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Supplied By Navionics    On June 14, 2016    Comments(107)

Samsung Phone Boating AU&NZ version7.0.2 Download

World’s Most Popular Marine & Lakes App! A favorite among cruisers, sailors, fishermen and divers. Find the same detailed charts as on the best GPS plotters.This app includes the overwhelming value of Navionics+. Alternatively, you may have found a free version on the store offering basic features, where Navionics+ can be purchased In-App.

NAVIONICS+ includes:
√ NAUTICAL CHART for all essential cartographic reference detail. The most accurate and thorough set of information based on Hydrographic Office data, Notices to Mariners, new publications, our own surveys, and reports from users. It provides port plans, safety depth contours, marine services info, tides & currents, navigation aids and more.
√ SONARCHART™: The award-winning 1 foot/ 0,5 m HD bathymetry map that reflects ever-changing conditions. Be part of the community and contribute by uploading your sonar logs to enhance it.
√ COMMUNITY EDITS made by users (rocks, wrecks, etc.) and shared for all to benefit
√ CHART UPDATES: we deliver more than 2,000 updates every day! Take advantage of our updates as frequently as you like
√ ADVANCED MAP OPTIONS to highlight Shallow Areas, select Depth Shading, filter Depth Contours, and adjust shorelines to selected Water Level. Includes a Fishing Mode.
√ NAVIGATION MODULE for advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to WP, fuel consumption and more!
Note: Download detailed maps by zooming in or from Menu>Download Map. Check for coverage.

Navionics+ is a one year subscription. At expiration you can renew with a discount of up to 50%. If you don’t renew, you can still use the charts you previously downloaded, along with several free features:
TRACK your journey, view speed, distance, time and COG.
ROUTES: create and edit, based on speed and fuel consumption
Measure DISTANCE, add MARKERS, get WIND FORECASTS and sun/moon cycles
MAP OPTIONS: Satellite/Terrain, Safety Depth and Easy View (not on Govt. Chart)
SYNC Tracks, Routes & Markers among your mobile devices
MAGAZINES & GUIDES for location-based articles from leading industry publishers
SONARCHART™ LIVE - allows you to create new personal 1ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. Upload your sonar logs to build even better local charts for your area connecting wirelessly to a compatible sounder/plotter.
PLOTTER SYNC - NEW! Plotter Sync may also provide access to Dock-to-dock Autorouting, SonarChart Live and Advanced Map Options for your GPS plotter. Learn more at
COVERAGE- Does not include Bermuda, which can be found on Boating Caribbean & South America. Visit for the lake list. (only for Usa, US&Canada titles).

Navionics has certified several Android models where the app is designed to load and operate correctly with an OS of 4.0 or higher. Please refer to our Compatibility Guide, which is continuously updated at We cannot guarantee flawless operation or provide support for non-certified devices. ALL SALES ARE FINAL on Google Play.

Navionics part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 14, 2016. Google play rating is 84.417. Current verison is 7.0.2. Actual size 49.0 MB.

What's new

    · Bug fixing and optimization
Download boating-au-nz.apk 49.0 MB


Outstanding app Very accurate and intuitive chartinv. The photo overlay is excellent for recall later

Very Good Don't have gps on my fish finder so i use this, and i can say that it does the job.

New update missing feature The new update is missing google map feature. Now im stuck with bing which is horrible. Im also getting popups to upgrade to platinum + which is annoying. How do I revert to the previous update?

Detailed marine maps gone after update Used to great, but now marine charts look like a kids drawing, how can fix it navionics

Love it Havent had one ounce of trouble with would lo e another feature on there to mark crabpots instead of using waypoint marks that would be great definitely gunna get the sp200 phone sonar to go with it and run it on my samsung 10 inch tab top nob guys

New update is horrible Older version was great but the new version is horrible. The change of the route function is alright except every time I go to remove one point the whole lot disappears. The reefs no longer show up on the map unless u zoom right in. The Bing overlay is absolutely horrible and very slow compared to the old google overlay.

Good app Very easy to use. Only negative is, it is very battery thirsty.

Junk! This is an absolutely crap program, but so are the other android nab apps, so what can you do. Shame on you Navionics. Can't you do better than this? It suffers from a very poor user interface, lack of functionality as well as a very complete compliment of bugs.

Queensland user. I got this app for navigating with my tablet around the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is divided into colour coded zones to manage fishing activities in sensitive areas. I notice all these zone boundaries have been drawn on this app, which is great, but in the same colour (purple) which is not so great. It would be an improvement to draw these zones as filled shaded areas with the corresponding zone colour (at the very least do the green zones, which are no fishing zones). This would make this app much more valuable to GBR Marine Park fishermen who must know at all times what zone they are fishing in. Thanks.

Does not work on Sony Xperia Z3 Hi, I love the app. Just upgraded my phone and it won't install on memory or SD card.

Must have for safe navigation Most of my night trips in my new 7m boat are only possible with great mapping and the tide and weather part of this app is very handy. Nice work. Now bring out a sounder app and affordable transponder that will link via bluetooth to make my gallaxy pad into a plotter/sounder combo and I will be in heaven.

Good money saver It saves the purchase of a second combo plotter/sounder. A bit glitchy though. May be the Sony tablet. I find the sonar maps a little inaccurate

Colour of track Can the track be changed back to red as yellow some times clashes with the land. Red is far more visible, thanks. It's a great app use it every time I go sailing. Graeme

Great app. Use it at home to plan trips and sort out arguments with the wife, it helps but I still seem to loose every time.

Great app Love the app. So handy to work out next days routes. In preparation for a day on the water. Not sure what the bird and fish icons are for. Also can I suggest more up to date restricted area details. Marine Parks etc.

Awesome app. I tend to use it more than my boats plotter. Especially good to share with the community because not all banks etc are marked.

Having issue Anyone els with Samsung s5 having freezing issues

Issues resolved Good prompt work by the dev team. back to 5 stars

Been a user for 4 years now Love it, loving it, and won't go fishing with out it..

Good until latest update Was very reliable until latest update. Can't look at my marks. It just constantly freezes. Please fix ASAP!!!!

Keeps on freezing after last update Samsung s5...installed latest update and now freezes constantly

Was brilliant before the recent update now it keeps freezing better get fixed really annoying

Love this app help alot. U need this app if u land based fish

Constantly freezes Freezes every couple of minutes , then won't let me back into the app ! Slows my phone down alot .waste of money

Marks How can I put a way point or mark on this app

Great asset for me Useful when in both familiar and unfamiliar waters. Having only a small boat without plotters and the like makes this a very practical and cost effective tool. Thanks Navionics.

Not working after update Just updated on galaxy s4 and its not working now. Doesn't get past the start screen

Awesome app. Love it. I don't move the boat without it. I really do like this app, I was surprised how polished the ipad app is compared to the android version. I do agree with Drew Scott that the styling need a newer sleeker look and feel.

Edit Waypoints After being told by the friendly folk at Navionics how to add marks by coordinates it now does everything I need. It would be useful to be able to edit the coordinates of the marks rather than delete and recreate. The charts and the tracking are great.

Love it !!!!! I disagree with the guys who dislike the app , its awesome for a couple of years I havent been able to afford a good plotter, so navionics has helped me navagate at night around some places I wouldn't normaly go now I have a good plotter but I still use navionics sometimes thanks for this app I highly recommend it! !!

Find waypoints Paid and downloaded this app thinking I can use it to save waypoints and then got to them and between them by following a marked line ect with ur location arrow but so far cant find anyway to do this so its useless !! If I can be told how to do so and then can I will rate 5 stars

Paul Beard Have to start using it at sea to give a fair feedback but so far looking good

Needs some work The maps are somewhat useful, but the app itself is poorly designed. For the premium price point I expected something a bit more polished.

Great but some bugs Worked great till latest phone update on the z2 to 4.4.4 always freezes now so no longer usable. But was brilliant before that. Now just not usable due to freezing issue.

Awesome Use it all the time. GPS on my Android still relays data outside of wifi or mobile coverage. All the features of the expensive plotters for a fraction of the price.

Great for Australia Unlike my Garmin plotter it covers most inland dams and waterways. Its awesome.

Good details. Works well side by side with standard handheld GPS especially in new areas.

Brilliant Best boating app I've seen, accurate and up-to-date perfect for me when out in the kayak

Just one brilliant app, reliable, accurate and up to date.

Love the app BUT it is keeping my phone awake all the time, even when I am not using the app. (Settings, battery) This is an un-neccessary drain on the battery (Samsung S5) I have uninstalled it on my S5. Note the GPS is turned off and I still have the same problem.

179w to 179e Love the apt but my Navionics running on a Samsung tab3 did not work well crossing the date line between NZ and Tonga. My distances were all out if measurement spaned the 180deg line and my track line went all around the world when I crossed from 180east to west.

Needs different coordinate inputs More coordinate inputs than just mins in decimal. Its painful having to convert outside the app. My only beef but it is a biggie to me

Upgrade Have been using this app for over a year. If i had one complaint, it would be having to use the internal GPS when there is a much more reliable unit on my yacht via wifi. I stand corrected. The Digital yacht wrb site claims thier equioment can send gps anf nmea data to thr android app. It is stated under the list of tablet software available.

Cable protection areas too hard to see This is no good for the only thing I really need. I have to zoom in so much to see the borders for the Hauraki Gulf Cable Protection Zone, that I can't actually see whether I'm inside or outside the area as I can only see one line! The borders need to be seen when zoomed out.

Charts are great and price is reasonable. But the app is really clunky and unpleasant to use. If I knew of a more user-friendly alternative with similar quality charts I'd switch for sure. Lacks important functionality such as being able to export markers etc.

Not bad, rerated pending improvements Like the app but navionics appear unable to permit the disabling of the speed information, which reduces map coverage. Now a better (smaller) size.

Quick question I just bought the app and haven't tried it out on the water. What i want to do is mark a spot on the map then be able to get back to it using the navigation. Im not sure exactly how to do this so any help would be great!! Love the app so far

It is great it helps me out a lot every boat e and jet skier should have it

Beats buying a chartplotter for $$$ The app is ok, takes a while to figure out all the functions like the routes function but the charts are good. Annoying splash screen agree to terms on start needs to go. Theres no way of adjusting the gps to pulse so it eats your battery in no time, a 2amp charger only just keeps it alive once the battery drains out. Needs a button to switch between chart and satellite veiw quickly. Facebook share track doesent work. Galaxy note 8.0.

Works fine sometimes. But when i really want it . At the top of nz it goes into some super basic mode with no contours or depths completely useless. Very dissapointing

Show me a better app!..theres not one! This has it all...does everything it on phone and tablet..syncs both..only part i dont like is the way to enter gps points..could be easier. ..too hard to do multiple entries

Its ok So far its pretty good. Bit crummy you gotta pay, but thats typical for ya these days.

Works well for me. What is the difference from this to the HD version? Edit: Can you implement "course up" option?

It's good to find out where the structure is just trying to gps its a bit slow

Use it more than the plotter on the boat its great.

Love the app. Truly awesome. When you think its only on a mob. Not a full head unit. Keep it up.

Cool. Neat to be able to have this on a phone for such a low price.

Richo I love the tracking option its great to see how much distance I've covered each trip.

Don't bother buying a gps unit for your boat, just download this app and save yourself hundreds

No SD card support Why can't I move this app to my SD card? It's 2016!

Lost all my markers Please contact me, I have lost all my markers from the previous updates. I have tried syncing my data but this hasn't worked.

Very good

Tide chart Two previous updates ago we were able to veiw the whole screen when we tapped the tide chart ,but unfortunately nonthing has changed with this update regarding the tide chart.its not as user friendly as the original version im haveing to jump on to other site for a clearer or should i say better picture .its a shame as other than that its a great app and very helpful staff.

Rip off app I bought this app when it wasn't subscription based. As soon as my subscription ran out my maps lost the water depth numbers. I tried contacting the navionics help via email and to no surprise got no response. Totally disappointed to lose functionality. Will NOT be subscribing.

Lost gps marks I updated maps and now all of my marks are gone

Rob - Google Nexus Phone Works well

Why can't my subscription be used on all devices? Had the app since 2011. Renewed my subscription and only works on my phone now? Previously tablet and phone,

Great easy app to use

Best app ever, use it more than my gps/ chart plotter when out on the water

Wastes internal storage. Installed on water resistant Sony Z Ultra with 16GB internal storage an a 64GB SD card. Moving the Navionics folder to the SD Card doesn't work, it creates a new empty Navionics folder in internal an I've yet to discover how to delete or archive charts without resorting to using a file manager an deleting stuff in the Navionics folder. Good app otherwise, a 7 out of ten.

Recommended Useful and great value

Great app, comes in handy when the hand-held gps plays up.

Awesome. Works great at sea or on land.

Pretty good Not too bad of an app however could really do with a mark way point to mark an exact position you may have found, when this is introduced I'll gladly up to 5 star

No response I downloaded this app on Android and it isn't working! I have sent 3 seperate emails and no response. I have this app on my iphone and no response.

doesn't work for lake taupo or I just don't no how to use it

Good bad Good app bad thing is i purchased today yet app is telling me my 1 year subscription has run out. So cant sync data or...tried to email support thru app and website is down or something along those lines. So not sure what to do or think

update Who changed the tide charts from full page. Looking at tides to plan future trips destroyed. Please urgently return to old tide layout.

Higher resolution please 24m is the minimum resolution on the scale bar, which makes it difficult to relocate small fishing hotspots without excessively buzzing fish. Quite often seamounts are up to half a kilometre out of position in deeper water, not sure what that's about...

Does auto route work on Australian maps, cannot seem to get it to show. Otherwise great app

Lacking useful features The iphone version had more features like speed information at any point along the track. Why doesn't this have the same?

Lost without it Awesome detail of underwater structures and geography

Great App Catching duies in a tiny, what more can you ask for. I suppose they could add a sounder attachment !

Great app Be even better is there was a button that marks a way point at current position, with one press of button.

It's got good detail but the GPS won't locate itself, it will on google maps so obviously the hardware is ok. Can you help @Navionics? I'm too afraid to uninstall lest i lose my waypoints and have to pay again

Entering lat/log errors The lat/long tumblers change you setting when you look at spot on map and change it again if you save the location pin ends up a long way out from what you enter, cannot edit have to delete and try again please fix

App stuck at splash screen Click on O.K, white screen momentarily then back to splash screen. Worked O.K on 6.3.1 trial but not when 7.01 purchased. Help!!! Update to 7.02 fixes problem thanks.

Undecided. Now good Not very intuitive and difficult to add individual waypoints. Got great help from developers. Very happy now.

Thanks for the quick fix, working better than ever

No dock-to-dock auto routing No dock-to-dock auto routing for Android was a bit misleading from the description

Disappointed Poor android performace on Tab A 9.7. Missing BASIC features like markers, autoroute and weather. You cant buy the approved android devices as they are obsolete and although Tab A is v5 ios it doesnt work well. Come on Navionics, there is a world beyond Apple. ... step up! The app also crashes regularly and you lose all saved routes and markers

At last Updated today and find any attempt to interact on touchscreens brings up Open Maps webpage via link embedded in the lower half of chart. Makes it bloody near impossible to use

Version 7 update Crashing consistently. Seems to be linked to marker inputs.

Thank you for the reply i have now given you 5 stars

Great for the sailing kayak Can't complain about much, works as intended, great for finding underwater structure along with a fish finder.

Great Works great and accurate

Purchased the app in 2014, payed $18 then and now I can not use it, it has become a subscription apps (or ransomware)and if I want to continue to use it I have to pay again. I would say a good app otherwise does want it promises same as the maps in my boat GPS with the same maps.. (hope they don't stop working too while I'm out on the water..)

Needs work The navigation module seems very clunky and not intuitive. Would like to see boat position on chart no more than a third from bottom of screen. More interested in what's ahead, rather than history.

Links on map screen are frustrating The links to the map sources are right in the middle of the screen and it is far too easy to tap by accident. This opens up another page and you have lost your position. Also when tracking on head up mode, if you try to zoom in or out, the orientation changes around to north up mode, again this is a bit frustrating.

Ski app advertising on startup Really like this app however keep getting the Ski app notifications on a paid app. I live in Qld and dont want to go skiing. How do we stop it? Would give it 5 stars otherwise. Have no other complaints.

I have a beach cat and find the app useful when sailing to islands as a planning tool and a backup to keep me on course if i can't keep visual on my target. Most of the time its tucked away in the hull so i don't lose or saturate the phone. However when this app is on, I can't run my favourite logging app I use to check my stats such as my instantaneous speed over a leg. The app gives only average and top speed, which is cool, but I'd like to be able to download something later so I can see where I was doing my max speed and how long I was travelling at a certain speed. I'd rate it 5 stars if it could provide these details, in a kml or csv or anything. The other thing that is frustrating and holding me back from a full rating is that I have purchased the app and a subscription to navionics plus, but when I click on features I still get a notice that I need to update to navionics plus.

Awesome app Much prefer it to my onboard map. Only annoying feature is that wlan has to be on to get started and map doesn't scroll when boat moves but a great boating tool

Looks great BUT.. There seems to be an Asperger's attitude deep within the design of this software. For example it would be easy to code and allow for different lat/long formats (DD MM.MMM, DD.DDDDD, DD MM SS). But they don't and correspondence indicates no desire to change. Inputting a waypoint uses a Rolodex approach. But no simple method to input or edit a mistake. It's delete and start over. Very, very fiddly. Spoils an otherwise good nav app. Google searches confirms my experience is quite widespread.

Date change occurs at midday I have noticed that on the tide charts the date changes at midday not at midnight. Makes it awkward to use. Other then that it is a fantastic app.

Freezes all the time!! This is terrible within 24hrs of downloading and using the app it started playing up. Would freeze up and not work. Starting working ok for about 2 weeks but now its screwed again. Id like my money back!!

Great app Be lost without it now, its got all GPS marks on it.

great some depth data over 120 years old