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Brave Warrior:Demon Revenge

Supplied By JOYNOWSTUDIO    On Nov. 5, 2016    Comments(195)

Samsung Phone Brave Warrior:Demon Revenge version2.0.1 Download

Brave Fighter: Monster Hunter >is a RPG game, free to download. Game contains absorbing main story, gorgeous game art. With the smooth control, you will be addicted to this game. Following are players’

★★★★★ " Fantastic game graphic, hero skill very impact, recommend!" Pearl
★★★★★ " Special game, easy to play, smooth Graphics, 5stars rank" Maxine

The sealed evil forces, invade human world when the guardians neglected. Human race will be destroyed. Knights accept the new mission: Slash the monster, stop this catastrophe, Revenge for dead people!
Brave Fighter: Monster Hunter has unique monster catch system. You will play as a Monster Hunter. Beat the monsters, then you may persuade or hire these monster, let them become your mercenary. You can also learn the ancient magic! Brave Fighter: Monster Hunter has dungeons just like . Warriors, get your weapon, bring your mercenary, fight with your glory, Get your Revenge! You will be the Lord of War! Download Brave Fighter:Monster Hunter now!

■Over 30 kinds of companions will help you in the battle. Wizard, fighter, knight, assassin, priest, Titan each of them have their unique skills, it will bring lots of fun.
■Game has distinctive battle strategy, allows you control your companions attack or defense in real time.
■Your role have several unique fantastic skill
■Game has an interesting avatar system. Different weapons will bring different characters’ looking. Find the one which is your favorite.
■Strengthen and choose different mercenaries to fit the battle. It will reduce the difficulty of the combat! Fighting as a team to substantially increase your combat effectiveness!
■The game is easy to control, whether you are not a freshman can quickly get started and experience the fun in the game!
When the world is facing a crisis, the brave who is holding a sword, are you willing to come forward?
When darkness falls, devour your lovers around, will you choose to fight?
Warriors, engage the battle!

★ Free to download
★ Seven different battlefields
★ Traditional multi-line narrative
★ Five dungeons for you to challenge
★ Collect your own characteristics mercenaries
★ Distinctive avatar system that allows you to change your hero’s looking
★ Arrest BOSS, let them fight for you
★ Choose different mercenary to fight and show full of strategic combat
★ Smooth operation feeling
★ Variety of different shapes and equipment
★ Variety of enemies and levels
We will update and improve Brave Fighter constantly; we wish you may support us.

For Android 2.3 or higher version
Attention:Game is free to download but contain in-app purchases



JOYNOWSTUDIO part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 90.2501. Current verison is 2.0.1. Actual size 20.0 MB.

What's new

    Fix the error of English language version- the wrong description of weapon item
    1、Darkness Land Fall!New Weapon Coming!
    2、Add Shared Function:
Download brave-fighter.apk 20.0 MB


Need more improvement for 5 star I was download in an hour ago , i like the gameplay but if monster attack change to melee and he run character always hitted , i think that was annoying .... need improvement about open card , im never got the good card need a diamond so sad life.... and if we want repeat a map please adding some open cards too , i was repeat to enchanting but no extra cards ... i hope u improve it .... good game at least....

Good game. I just started playing 30 minutes ago and I must say I'm indeed surprised after reading all the negative comments. It's simple and yet addicting. Rpg lovers out there should try this. I'm giving it 5 stars not because the devs beg me to but the game deserves 5 stars. One important thing though, be fair. The lucky draw after the battle, when a player gets gold coins EVERYTIME instead of good equipments, even an eight year old kid knows something is not right. Scamming will definitely drive the players away.

Everytime I start it up it force close on me I just downloaded this app n wanted to play it n try it for myself buy when it starts up I get force closed so many times

It's dump spent an entire train ride earning money for equipment and the stupid game saved my progress but lost all my equipment. Not worth starting over

U can't be serious This game is a joke 1. all items in my 30 min of playing are the same only get different with star LV. 2. The enemies ai, like come on they will walk off screen and if u don't do combos and tap at a slow speed you will stager everything to death. 3. Items from draws will always be bad either you spend money or gold you have to farm for. 4. There are ads, and micro transactions come on one or the other or put ads at the beginning. 5. It's to easy at least have some challenge. Overall the game is bad.

Rubbish game?? The shooter game is alright, but what is this stupid "pick a reward" after each cleared stage? The cheapest reward is 100x cheaper than the highest reward?? You fool the player greatly by making them believe that they only hv 20% chance to get the lowest reward, but i see it's actually hv 100% chance to get the lowest reward, and the player hv to purchase higher reward. I DON'T LIKE TO BE FOOL OR SCAM!!! THAT'S WHY THIS GAME IS IRRITATING AND STUPID!!!

Fun game but rewards are off :/ This is one fun game. I really enjoy, but the only problem I have with it is the reward system whenever I beat a mission. I always receive money. I know so because I preform a simple experiment (just kept clicking on the first one) and always receive money. It's pretty much a rip-off and definitely not a good way to please people. :/

The game is great The only problem is that when you get the random prize at the end of each quest you always get the worst prize.

Needs more daily give aways and auto fight option where you can push the skills on your own

I'd give it zero stars if I could, ad spammin...horrid interface, none stop attck button spam than you basically beat the game eyes closed.

Its a great game! But the story is too short i already finish it i suggest more equipment and additional story actually i finish the game in just 14 playing hours and make every stage more harder

Impressed Just starting this game, seems pretty good with some great room for growth as you play. Looking forward to playing further into the game.

Pick a any what price Why not make it on random not just decided what a player would get....... If that is the case why not instead of pick a price, make it choose a place for the price just to make it clear..... When picking a random price we get same and same and same because its already decided.

Good game But please fix the reward thing,you only get gold and nothing else.But besides that it's good.

good try:-) nice game, but needs more. my suggestion is, make it online and have pvp . leaderboard is fake.

Need little improvements! All you really need is an option that be a girl hero so girls will be satisfied

!every time I got a chance to Win? A prize?? It's always the lowest one I'll get!! When will I win something decent for a change!!

Mercenary Bug Game works fine initially but now instead of 1 cougar mercenary and 1 lionheart mercenary, I am stuck with 2 cougar mercenaries. Game hangs whenever I try to enter battle formation screen. Otherwise nice game. Would have been 5 stars if not for this bug.

Rigged reward system Heavy ads and reward system is unfair. It feels like you have 100% chance to only get gold for your mission reward and 0% for the potions, high equips and scrolls. Would not recommend this game.

Won't open Only giving this 1 star as the game won't even load, it loads the joynow studio screen the goes back to home screen.until this is fixed I will remain at 1 star. Android version 5.0.2. model number D6503. Sony experia Z2

This is the best game ever!!!!!!! Cool graphics and new updates hope next update will require fb account or gmail to log in any mobile please

Easy Its simple to earn and save up gold. I'm a level 35 and I saved up to 130k gold without using REAL MONEY all you have to do is play the old stages and save up gold. Yes its a lot of work but its better than spending ACTUAL money on this game. TIPS for BEGGINERS save up your diamonds and golds!!!! DO NOT spend your diamonds on unlocking monsters to help you. And DONT upgrade them yet. Up grade yourself and make sure your equipped items are all 4 stars. Use your golds for upgrading those.

Defuk?? Evrytime i finish the stage i need to choose a card..then dont care anywhere i choose i will always get the lowest prize which is about 200 gold... What the fuck??

Movement Control It could be more smoother or it allow to touch any part of the screen to move.

It's ok so far It's ok I just started so I don't know to much for a good review

4 stars I really love this game I play this game a lot of times. The only reason why I rate it 4 stars is because of the reward system why always give gold? And the dungeon , before entering dungeon need to pay gem can u just make it gold so that it is easier for us to pay. I suggest that the shop also sells equipments and can be bought by gold. The stages drop is the same the only difference is the quality and the drop just change style when you enter other stage please fix these problems. I really love this game.

Please put new level the story is too short . Im max level and i bumped crystal and now its useless i finish it all with three stars. Do i need to uninstall it?

Good It's a great and simple game could use more exp and gold earning maybe even more Dimond rewards but other then that the game concept is great

It says unfortunately brave fighter has stopped...tsk tsk...plz fix..then ill give my 5 stars..ty

good game nc game but need to improve the graphics for ex. the sord jst make it glow when we upgrade it

Pick a reward I will rate it higher if you fix the pick a reward every cleared stage , its not random damn , i like the game but the pick a reward part f*ck it.

Awesome! I seek adventure. .and this game gave me the feeling i thirst. .i love challenge!

Improve When is the next update i had finish all the maps and im a little bit bored i hope the next update have more heroes and item slot of heroes. I assure u that ill rate this 5 star.

Bug found I was in the middle of combat...then eventually it lag for a sec then my avatar went up on the can only see his feet at the edge of the screen

lol finished the game by farming and waiting daily rewards..haha so easy...

Excellent game!! Getting the perfect score, 3 sttars. Some grinding to beat 3-7 beyond level 39... Following the daily challenge, I only upgrade hero 2 times per Day...

Cant play I try to start the game and it wont even start. Really wanted to try it and sire will change rating if i could actually play it. Please fix this.

Fake ad When I first launched the game I had an ad pop up stating that I would receive double crystals with my first purchase. I bought crystals no double

Wow This game is worth it to download. I love this RPG game :)

Very good new stuff Endless mode is my favourite one now :)

Brave Fighter It's a good game!

Potions for donate? Really? Gameplay is well, but monetization system is too tough.

Great game I was wondering about the new update, how can I get the present codes, cause I mean is new and everything and I don't know if they made this without making the codes before.

Awesome I like the game for what I hace seen but come on that luvky draw card is ridiculous u need to improve it atleast liwer the stuff u giving away and give us a chance to get something else that is not coins because its getting annoying as hell....

It's a pretty fun game I mean i don't know how to get the present code so that blows

Not bad but needs work. Nicely simplified not an infinite grind for decent gear, no limit on playtime. But controls not the best, battle mechanics are the low point. Enemies can just keep hitting you in the middle of your combo. No way to close down quickly on ranged. Can't turn around in combo even when getting stabbed in back. But no juggle combo? Seriously devs?

Great! But .... Yeah, this game is great. But let us player to get better chance on lucky draw. You know, all i got from lucky draw was gold with low quantity. Please man ....

Thumbs up So cool and at the same time, it really fits for the players who wants a companion on their adventure :)

Ill give 5 if you let us get higher luck on bonus cards.. Good game by the way..

Screen Fix I liked it. But when i want to do tutorial, i cant change my equipment at the palace because the screen is not full. My phone screen is 320x240. Plese fix ut for 5 stars n.n

I will give 5 stars if we can see where to get present code and also it should have more skills aNd heroes to choose

Really Good Game This game is so good .. But how can i get a present code ?

I want my money back I bought a pack of Jems for $4.99 and never got it. I still have the same amount of Jems I had befor I bought the pack.

Love ur game... But pls let me play to multiple devices.. Thnx

Cool The game is fun to play and not to easy

Language The use of English in this game is not good. That aside, it is very fun and charming. Great game

Good game It a fun game so far no problems yet and the best part it's not a mana or stamina based game witch force you to stop playing when you run out. with this game you can play till you go stupid and keep going, hells ya

sir ill give the game 4* sir can i ask why i cannot pass 3-7 even my battle rating is higher 2k than the map battle rating...iv been 2days there but its so hard....

5 stars to you guys! Alright we all know it that the game is fun! And it could be more if you let us know where to get that freakin error code! Please for pete's sake. LOL

nice game nice game. but it's much better if you can buy potions with your gold

Amazing Game Better than most RPG games and a simple tutorial

I like it Good. Wish the update comes sooner.

Amazing! Nice one JOYNOWSTUDIO!keep it up!

Nice Only play for 5 mnt and i think its a nice game

awsome Cool make more games

It's fun. Love it, its fun!

I had no idea how much this game rocked !! Radical beanz.

Please add options of arean and combine weapons.

Gud game I like the graphipcs . . Keep up the gud work . .

Excellenr game :) This is almost the best game for me :)

Nice Was afraid it would be a waste but it's really addictive. Thanks developers!

Cool games Easy to play and excelent grafik..

How do I get the present codes

Best game ever. You little egg mucker u did it again. Keep these game up yull be rich. Egg mucker lol

good game but what about the present code?

Amazing So addicting omg, and entertaining

Need that present code Why is there a code it could have been something else like a certain level may you please take the present code off in the future?

Bug Tell me why the tutorial said that i can exchange position by swiping the monster icon, but there's nothing happened when i swipe it, so i stuck at that level and can't do anything, i can't move when the tutorial isn't completed yet, and i can't do like what the tutorial said...

Buggiest android game ive ever seen. It just randomly crashes and exits every 1 minute to 5 minutes. No problems with anything else on my device at all. Tried it on another device and it does the exact same. This feel like pre alpha code. Stay clear!

Grammar, typo, End level bonuses The game is fun to pass the time. My issues are stated in the title. Some grammar is bad, there are a lot of typos, and the end level bonuses are amazing but I've never gotten anything but the lowest gold. It feels like the game is trying to make me have in game transactions to gain good equipment or have enough potions or scrolls. Increase the chances of receiving bigger rewards, fix the minor English grammar and typos and you have a fun mobile game.

Seriously? Well, i've seen other comments about stuff in game that makes me thought, "seriously?" and it turns out to be true.. 5 options of picking a reward and i always ended up with the lowest prize there is. Seriously? Why bother putting extra 4 prize as options if there's no way you can get it? It just makes player irritated to continue playing... I wonder why this game was rated so high.. Uninstalling now..

Its fun but Its too bad you can't block an attack, or dodge...or mitigate damage in any way. There is no reason for a level with a power 2000 below yours to kill you so fast. Not to mention the end stage rewards are rigged to give you the worst option, forcing you to pay for something useful. That's called bad design

Decent The gameplay is fun enough to pass the time for a little, but the end level rewards always give you the worst prize. I'm level 23 and not once have I gotten a prize better than the lowest gold amount, it's like the game is trying to force me to pay for gems to get other rewards. Aside from all that there are so many typos and just awful grammar sentences.

So far so good, Only thing is the grammar, and tbh, that's amazing compared to the rest of the crap out there. Keep up the good work guys,

Gems to hard to get Shop should allow u to buy using coins earned in battle to get potions for health and other items. Gems should be easyer to acquire........Now every time i try to use any of my speacal moves i get booted out of the game completely. I had 3 stars but lowered them. No one seems to care about earlyer probs posted......thanx for ignoring ill be uninstalling. And thats sad because i really did think for what i could afford to play it was fun.

Needs to be fixed Every time i run all the way back it stops moving over again fix this and I'll give 5 stars tho i still like this game

Amazing I've been looking for a game like this. A must have for RPG lovers. It's so easy to play even without network connection, as you know many RPG are online games. No need to spend real money. All items are easy to get freely, furthermore annoying ads rarely appears. Very great.

Nice so far but The barrel graphic is ripped off from nexon dungeon fighter online if I'm not mistaken. The English translation is poor but useable. Seems OK so far, only 15 minutes in

Cliche nickle n dime Rewards after battle are always the lowest. 80%+ of everything cost diamonds. Upgrades get expensive very quickly vs how much you can sell duplicate equipment. My biggest problem is the after battle card pick. If you pick the upmost left card it will always be the lowest reward, which means no matter what card you pick you only get crap, every time. Very cliche. If your wanting the best of the best stuff, you can guarantee it will cost you a pretty penny. Btw GRAMMER sucks.

End Prize I've seen a lot of complains about the end prize or when you get to choose a prize after completing a level. I though maybe my luck was really bad that I would never get those good stuffs because I keep getting the worst one. But after continuing the Game and I still get the worst prize I knew they only want us to buy. And also the grammar in the game is very poor. But that's all my complains

Got a good laugh I read many reviews and such and figured maybe many of them because hey were similar came from one person on multiple accounts who didn't like some things, but after playing for less than three minutes {Didn't even get past the beginning fight scene} I was already dying of laughter because I had spotted several of the simplest grammatical errors that my nine year old brother could fix. This game is not worth your time, please do not download it.

Good game Not buggy good game. Wish Item star rating was more consistent with actual stats. Fun game just pay attention to your item stats. In PVP I'm level 16 and have stats higher than level 28s and easily beat them.

Tis really fun I lobe how the game runs smoothly. Even without wifi. Definitely worth playing. The ratio between buying items with cash to not paying items with cash is really good. Like how you can still earn premiums without using real cash

Favorite game on Google! Lower prices could be a gamers delight you know? Design more weapons, clothing, and enhance artifacts

Love it But Can u Add Gem Packs If We Win Boss Fights..Like Da Guda And Silfs Gives 600 Gems And Legend Weapons And Armor To Other Boss Gives 1000 Gems And Legend Weapons,Armors And Add World Bosses.Plz Do The Update So I Will Rate 5 Stars And Reccomend To Some One plz Reply :) really love da game.

The game its okay but try to make the diamonds easy to get like the Gold,if u do DAT I will rate 5 star

Not a very good game. Its not a good game for a variety of reasons, but I will be very short, and very blunt. 1. During the fight scenes, the screen itself bounces alot, and this is harmful to the eyes. 2. The random 5 "prize" cards are purposefully never get the 80k gold. 3. Someone doesnt know basic grammar skills 4. Unable to increase mercenary attack/defense 5. At six characters (me+5 mercenaries) it becomes impossible to see anyone on screen during battles

2 things Make the boss mercenaries easier to get from mission and stop teasing us with the amazing prizes we so conveniently never pick

good! Please add more quest and more new item..the reward cheaper..need more improvement..sometime got lags while play game.hope fix that..please reply my reviews.

Semi epic Its the most freakin awesome mobile rpg i've played in a long time i would have rated 4.9 but it wouldn't let me and why is the speech mispelled i will rate 5 stars if fixed

Good game BUT I got up to Lvl42 and then my game restarted it's self and this is after I have paid for items with money very disappointed ?

Nice But Whenever the level ends, a prize will be given. but... Whatever I choose, its always the least prize I receive. Its not based on luck. I think it is programmed to give the least prize. Please fix this before I give 5stars.

Good game I like the game the one thing that bugs me is the dialogue, the characters lines. They just don't make sense. But the gameplay and graphics are good, I'm just having trouble following the story. Fun game though thanx.

Well balanced Greatly enjoying this game so far. Handles well no lag and pretty engaging. Keep up the good work ?

Not bad But can you make my partner more close with first character, so can hold together..??

Super rad/cool The upgrade is good & I love the WEPON$

More randomness with rewards would be nice, seems pretty set up to mostly give you gold and only a little bit

Wouldn't be bad if end level prizes werent rigged to give you the crappiest selection.


Great game but I will give it five star if youmake it so we can switch main chsrecters please

Interesting Just started the game so until I can spend a bit more time o the game. Then I'll change my reveiw.

Cool Great game i love it recomend downloading after awile gets boring its hard to get 300 gems i want the epic equipment and i cant get the ledendary mercancies its impossible i fought cheif of boar alot im so good at the game i kill him in 1 shot i cant get him over all its a great game get it (and make more games not only 3 make at least 2 more plzzzzzzzz come on) get it now

The game is ok and the gameplay is fine,but that is not the worst part,what is the worst part is pay to win system,it is just horrible ptv system. If you don't pay cent there is no way to progress completely free,you really have to pay to continue playing.

I need more I love it and I want more levels pls add more levels stuff and mercenary and make the background and mercenary awesome looking I love this gamme!!!! My friends love it too

Its not rigged Just always pick the second and third choice and u will always get something good

Samsung galaxy s7262 I love this game.the graphics,the weapon,the skills and etc.please update a new version

Nice game But try to add a link account to gmail wo if we switch devices the account wont be lost

Fun game. It is a really gun game with tons of potential. The only error I have seen in the game are a few typos. Mostly the word First spelled Frist. Not a big deal because it isna good game. Just mentioning the only problem I really see in the game. And to be honest that is a fine problem to have.

This is not game ever i ever seem!!!! When i reach level10 i start to find enemy in the arena and the skill of the enemy is fast cooldown pls. Fix this and i will give a 5 star....

PERFECT this game really amazed me. thank you for making this game free to play. may godbless you. it's perfect! <3

Brave Fighter I have only been playing for a few minutes and so far very good!

I like this game a lot promise i will not uninstall this games

Love this offline feature Hope the next game gameplay more fluid

The game is good The game has bad graphics

Sow nice game Very easy and addictive

Nice and easy to play :)

I'm down with it so far want to see the skills Like the graphics getting better in understanding the concept of it it's enjoyment

Good game, great for passing the time.

vverryyy adicting game easy control and best time killer download now cimple loading no extra loading good good

Fun, however Well, i must say they are crooked in this game. The card reward select after the mission is not predetermined, but rigged. No matter which card you select you get the lowest reward. I chose the middle card over 50 times in a row and got the lowest reward, then picked a different card next time and yet again received lowest reward. Dishonest and zero integrity company.

Great game.. But It is a great game but the English used needs to be polished. It somewhats breaks the immersion. Also, maybe more mercenaries would be cool. Lastly.. The card reward being rigged to recieve the worst reward is a little annoying.

Awesome offline game Great game on my coolpad haven't run into any issues great so far

Best offline rpg Best. Small size. Old-school . The best

I like it Best action and skill character I love it game

I like the entire game progress but It lacks something like multi player boss fight , team up with players to beat the stage and real fight of arena because the my name is player in the arena so I am sure the arena is fake. In other words add more stages like the return of Beld, Arthur true strength unleashed and customise your character skill and others in the future update

Biggest money grabbing app on the market Theese guys have made an allright game but the way they set it up is for the sole purpose of making you spend real life repetitively just to play half the game modes and were not talking about a little amount of cash it just offensive that company's have adopted this method to make money instead of making an app that people will buy and aren't prayed on by people who take advantage of their addictive personality

Woot. Great offline game. Loving the game so far!! But was wondering, has anyone gotten the last two legend mercenaries from 1-8 and 2-8 by farming? Been going for days and nothing. Got 1-4 legend though!!!

Good!!! Thanks to developer for release this game!!! I have a suggestion.. you should add more difficult stages!!! You should add more skill, monster and items.... and a pvp real arena... should make a player can changed a name.. it will be more funtional and exciting games!!!???

MORE CLASSES I wish there will be more classes to choose and other skills. Also its very hard to sell equipments 1by1 put sell all. And then more different equipment. Put some enhancement like stone or can level the skill of mer. Great game. Waiting for the new update

Brave fighter? Why is my fighter not brave? He runs when he sees enemies. Anyway, I really enjoy playing this game ;)

Reward Cards When completing a stage the reward cards should all be random not set cards, needs to be udated A.S.A.P I've had BF:MH for 3 years now.

Great game looking forward to next update but reward cards after finishing level seems like its rigged to give you lowest prize when it should be random

BEST CHOICE Great graphics..light app..and even my 2 year old son knows how to play it..nice job.. I was wondering how to get that present code.. Anyway execelent app..

Great game Just fix the spelling errors

It's great and fun but sound affects need some work the music is louder then the sounds of the swing of ur weapon and magic but all and all good game and good job on it also I think u should of made where players can costume there character and when u get different swords they should look into that

Brave Fighter I love the game like I have no words but if you could add a thin that we can equip stuff on our mercenarys just like we can ourselves then I would give full 5 stars. And can you make it so that after passing a level we get 40 diamonds each 3 levels after.

Not bad... I'm not too far in the game to form a full opinion. But it's a decent way to waste some time.

Please release new update. It's getting boring and please higher the drop rate of gold. Thanks

Need to fix the skill bug in pvp sometimes i cant cast spell quickly because of too long cooldowns while my enemies can easily cast spells without delays Please fix this it is very hassle during pvp's

Update please More Stages , Challenges , Characters , Weapons and Epic Bosses .

Brave Fighter please promote me to 5Star I like this game

Was 5* now 2 coz after update game crashes after tap joy screen

4 stars Great game.....but it'll greater if we can obtain more exp from killing monsters. And what are scrolls for?

Very simple and awesome Game is fine. If that Can be update, I think it will be more intersting

I'm impressed All games I play are not as good as this one

Cant retrieve past save files .. Need some retrieval for it.. Kinda like the game and progressed a lot and its gone now.. After changing my phone to tablet

I really like this game that's why I rate 5 star

Good job With just 1 day i have 3 legends as my companion.. All i did was to farm them (1-4,1-8 and 2-8)

Great game Great game, though it would be good to get into the dungeons with out using diamonds, two a day and once every two chapters would be good

So awsome Really a goo time waster

Good It will not let me eqipt my other monsters and it is good but needs mor equipment

One thing one more Can you please make the store where you can buy things like armor and blades and all that please this is my one request. It's all in Japanese or Chinese please fix.:-(

awesome easy to play and very addictive like this game so much so f*cking awesome.

Advertising covers story text!

Tommie mccqll Loved it very very good game

Language Problem and Sort of ideas I love your game BUT theres a little problem that I notice. can u change the language that u are using in the game can u make it English? because I didn't understand it. specially in the palace, when i want to change my equipments I cant understand what is the effect of that equipment in my character. also can u some more lands in the game? also i have an idea. can u guys add another level of the equipments white>green>purple>yellow>orange and u'll call it as IMMORTAL. hope u like my idea :) tnx :)

Good game It's a good game but can you change put different language in the game cause we don't know how to read in Chinese put English language too to..

I REALLY LOVED IT... This game is so awesome but needs shop improvements, The shop should sell some equipment cause it's so hard to get strong weapons and armor but the game still is astonishing keep it up

Ugly effects.. Corny story but awesome characters..

I Like This game . i Give you 5 Stars . Wish that Always Update the new , Thank You.

Kinda new Pls fix the English text

Note 7 Verry good game

Nice I can't stop playing

Good Graphics Very easy to control and the graphics is also good

brave,warrior revenge good game and addicting

Good Game Fix the language plsss English

Exelent game Nice and convinient to play

Descent game play But that's about it. It really tries to entice u to pay for items fairly early. And eventually you'll have to. I don't mind paying a couple dollars here and there but it's way to early in a game to need to pay to be able to enjoy it. Another sad freemium game. Has potential but that's it

THIS IS GOOD GAME..MUCH BETTER THAN LEGEND SUMMONERS!.GUYS DOWLOAD THIS...Almost 1 million is dowload gamer..while legend summoners is 100 thousand only because that game offline in first game..if you finish that level it .makes online...but this is the best...thanks for the developer..

One criticism The combat seems a bit repetitive and not fluid and smooth, I think if that's addressed this would be a perfect game

Nice game one reason no net net And its cute somehow haha good job creator

No cursing!!!! Please remove the cursing. my parents don't like that!!!!!!!!

I like it The graphics is cool. No lag, but i wish it could have more dugeon caves or any, additional items and endless adventure.

Both a good timekiller or session game Freemium, but wholly playable if you dont mind some grinding. Great short timekiller or session game. Basic, but solid and good.

Need to upgrade to prevent boring very like it, simple , easy , and addicted

brave fighter great apps. . .can u upgrade the games,?i will give 5stars...tnxs

Addictive It's fun to play a simple game with more features on it

It's. Cool but the powers. Take. To long to charge

Ok for offline gaming!! Superb.. Good thing comes to those who play it.

Good game no need wifi . Good for past time anywhere

Action It is so exciting but the start why gleneg one heat by the dragon but it is so amazing i want to buy some special weapon but not enough gems

Please download this game everyone Best game ever but please update and add some helmet character map and can upgrade messenary skills

Awesome Very fun game not glitchy at all

There is a virus!! Variant...unsafe