zone" You get no hint what the design will be so you kind of have to tune everything else out and just let the pattern flow. Very zen. :-)

Very good But too expensive. Not worth it.

Best puzzle app ever! Looking to burn 5-10 minutes while waiting in line, or hours trying to solve a single advanced puzzle? This game delivers. Ads are barely there. Fantastic app

The best puzzle game anywhere Absolutely addicting, and it gets Hard...like really H A R D!

Hooked I got to the end so I uninstalled this awesome game. But all the other games don't even compare. So I am reinstalling to give it another go. I'm so hooked!!

Complicated. Interesting. My kind of challenge.

Tricky enough for me to be entertained Got my interest from the start. Adverts are not intrusive. Overall very nice puzzle

Samsung tab 4 Fantastic mind game,gets me thinking.great for stress and to relax you. Hope you do well with this game xxx

Advanced Boss Level (121) has got me stumped. Great game though.

Addictive Couldn't put it down, it's very challenging and creative. I'd like to play more before I give it five stars.

Love it. Very challenging it makes my brain hurt but I like that ?

Great game! The best FREE puzzle game I've found..challenging and enough variety to keep you interested.

Love it Play it while waiting for the bus etc.. Like that it saves my game even if i have to immediately close my phone.

Your grandmother became bored with the game

Fabulous game Mentally stimulating puzzles coupled with relaxing music and quality graphics. I could play for hours.

Addictive Can't put this down really good puzzles to get you thinking

Seems u guys have run out of fresh levels... Been waiting for an update for ages....

Great game It would be nice if at least one tile per puzzle was locked in.

Crystalux Make up the pattern and light the crystals

Not a bad game. Good way to kill time.

Finally!!☺ Thank you for finally making a tile game that's fun to play! I love games that work your mind! Thank you!!!!

Relaxing And somehow it all comes together - makes you feel clever.

Great way to pass the time! Puzzles are challenging but not impossible.

So far so good. Really have to think about your next move.

Crystalux Very addicting.

Cool game Please make more like this with different designs

Addictive No time to write, to get back to the game.

Great Game really fun. Keeps you thinking!!

Perfect! I always love a new challenging mind/puzzle game and this is it!!!!

Great game I love the concept and it is fun to play

I love this game! I can't put it down.

Great relaxing puzzle game. Almost on a par with Quell.

Crystalux Great game! Really addictive.

Very nice Soothing music challenging puzzles

Seriously now come on where is it at???? I like it alot it challenges my brain and I have seizures so it helps. What I want to know is when does the 3rd version open up? Because this is like the 4th or 5th time I have played both the 1st and 2nd versions I think it's time to play & I want to play the 3rd version!!!!!!! Come on already!!!!!!

Adore this game!! Not too easy, not too hard, beautiful graphics, pretty patterns. Its rare a game holds my interest like this one I played for 2hrz when I first installed. Trying not to play to much to save the levels cos I don't want the game to be finished!! I'm installing the second Crystalux now! Thanks to the developers.

Challenge without stress! Not had very long but finding it very thought provoking without any angst?

Game not syncing Not able to sync progress between 2 devices, i have to start over even though i see my Google play sign when logging in

Simple addictive fun Gameplay is quick and interesting. Visual cues let you know when you're on the right track. Finished puzzles are beautiful and unobstructed by finish messages, a really nice touch. Ads are between levels.

Challenging !!! The further you proceed in this game, the tougher it gets. I looooove this version of the game. I tried the new version, but I didn't like the graphics. This game is by far the better of the two.

Great for active minds Studies have shown that keeping an active mind will help maintain a healty brain. This game certainly keeps your brain active.

Good game It's easy to dip in and out nice to spend 10 min playing and it's quite challenging

Seems u guys have run out of fresh levels... Been waiting for an update for ages....!

Very fun, but... Game is lots of fun, but putting a daily limit on watching ads to purchase hints really sucks

I like it I need a larger phone scrren ;)

Fun And sometime wicked difficult

Great brain teaser Fun to play and soothing background music and graphics!