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BoatBook Sailing Log

Supplied By Boatbook    On Dec. 24, 2015    Comments(46)

Samsung Phone BoatBook Sailing Log version1.0.2129 Download

Sailing Log is a revolutionary automated marine log book and nautical GPS.

Compatible for sail and motor boats alike, Sailing Log, by Boatbook, is an electronic logbook which will automatically recognize your voyage upon start and save your sailing trips for you.

Sailing Log enables you to get real time data and review your sail performance - before, after and during the sail.

Sail swiftly with the best nautical charts, review the sea and ocean conditions, get data on your heading, speed and wind - all in one stand alone and independent professional sailing logbook app.

Our user friendly design is super intuitive and the app's interface enables a highly professional and fun experience throughout your sail.

★ Features:
✓ Automatic recording of your sail on your maritime logbook
✓ Live sea maps and nautical charts. Constantly updated by the best in GPS and ocean mapping technologies.
✓ Real time sailing data at any point of your sailing trip.
✓ Captains and skippers alike can get navigation information on updated nautical charts.
✓ Review your heading, speed and distance throughout the sail – the perfect skipper app.
✓ Mark the waypoints of your sailing trips on professional nautical chart. Tag them by type of event.
✓ Log back to any leg of your voyage to look up your stats at past points.
✓ Sailing Log automatically saves your sailing route so you can log back to historic routes and review the sail at any time.
✓ Compatible digital logbook for yachts, motor boats and sail boats.
✓ Innovative logbook software – get online and desktop records of your sailing trips by registering for free as a user.
✓ Electronic logbook support – log into Boatbook’s website at any time to see all your app’s sailing log data online.
✓ Maritime pro logbook for sailing, yachting and boating professionals at any stage of their career – fully functional marine log book.
✓ Marine navigation & GPS software daily updated with the most accurate nautical charts.
✓ Manage all your ship log book information, routes and trips in one easy to find app.

Sailing Log allows you to benefit from both professional boating standards and brilliant electronic logbook software. Take your sail to the next level with Boatbook’s technology.

Whether you are a boat captain, a starting out skipper, or a voyager on a sailing trip our captain & skipper app provides complete sea navigation solutions for your crew, your voyagers and your boat.

Contact Boatbook’s team at any time to inquire about new features, new releases, general help and comments about Sailing Log – the ultimate marine log book and maritime GPS.

Boatbook part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 24, 2015. Google play rating is 85.905. Current verison is 1.0.2129. Actual size 77.0 MB.

What's new

    - Performance improvements
    - Bug fixes
Download boatbook-sailing-log.apk 77.0 MB


Lt Colonel Bruce Mauldin

beautiful and intuitive log book can tell that real sailors created this app.. from the automatic recording log book to the ability to review past sails.

Great app. Just wish I had a boat ?

Supper ! Very good ap.

Wow, what a greate App for Sailors and boat owners. Keep providing more great features

Can't figure out how to delete the sample Sweden trip log - not a very intuitive interface to manage trips like this one that I never did here in Canada. Very bare bones for a logbook for maintenance and activity tracking. I use Navionics Nav app which does a far better job of tracking trips AND ALLOWS YOU TO MANUALLY start and stop tracking plus navigate safely - this app is nothing more than a novelty toy. The folks that are rating this 5 stars are either smoking Crack or know nothing about proper seafaring logging...

Hocus Pocus on a world circumnavigation Seems to hang up once the phone signal is out of range and won't restart unless I clear the data from the cache. Then I lose all the sailing info.

Love it! Great update with the battery fix. I highly recommend to gove it a try.

nice! love this app! great job with the battery optimization and tnx for adding other to boat builders!

Great app Easy and nice app, great work.

This app sucks It doesn't work in any of the great lakes. I only sail in lake Erie. It says that I am still on land, enenthough I am 5 miles out in the lake.

Skipper's Fun and aid Starts automatically when GPS is on.and follow your direction, speed, location. Just a simple and nice logbook. UI can be better.

Needs work... Drains battery quickly. Thought I went for a sail when going across a bridge.

Doesn't work on Great Lakes Looks like it would be awesome, but it doesn't allow you to manually start tracking, and won't start automatically on the Great Lakes in the USA. I don't see any reason for the absence of a optional manual start/stop, and the app is useless as a result.

Great app for sailing and boating Very useful and adds dimensions to our sailing experience. The mark points are a great feature.

Just logged my first sail Cool features: Navigational features like speed, distance and heading. Can tell this app was thought of by sailors and boating pros.

Unique and useful for boat owners Great way for boat owners to track their boats and the boating routes. Even when I am on shore I have my crew members using the app and that way I can keep online of all routes and performance. Much needed app for all boat owners. One disclaimer - it currently only works for blue water sailing (river and lake sails cannot be tracked).

Great Mobile app for sailors and boat owners Already logged more than 100 sailings on 7 boats in Asia and Europe. Battery usage is very good now. Awsome work guys thanks for listening to users reviews... keep on the good work, waiting for more.

Again? App: "Unfortunately, Sailing Log has stopped working." Me:"Again?? I can fix that...." Uninstalled.

Great I love this app

Was brilliant Won't even turn on automatically any longer. Uninstalled and reinstalled worked once. Have contacted developers twice and no answer. I would pay for this it used to be that good. Now it is useless if it won't even start. How about a manual button for this problem. Hope they get it right and fix it. Disappointed.

Stopped working It was positively brilliant when it worked for ten minutes. What's the point if it does nothing? Reinstalled 3 times. Needs to be fixed properly. It has grand potential for boaters if it is reliable.

What has happened? Old version on previous phone (galaxy s6 edge) worked well. Installed it on this phone (galaxy s6 edge again) and it just doesn't start.added new boat same as old one and still doesn't work.

Love the App! It is great that it auto starts, looking forward to the upgrade that will auto stop when speed has been zero for user set period of time, so you can end a sail at anchor without going ashore.

It seems to work well but the speed is wrong

Good app, just needs a few tweeks Been using now for a couple of Months, and apart from a couple of small niggles this ap is good. We need to be able to delete a log if we don't want it and a separate section to house all data would be good.

I'm missing an option to delete logs that where recorded by mistake or to edit for example the ship name I was in Greece for a week and I got lot of false logs when I was hanging out on the shore near the water line An option to temporary disable the application can also help in this situation Thank's for the application

How to fix the speed, it's recoding faster. 4 knt is 10 knts

Bug and issue needs fixed, please I love the log. Wish it had I few more kinds of icons to map. Needs a manual way to end log. Bug is that it has locked up on a position I had 3 days ago and still says I'm sailing. Please help.

Needs a manual start option Doesn't recognise major lakes and waterways when travelling. It's never autostarted when I sail on the 20 x 8km lake Ta'al near Manila but it happily autologs all my plane flights over the ocean. Go figure!? A manual start option would fix this when autostart gets confused

This is a great app. The best part is the huge potential for growth it has. One request, would it be possible to add a feature to share your profile publicly?

Wrong Speed over ground seems to only be calculated over the last two GPS measurements, resulting in absurd speeds. Direction is also mostly wrong. I like the interface, but not enough to compensate for the wrong sog and mean sog logs

Great App Wonderful App, and very friendly e useful.

Used to work like a charm, but suddenly two weeks ago, it merged two days record into one. And the speed and directoob review not working anymore

The app never starts doing anything. Not sure how to get it to start logging but it says its automatic. I've got sailing 3 times in Lake Michigan with this app running and had no results. If it did what it claimed to do I would use this app all the time.

Very handy automated sailing log Sailing Log does what it says - keeps a record of your sailing. It automatically notices when you are travelling on water rather than land and starts a track recording distance, speed, and direction (but not time). All you need to do is make sure your device has a good GPS signal. After you can easily share with e.g. Facebook.

Stopped working I need and want to love this app. Worked for 3 or 4 sails. Email to developer goes unanswered. Doesn't work at all now. Too bad, great concept.

Can't turn gps usage off After closing the app it starts running in the background and is using the gps. Seems you have not included a way to stop the app pr exit it completely. This will consume too much battery. Please fix it, seems i have to delete it to normally use my phone. Otherwise seems to be great app.

Initially looked promising, but .... The auto start/stop is really annoying if you sail close in. It really needs a manual override. Found a setting to change the time it takes but that workround came too late due to below. Major failing though is that it simply seems to stop logging after a while. No obvious errors or reasons.

Automatic logging didn't work And there is no manual option. Absolutely useless. So sorry I didn't have a backup solution, now my sailing data is gone.

Features missing Cant syncronise my sails into my profile. Cant export them into other formats. More specifically a. Txt file that could be read in real logbook format. Cant access headings and speeds at each different portions.

Won't start Says app needs to be connected to network to run. I am connected but app will not run bummer...

Install this app and kiss your battery life goodbye. Doesn't even matter if you open the app or not. Some background process gets launched and repeatedly pings the GPS, even when on land. Which is even more WTF -- why is it tracking my location when I haven't opened the app? Do yourself a favor, stay away.

Great app User stupidity, sort out auto start and mid way shut down issue - power management on Android killed it. Back to working order

Doesn't work on Great Lakes Feature that blocks it from working unless "at sea" also blocks it from working on Great Lakes.

Great idea poor functionality What a great idea. It keeps dropping off halfway through trips when change network provider.