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Cleveland Browns

Supplied By Cleveland Browns Football Club    On Nov. 4, 2016    Comments(115)

Samsung Phone Cleveland Browns version5.1.2 Download

Welcome to the official mobile app of the Cleveland Browns.
Stay connected with the latest Browns news, stats, videos and podcasts.
Make your Android device a unique part of your Browns experience.

Cleveland Browns Football Club part of our Sports and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 88.3693. Current verison is 5.1.2. Actual size 11.0 MB.

What's new

    v 5.1.2
    - Performance improvements
Download cleveland-browns.apk 11.0 MB


Great on my Note 4 Very informative, like the latest look,& everything works well within the app. no problems on my Samsung, also I live in the Nashville area so Browns news is hard to come by, Thank you Cleveland for making this so functional & easy for us to stay informed. I also have the Titans app and this Brown's app is much cleaner. Nice to see Cleveland staying on top. GO BROWNS!

This app is sh*t, still can't listen to any live feed, missed uniform reveal. Update after update still nothing. There's five months until season hope they can have it fixed by then (not holding breath, they haven't fixed it in over a year)

Can't wait 4 tha Fall #Dawgpoundinonthem Lovin this app, up too tha minute info on tha Browns #Brownies

Good app but slow information Very good app for my Browns but slow with the updated information. If the updates can happen quicker than B/R or ESPN that would be great especially for a guy that stays out of town.

So far excellent although only been 2 days so rating could change

Best fan app No where near the Browns but this keeps me close to them...

Awesome The best thing for a Browns fan

Browns fan *Texas* Everything you want to know about the Browns when you live so far from the team!

Johnny manziel He will be the best Quarterback the world has ever seen Just give him time. He needs play time to show the world nd get him some of his teammates that play for the buccaneers So Stop Hating

Mark S Love the app,Go Browns!

Pod. Cast crashed my phone couple time during the live draft reason for 4 stars not 5

Great app for keeping up to date with the Browns

app sucks half the time the app doesn't work properly and you get the news/updates way after they happen. I use other apps for better and quicker updates. no sure why that is when this is a cleveland browns app..

Really good team app If the team on the field was this good it would be playoffs every year.

Go Browns!! This app is very informative and I enjoy keeping up with my Brownies on a daily bases.

Anytime browns news happens, this app lets me know about it within minutes

Great A great way to keep up on the latest from Cleveland. Go Browns!

Browns all the time Love the app, keeps me up to date

Awesome app. Very informative and a great way to keep up with my Browns!

Great App Keeping me informed on what my team is doing...

Awesome. Must have for any Browns fan. Love the bark sound for notifications.

Great app! Love the Browns!

need the live feed

Cleveland browns rock

So let it be written. ... So let it be done! Cleaned up the problems I had with the app! I wish the team would listen as well!

Phillip Owens Love being able to keep up with what is going on with the teem durning the off season . Best Browns app I've found .

Retired Very Informative & enjoyable! Let's see if the DOGS are going to help us with the wait until next year!!

Responsive devs Newest update brought the new orange! Thanks devs for updating to a higher resolution! Looks great!

Doesn't load Just flicks between settings loaded and navigation loaded ?

Die hard fan loves this app Loyal Brown's fan since 1978 till death do us part.

It used to work beautifully. Now it won't. I get my update, but when I try to hear the live stream it fails to work. I am really bummed. Please help! Please help before the season starts! Please!

A couple issues I'm a huge brownie backer and live in florida. The live streaming and notifications would be great if it worked. I still use the app just to see if something new is going on,but I am 100 times more impressed with team stream. GO BROWNIES!!!!

Place to go for all things Browns Well designed and easy to navigate. Keeps you up to date on team and community activities.

Cleveland Browns App So informative, and works internationally...

Great This is a great app it has everything for everybody like a one stop shop. News video shopping,works really smooth with my Samsung 6

Browns App Very inquisitive and love the store can't wait for new apparel

Latest Update Broke Podcast Features Used to have player controls in the status bar, they are gone. If you go out of the app it still plays, but when you go back into the app the podcast stops. When an update isn't an upgrade. Edit to add, they also removed the live stream of CBD. WTF?

Hate the update! About 80% of the reason I use this app as often as I do is for CBD. Now it has no controls and closes out if you leave the app. Booooooo

Needs improvement When you have notifications make them so you can see everything it says, not just one little blurb with a dot dot dot. Second of all improve the radio and make it work and connect as not connecting in my s5. Again with the notifications I can only see a little blurb and nothing else. If you could please make it useful and totally useless now. Thank you

Radio function not working The radio function for CBD works on my old iPhone, but not on my new Galaxy. This is bad.

Headlines Headlines tab is just the video tab, can't access the headlines in anyway. If this were to change would have 5 stars.

Enjoying the Browns The app is worth getting, but after the update I can't listen to the radio program CBD live after tapping the radio button on my android phone. Hope that gets fixed before the season starts

Worst upgrade ever Has crashed multiple times since the new upgrade, you can't listen to media and navigate away from the audio feed or app or it will stop. Moreover it won't remember where you left off when the audio is paused/stopped. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come with the browns in 2016

Nice upgrade from the previous version. I've noticed they took out the coaches.

Fan for 61 years

Not bad The only problem I have with it is some videos won't play all the time. But on the up side most articles are exclusive to the browns/NFL website.

B.S. What the hell does this app need access to my phone book, and photos for? Not updating for you to have access to stuff you don't need to see. I know we desperately need a quarterback, but not going to find one in my private info

Too many permissions Now the app wants access to my private information. Uninstalled. Go browns.

Dawg pound Love it fresh articles daily. Here we go brownies here we go

Sweet My dogs this app rocks

The Dog Love Cleveland Browns

Cleveland browns I love this app

Team app excellence Since updated its fast and always up to date with accurate information really enjoying it. GO BROWNIES!!!

Dawg gone great Die hard browns fan, and it keeps me fully updated. Can't ask for more, except for some better calls, playing and just breaks in general.GO BROWNS.

love the streaming honestly, never thought I would get all the Browns info I craved out of an app, but they hit the mark!

Everything you need Haven't been able to test out the broadcasting feature yet. Waiting for the season to start up for that one. Everything else checks out. A+

Great app If I miss a game, I get a signal that a score is made. In the app, there are plenty to. Reviews, shop, plays, it's most everything that I need.

Great on my Note 5 I live in the Cincinnati area also where the Browns are hard to come by. Lots of delusional Bengals fans in the area. I mean like really delusional. Don't get me wrong, the Browns are bad, but the Bengals aren't much better. Marvin Lewis? You can do better than that.

BROADCAST The broadcast part of the app is amazing. The team we have assembled for the coverage of the browns is on point?

Keep it up Browns! Streaming Browns games on my phone and watching the Tribe on STO in WV! #priceless #gobrowns #clevelandrocks

This app is great,so many things to do and best of all shop I love the Browns win or lose of course winning is awesome. The front office needs to stop changing the team every year and let them get use to how each other play

Great app I love it.. its quick, easy and I have the team in my hands any time...

Ok , but... Good for news and info; easy to navigate. Glitches: pages won't retain info in their boxes. Won't log me into backers page. Still a good app!! Go browns 2015!!

Awesome I love the up to minute updates... I now live in NY and I don't always get to watch the game so I'm glad I can still get up to date info on the game!!!

Go Big Dawgs!!!!!! This app gives you a lot better everything compared to the NFL version.

I haven't tried everything, but I like that I can hear the games each week.

Live in Georgia and this is the only way I can hear my team. Retired military and cannot stand panthers or falcons.

Whats wrong! You got to get this crap together! This app was awsome, after update it crashes won't, connect, and is no longer user friendly.

Surprising Surprisingly good app for the quality of team we've had on the field for the past 15 years.

Terrible at video playback and no CBD? Why build an app at all if such critical features are not a priority?

Cleveland Browns The greatest team ever love these guys

Bingo Outside of the radio going out from time to time.

App has gotten worse ... The streaming connection is worse ... Full mobile signal on a wired wifi connection, and the streaming radio broadcast constantly disconnects. Plus, you can't open any other apps. No widget, etc. Needs work. A lot of work.

Enjoy It's all around a good app, I'm very happy with what it offers. But when it comes to listening to podcast or games the volume is very low even with my phone turned up all the way.

Used to work great Don't fix it if it isn't broken! I work out of town quite a but and this app used to make me feel like I was at home for the season. The radio streaming on this updated version is terrible.

Please fix!!!i Living out of town and not able to see this beautiful new stadium first hand. Spend a couple bucks getting team app fixed. it's a fraction of the cost. Ty Go Browns! And thank you 7/6 2016

Needs fixed Crashes often and "contests" section does not work. Love the browns but don't need anymore frustrations than we already have.

Bring back the old version... The updated version is poorly organized and it's now more difficult to find info that used to be easy to access. Video doesn't stream well anymore either.

Good app Please bring back the dog barks for notification. Plus fix streaming.

Horrible application Doesn't work half the time, very frustrating for someone who's on the road frequently

Live audio does not stream on android Waste of time. Only audio stream that works is to my pc.

Just like the team Unbelievable that CBD isn't available....

Browns App Great way to stay connected with my Browns since I now live in Delaware

Great app Lots of info and love that I can listen to the games on the broadcast.

:( keeps disconnecting when i lisen to a game

Playoff bound! Luv this app!

BJ Cleveland Own

After 2+ years of using it I'm done... As a browns fan that lives 2k miles away from Cleveland I relied on this app every Sunday to stream audio of the game.. this Sunday I can't because I'm not in a "local market".. it's a great app don't get me wrong but unless it let's me stream audio then it's getting the big delete.

More orange blood!!! I grew up in Cleveland, been a Browns fan for most of my 54 years, now I live out in Kansas, and when I can't make to the Browns Backers Club to watch the game, I listen here. Well not now, I am not local. If I were local I'd be watching not listening. Common people the fans, from everywhere, that bleed orange need this.

Frustrated I used to love this app. Former Clevelander living in Detroit it was a way for me to listen to my team every Sunday for the last 2 seasons since I moved. Now in the middle of today's game it tells me I can't listen cause I'm out of the regional area. They should be lucky anyone wants to listen to this god awful franchise outside of Cleveland and they don't help themselves with this BS. If I was in the area I would watch this garbage since we who follow the Browns are masochist's. Very disappointed.

Lost me The latest update no longer lets me hear the games as I am not in a local market. Sad to delete this app after submission of this comment. C'mon Browns. You're better than this!

Very unhappy I loved this app. As a die-hard Browns fan, I would watch every game. Then, I had to move away from Cleveland, but I was so glad to have this app so I could still listen to my beloved team. Well, not anymore. If I lived in a "Browns market" I would watch the game, not listen to it. Highly disappointed with this new update.

This is disappointing I have been a Browns fan since 1980, but have always lived too far away to ever be able to watch games live. Because they are never on TV I have grown to rely on this app not only to enjoy games myself by listening to them, but have also been able to listen to them with my three boys. Now, for whatever reason none of us can use this app to listen and cheer on the browns. Soo DISAPPOINTING. Please see what you can do to fix this!!

Used to be my favorite app This used to be the very first app I'd download on my phone. As a transplanted Browns fan, I took space in being able to listen to the Browns since they were never on the TV. i can only assume that, in the NFL's money grabbing narcissistic personality, they disabled that feature unless you live in the Cleveland area...or are willing to pay for the NFL service. Sorely disappointed

Unable to listen to the games I live outside of the Cleveland area in Erie PA. It's a shame that I was able to listen to the games before the recent update. This really sucks.

WHY???? This was the only way I could catch the games on Sundays in Idaho!!! Now I can't catch any because i'm not local?!? This is bull crap!

Time to delete The only reason I had this app was so I could listen to the games. Since I live in Washington, I can no longer do that. I have to be "in the market area". If I was, I'd be WATCHING the game.

Thanks for Nothing, NFL The only reason I had the app was to listen to the games from Wisconsin. Now, after an unrompted update,no more radio outside of the market. App is now useless.

Browns are awesome. CLE vs. The World It is an app for the Browns! Do you love the Browns? Then get the app.

I need to be able to listen to the GAMES outside of the "local market" or else this app is WORTHLESS. Deleted.

New update Don't update, latest update... I used this app to keep up with the Browns and listen to the games since I'm out of the local market now. Now they've stop the radio streams for those that are out of the local area...Uninstalling this app.

Radio blackout? Do you really think it's a good idea to make it more difficult to follow this godawful team?

Let's go Cleveland Browns Born & raised just South of Cleveland, now living in Texas. This is a great way to keep up with the Cleveland Browns.

I can't listen to the game, no use for the app. 2,000 miles away, and I have to be in "local" range to listen to the game.. forget this!

Local only

Finally works again Had to uninstall and reinstall. I also logged in via FB and I can finally listen again. I live in WA (born in Cleveland) and can't watch them here so listening is the way for me. I can clean house, knit, etc.

I can't get this app to stream consistently on my phone. Last year i had no problems but after the latest update this app is pretty much worthless. Sucks too because i live in florida and counted on this app to listen to the games.

Radio update 3 weeks in a row the radio won't work properly. Today it won't even come on. Losing faith here... In 4g as well

The only way I can follow the browns during game day is this app and now the stream doesn't work. Thanks for nothing

Terrible Al the sudden it tells me I can't use the radio feed anymore. In Columbus where there is no radio play of the Browns. Uninstall.

Doesnt work, just like the browns The radio wont broadcast with any volume, says it on but no sound. Terrible just like the browns.

Let's me listen to pregame for an hour, mysteriously cuts off at kickoff, happened many times

Absolutely worthless Needed to catch the game on streaming, not happening on this app. Cuts in and out , thanks for nothing.

Looking for a live review and can't find one I give you a no stars

Streaming needs to be fixed I like the news and the alerts, but streaming the radio broadcasts and any videos only works 1/3rd of the time. Yet another Sunday is not available at this time.