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Calm Radio

Supplied By calmradio    On Aug. 26, 2016    Comments(128)

Samsung Phone Calm Radio versionVaries with device Download

For mobile devices and tablets. Android 4.1+ firmware required

Calm Radio's Android App comes now with over 200 member-only channels (without commercials) and over 160 free non-member channels (with commercials)

** A Calm Radio membership subscription is required for commercial-free listening.


Track skip
Audio Qualities: HD 320K, High 192K and Mobile 64K
Large album cover art and Now Playing and recent tracks info
Atmosphere channels mixing (members only)
Sleep and Wake Timers

NOW with Calm Radio's unique MultiMix feature. create your own music and Atmospheres mix

Become a member for a low fee and get access to over 200 incredible commercial-free channels including our Atmosphere channels, specially designed for sleep, concentration and for ringing-in-the-ear sufferers.

Acoustic - Solo Piano, Solo Piano & Guitar, Solo Guitar, Blues, Folk, Christian
Classical - Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Concertos, Chamber music and more…. 27 channels
World - Celtic, Native, Flamenco, Bollywood, Latin, Fado, Hawaii, Paris cafe, and more - 12 channels
Relaxation - OM, Reiki, Spa, Positivity, Lounge, Spaced, Healing and more
Jazz - Just Jazz, Be Bob, Big Band, Jazz Piano and more
Atmospheres - Great for sleeping, tinnitus sufferers, concentration
Pop Rock - Folk Today, Early 60,s, 70's, 80, 90's,

We get so many great reviews from listeners who say Calm Radio is by far their favorite station on the internet.

calmradio part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 26, 2016. Google play rating is 82.1432. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Bug Fixes in favorites
Download calm-radio-multimix-android.apk 0 bytes


Popup Notification Persistent I tried to turn on the app without the internet then out pops this notification which literally disables my phone screen; the only functioning button is the home button and i had to remove my battery to start... and ofcourse, uninstall the damn thing.

Just too great! You have to try it, believe me; you won't be dissapointed.

Almost there Nice interface. Just one glaring oversight... no Chromecast support whatsoever.

Great The channel lineup continues to grow. For relaxation, classical, jazz and atmospheric sounds, I look no further than this app. The lineup of classical music streams is especislly comprehensive, and then there's acoustic streams, and lately I've discovered the world music lineup, with authentic Persian and Indian classical music, and more! It's awesome

OMG I am running out of words to praise this amazing utility. A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Love this radio. Especially Strauss channel.

doesn't work well with Lollipop on LG G3? it used to work perfectly (5-stars), today it just hanged while streaming and force closed.

Not as good as it use to be This app continuously force closes. And after it's closed another "not responding" error message pops up. Needs more work.

Great Love the variety

Tab s Wow wow wow :) great

I would give you more than five stars if I could :)

Cant even listen to anything App crashes and i have to close it once I've sent a report. I used to love this app. Will not pay a membership for something i cant use... i may do once this app is fixed.

Great Software! Great Music! Great Website! Great collection of music. Also have a mixer to mix natural sounds with music! Been enjoyed for the past 4 years!

I'm wondering I'm wondering why this app needs my location

Best App for sleeping-aid i've been getting better sleeps. great sleeping-aid, this app is "the one".

Very Nice I enjoy using this app

The best streaming app for Classical listeners. Streaming choices of 32, 64, and 320 is odd, I think most subscribers would like a "middle" option like 128. It would also be nice to have the option to have the app open with favorites or a different channel list instead of "Acoustic" every time.

Crashes every time The app crashes every time when I try to stream music...pls fix it

Crashes or Won't Load Having functionality issues on my LG either won't load properly or it freezes/stops streaming/crashes all together. Additionally, trying to take advantage of multimix features exacerbate these issues. I love the stations and music selection/variety (especially the "SLEEP" station) which is why I gave it a 3; I just wish it were more consistant and up to par with other apps that require monthly subscriptions. I am, however, keeping it around in hopes that eventually these issues will be adressed.

The last version NOT for Galaxy Note4 !!!! Doesn't open any channel - freses entire phone (two years it was THE BEST Internet Radio for really GOOD Music...) disappointing. ....should go to "tune in radio" with all my two years subscription ??

Needs Refresh The UI is becoming outdated and clunky. But otherwise a great app

I miss listing to Calm Radio on Tunin Radio! Not sure what happened but this is very disappointing!

Has an annoying skip I would rate this 5 stars had it not annoyingly skip every 10 secs or so. Calm radio Plays through phone browser ok, but just this app on galaxy s4 is horrible to listen to

streaming issue when it has streaming problem, it cannot recovery the streaming automatically. I have to restart it manually.

Updated review: went from nearly zero speed modem to "extreme" speed TWC wi-fi modem. Now, no skips. With 0.3 mbps download, app skipped every few seconds. Now, with 36 mbps, no skips in a full day of listening. Free TWC wi-fi modem + $20/month. Wow. Withheld a star until CalmRadio drops its monthly fee from $6.95 to a more reasonable $4.50/month.

The place to go to for Classical Music With the sole exception of Accu Radio there is no other source for Classical Music on the same level as Calm Radio. And its other offerings are darn good as well. A must app!

App is not working Happy with music but not happy from the app because it's not working on my lenovo it keep freezing and eventually restart the app.

Listen to it daily. Some evenings I use it to nod off to sleep. 9/25/14 Back up to 5 stars. I love the latest update..... Moved back up ? in my rating. Even added one star? to the three I gave the first time. Selections are great and no overt attempts sell stuff. Also, the app appears fixed. Dropped down ? to one star. I noticed an app update and decided to try it. Definitely a slide further down hill. Still great music so I will go back to listening ? on tune-in radio. Is it worth paying for this app. It drops out frequently. Great music choices, but frustrating using the app. I get a better performance using TuneIn radio with Calm Radio URLs programed in. I've already added most of the classical I like to the TuneIn app.

Calm Radio Awesome app and loving it ... The only reason I'm not giving it 5 Stars is cause it is always shutting off on my Android after few minutes ... For some reason it stops after 20-30 mins but on my wife's IPhone it keeps on going!! If this issue gets fixed then I would rate it at 5

Seems to crash lots Works v well but crashes too much!

Stay away. This app renders my phone useless. Samsung Galaxy S5.

Nice 5 Little star from me

i'm not a Vip vip only :-(

A bug? Not listening on galaxy s 3

Extremely useful for meditation I effortlessly managed to find music suitable for relaxation and meditation with this app. Chromecast support would be the one improvement the developers could make.

So relaxing This app makes me so calm you should really get it

Keeps Loading But Never Connects The app tells me that it is loading, but never connects whether I use WiFi sitting in front of my router or use only a data connection.

I put it on Christian before I went to bed and had slept like a baby had the best sleep of my life

- App hangs all the time when connecting to a new stream. (when you get the app not responding, just wait) - App does not pause stream when you get a call, use hands free, or for anything really. All other music apps pause when you when you make or receive a call, on ring, when you use voice commands, play video. Please improve App. HTC M7

Shortly after the app opens it stops working.

Still poor programming The app still crashes on android marshmallows. I had a paid account and I stopped the subscription because of this reason. no help, no response..why paying for a crashing app. The ios app is much better and has some cool animations as well. Android version sucks

Mobile in-car user I love calm radio to provide the perfect ambience. I use this app thru my car stereo for relief from mainstream headnoise radio, about 6-10 hrs/day. About to move up to higher quality (<3 singing bowls), yet app shuts down whenever net conn wanes (in a valley or tunnel), posting a msg stating that it requires net access to run. Restarts whilst driving are not worth the risk of accident, and delays are boring. I can't continue with it. Pls sort this stupidity out and I'll be back with bells on.

Bought the subscription I listened frequently before buying but decided to go all in . I typically listen to classical in my garage whilst wrenching on my classic car(s). Baroque feeds are really good. Although sometimes they do cut out and get dropped. A classic rock channel would be great - the eighties channel is not that great though.....

Used to be very good =(

Slow After removed and then reinstalled this app is working after it was showing slow download. It's okay for now.

Total relaxation Just wonderful. So many beautiful options. Get this app, seriously, it's lovely and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. Thanks, Calm Radio!

Favorites Tech support worked with me to fix the problem. Very responsive. Now it's great! Can't wait for Classic Rock channel.

Outstanding Outstanding radio! Worth every penny. Positivity channel has helped tremendously with depression. Sleep channel is another wonderful gift.

Worth the price have no problem at all vary fast response to questions

To Pricey Nothing calm about the subscription pricing. Free version is limited.

Great App - constantly updating with new choices

Crashes nexus 6 When signed in, it will crash. Tech support not much help. Think the problem is android 6.0.1.

Great app! Became a member, well worth it.

Cool mode 24/7 ? If it doesn't work in your mobile, please Uninstall then restart and Reinstall again. It works in apple and android devices.??

I love it !!! I've been trying to create something similar on my own using Google play, Spotify etc. Ran across you guys through another app, it was love at first listen !!! Wish you had a widget !!!!

Beautiful!!! Just perfect in every way. All the stations... from composers to christmas. It's very relaxing for one and many. :)♡

Dangerous malware. Never works. Stops constantly. Now it redirects you to a casino app when you try to change channels. I'm so sad that i paid for this garbage. Do yourself a favor, skip it, it will not calm you down. Help from support is worthless, just clear your cache, reinstall, doesn't work, of course. To bad, the music is very nice, they just can't get it to you.

Unreliable on android app While the performance on desktop is a non-issue, the android app has proven unreliable. Performance on ipad is more reliable than android, but does suffer from occasional hiccups.

Crash It crashes everytime i try to listen to a channel (Huawei P6)

I subscribed and it's Great but please remove the annoying new Facebook and Twitter icons from top of the album art. It messes up our meditation ! The last update was a disaster to the performance as well !!

I really love it It's complete.

Calm Radio Superlative SOUND! Magnificent 150 channels + ! Simply Amazing for any and all audiophiles...? ? ?

Subscribe It is inexpensive and has lots of types of music. The app works great!

Great music Love the selection of music, hope for the implementation of alarm clock feature.

Calm Radio eventually. Takes ages to load then keeps hanging. Shame as used to b 5 star app.

Poor quality The music stops playing all the time. Needs to be restarted by hand.

May never listen to everyday radio again. Outstanding options and great sound. Thanks

Great selection of music I'm loving the ambient/world channels particularly 'Lounge'.

Nice music with many choices Great music played on a huge array do choices. Even spiritual guru eckhart tolle listens to calm radio

Improvements made! Last year I rated this app 3 stars. Due to frequency of crashes and freezes. These have become almost non-existent. I am now a lifetime member. There is something in the wide selection of music choices for all tastes in music. If you have complaints about Calm music then there is nothing in this life that will ever satisfy you.


Brilliant app. Can listen to this anywhere Listen to this mainly on my Sonos. Relaxes me at home. Now I have the benefit of listening to it at work! Stable app as well no issues!

Good listening, weak app This is my go-to app when I want to hear frogs croaking at a chamber music concert. But seriously, apart from a certain amount of silliness and new-age fluff, Calm Radio offers a wide and evolving selection of uninterrupted music and other sounds for a modest fee. Even the free channels are good, with restrained promotional messages. Chromecast support is a plus. The app is buggy and unstable, though.

I'm going to cancel my subscription soon Fix the app please it's rubbish, now it doesn't work at all with latest update.

Latest version broken? Love Calm Radio! The app needs some though. Make the timer more accessible, as it was previously.

Perfect for me Rather expensive, but love it!! Very soothing!!!

This app totally sucks. I won't purchase a subscription until this app is wholly replaced with a modern 2016 app. Navigation (among other things) is weak. Another thing is that takes forever for music to start playing once you select a station. It should be instantaneous.

The best I like it. It is the best radio app

Use it everyday. One of the best features about this app is that there are no taps. What it means is that all the stations are available in genre style without making too many taps. This gives me easy access to whatever station I like as well as it makes me try new ones too. The atmosphere are also great. Would like to have feature to play more than one atmosphere. Google cast feature is there. So casting is not a problem. The music catalog is simply amazing. This makes it better than other services.

Good app Great selection but like other users, it keeps stopping/freezing. Hopefully the updates fix these issues. I don't think I'll pay for a subscription if this keeps freezing and closing...

Great Tech Support! Much better music options than Spotify. And less expensive. A very satisfying music experience.

Crashes frequently Crashes within a couple of minutes. When you hit the report button there is a place to fill report but no way to send it. I pay monthly for commercial free service. This used to be a good app but it has gone to the crapper! If it continues to do this I will cancel my subscription at the end of the month.

Major bug I love calm radio and the services it provides. However one bug is always present. I will listen using WiFi and if I leave the WiFi range and switch to data while it's still running calm radio will give me a warning that Internet charges will accrue. However the message will not leave and ends up hijacking my phone because I cannot swipe it. The message still remains in the middle of my phone and I cannot swipe it away. Hopefully this will get fixed in the future...

Good music, though the ads are irritating Please use banner ads instead of those frequent up-selling in-stream ads!

This app is weak. I won't purchase a subscription until this app is wholly replaced with a modern 2016 app. Navigation (among other things) is weak. Another thing is that takes forever for music to start playing once you select a station. It should be instantaneous.

Unstable on Galaxy 6s App won't hold a connection and won't pick it up again without reboot. Not ready to support a commercial product like a subscription. Very sorry I joined.

Sorry, but radio websites like Pandora let us become members for free! If I wanted to listen to to every thing, I should at least have free membership, or at least pay ONLY once for lifetime membership, NOT PAY EVERY TIME THE MEMBERSHIP EXPIRES! It's just like in-app purchases with the sole purpose is to pay money every time to win. That's not right! I've looked so F hard for an app like this only to find this is too good to be true! I'm uninstalling, I am soul crushingly disappointed!

App needs a refresh Calm Radio stations are great. As for this app... I appreciate Chromecast support and sleep/wake timers, but this player needs updating. Needs an audio buffer. Needs notification & lock screen controls. Needs general layout & navigation improvements. Basically needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Good listening, weak app This is my go-to app when I want to hear frogs croaking at a chamber music concert. But seriously, apart from a certain amount of silliness and new-age fluff, Calm Radio offers a wide and evolving selection of uninterrupted music and other sounds for a modest fee. Even the free channels are good, with restrained promotional messages. Chromecast support is a plus. The app is buggy and unstable, though.

Fast Response to problems Great station. If you plan to subscribe, consider the lifetime membership. After a couple years which go by quickly, you will be glad you did. New channels are being added all the time. I am not a 20 something so I am not looking for what's popular today. I appreciate classical and relaxing music. Much to choose from. Thanks Eric.

No WiFi support?? This is ludicrous, ive installed and paid for monthly subscription and yet the app will only work using my 4G. It crashes and freezes when I turn my WiFi connection on.. Please sort this out asap or I will be cancelling my subscription immediately.

Calm radio fan Bliss at your fingertips. I enjoy the variety offered on this app.

Latest version broken? Love Calm Radio! The app needs some though. Make the timer more accessible, as it was previously.

A terrible app. I pay every month with my membership but keep having to uninstall and install to make it work. I Heart Radio is free and totally reliable. How come that works but Calm doesn't?

Music is good. App sucks. App needs a complete overhaul to match the quality of calm radios music variety. The app is completely non-inutuitve. I can't search other channels while I'm already listening to one for example. There's no forgot password link via the in app login screen...instead I need to open the website for basic functions.

Calm Radio eventually. Takes ages to load then keeps hanging. Shame as used to b 5 star app. Update don't work at all now. I will be cancelling my subscription.

Great Music Choices, App not so much When new channels are added scrolling to them in your favorites causes the app to crash. Audio occasionally drops for a second or two, not buffering, 320k stream using Wi-Fi or LTE.

New update and stop working After last update is no longer showing any channel. When selecting a channel from the favorites it crashes

Urrghhh Gone from.bad to worse. Doesnt even work now.

App stopped working - latest version?

Zen So calming and relaxing

This is my go-to app when I want to hear frogs croaking at a chamber music concert. But seriously, apart from a certain amount of silliness and new-age fluff, Calm Radio offers a wide and evolving selection of uninterrupted music and other sounds for a modest fee. Even the free channels are good, with restrained promotional messages. The app, unfortunately, continues to be buggy and unstable.

Way too buggy. Chromecast fixed but still crashes. The music selection is great. However on my Samsung galaxy s6 it is beyond buggy. It crashes constantly. Switching from one type of music to the next is choppy. The bugs seriously need to be fixed because they detract from the experience.

App needs more work Channel selection is good, though trance would also be welcome. But app keeps losing connection, crashes after a couple of changes to selection. Not unusable, but losing the feed in the middle of relaxed spacing out is not a nice experience.

Don't download and don't pay! I paid for a subscription and can't even log into the app. I've reset my password several times to no avail. On top of that, most channels in the app won't even open. I get a not responding message that asks if I want to wait or close. Wait does nothing and closing starts the process right back over again. Stay far away from this horrible app and service.

This is a beautiful app. I've been using it on my Nexus 7 without any connection issues, crashes or bugs. The wide range of channels, particularly the music ones, is just spectacular.

Will only have subscription for one month App crashes every 10 minutes. Clearly not tested and clearly cheap. This app is worthless.

Yeah no Mobile app? More like mobile crash! Love the service but despise the app!

Look and works well now. Thanks for addressing the bugs when running under Android. I'm a happy camper now.

#WasteOfTime Will not let u play anything unless u are "A MEMBER" become a member still will not let u listen cause U CANT SIGN IN #WasteOfTime

Latest update broke casting get 404 error from chrome cast. Before update I would give it a 4 star rating

Latest version broken? Love Calm Radio! The app needs some work though. Make the timer more accessible, as it was previously.

App isn't working! Help. For the last 3 nights the app hasn't been working. Just shuts off with the report it notice. I've even updated the app. It's always worked great until now. Samsung Galaxy s4

Gregorian Chant station doesnt work on any platform I have been listening to this app for years and loved it. I only use it for Gregorian Chants and Harp stations. The last few weeks, the Gregorian chant station hasn't worked, the network doesnt stream it. I have tried reinstalling it, trying multiple phones, and computers, and none of them stream that station. Now I am upset because its an obvious issue on calm radios part, and they are neglecting it. I understand its free, so i shouldnt complain, but they need to maintain it if they offer it

Great stations, app is terrible. The one time low fee for a years worth of 200 commercial-free music is fantastic. The apps user interface is absolutely terrible. For example, When the app first starts, there's a list of all the stations; but after selecting a station, there's no navigation buttons allowing you to go back to the station index. How does an app developer overlook such a basic function? Fix it, please.

Terrible App, Great Music Selection This app crashes every other time, the interface is horrible to navigate and sluggish at best - usability is obviously not a priority.

App crashing Nice music selection but app crashing. I have canceled my subscription because an app only.

Ok Amazing app, but has issues. It randomly crashes unexpectedly. Hate the ads. Good app though, I guess. ?

Love Calm Radio, App Stinks Really love Calm Radio but the app is terrible. PLEASE FIX.

Defective app Great selection of music choices ' audio cuts in and out.

Nothing like it Great channel for listening to music all the time. I bought the life time membership and am very happy with the keep up the good work. Thanks

Calm Radio... For now, I am listening to the Free version, but so far I really like it.

Great selection of music I'm loving the ambient/world channels particularly 'Lounge'. Also 'Positivity' and 'Balance' offer a relaxing daily background as well as offering exposure to artists I would not normally hear.

Stupendous Loved this app..

Good app I've been using both paid & free version, helps me to sleep every night.other than random disconnection the app is great. Only complaint would love to enjoy paid app with no ad but they charge in american dollar, first time I see any app would do that if you need my support please consider charging local currency like many other apps.

Great stations, frustrating GUI I've listened to calm radio stations for years now, and have been a paid subscriber for a while. The stations themselves are excellent, but the app is very irritating. When listening to a station, if you go back to change the station, the menu resets right back to the beginning so you have to scroll all the way back to where you were. It also sits and remains unresponsive for a while then suddenly skips. Buffering is also frequent on low quality streams on a super fast connection. Easily fixed issues I hope

Terrible Ads I know this service relies on ads to be able to broadcast, but some of these new ads are TERRIBLE. There are some where the voices are sped up...let that wake you up in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of you! The ads advertising the radio service are one thing, but these random products ads are so poorly placed & so annoying that it takes away from the whole idea of this being a "calm" radio.

This app seems not supporting Android 6. I got error 'Application not responding'. Please help to fix this issue. Follow up: It works again today. Thank you for fixing it.