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Blood & Blade

Supplied By IGG.COM    On Nov. 4, 2015    Comments(112)

Samsung Phone Blood & Blade version1.4.4 Download

Dark clouds are gathering over the seas! Here there be filthy pirates, slimy sea monsters, and more! Set sail in Blood & Blade and cross swords with cutthroats and scallywags! Find out what mysteries are brewing beneath the ocean in the best pirate arcade game of 2015!

★Choose your character & set sail for an adventure of a lifetime
★Explore lost PIRATE Caves, plunder buried treasure
★Discover the lost temple of Treasure Island
★Conquer the seas & unravel an epic mystery
★Explore a world of PIRATES & TREASURE in classic arcade action

Note: This game requires an internet connection.


IGG.COM part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 4, 2015. Google play rating is 91.8901. Current verison is 1.4.4. Actual size 49.0 MB.

What's new

    Update Notes
    Compatibility problems with Android 6.0 have been fixed. Update the game to this latest version now.
Download blood-blade.apk 49.0 MB


cool game. the one thing i don't like is when you upgrade your skills with gems because the gems are hard to get and i can't afford so i have to put in the hard work to get them why can't we just use the gold coins instead

Need a reply ASAP!! Why did my character suddenly start from lvl 1??i have been play this game until lvl 46.i even buy gems n bcome a vip3.and now its start back from a scratch??what is this?damn surely want an answer or a solution for this.

Fun game I love the game, cool graphics, I was having issues at first though and had to uninstall the game but the issue was fixed after that. I'm hoping not to encounter any issue in the future...

Good game play I was enjoying it but I've gotten to a point where I can't do the next mission until my might is 463 or something. It's currently 425. The only way I can see to increase my might is to improve gear but it's crazy slow to do that for 40 might. I'll happily increase rating if I can be told how to get round this

Sweet I live this game i cant stop playing it, the graphics are great and the controls are super easy to use and easy flowing. There is no other game i would want to play right now, thank you great game, keep up the good work

Great! Love this game! Great time killer, easy controls, sweet graphics.

Was good at first. Was very happy with game at first but the game has gotten lazy. Still have xmas background and its feb. They havent added anything new. Great game going downhill atm

Fun...If You Hate Your Money Pretty fun game. However, the controls are terrible, customer service is awful and it's clear all they want is your money. Now, I think that's the case with most pay to play games, but this game is so in your face it's disgusting. I got to level 45 (without spending a cent) but leveling up takes days upon days when you reach a certain level and you cannot progress in the story without doing so. I uninstalled. I give it three stars because I did have good times with it. But I wouldn't download again.

Easy and fun Good lay out easy to use lots of fun

Really bad design Its bad game design when 20 runs of the second stage still isn't enough to hit level 5. Case and point I like the game, but I'm not spending a week farming 1 stage to level then do it again. Its too bad for them I would have put money in it, but if this is the early game I'm glad I didn't.

Love it Always been a fan of Pirates love one piece! Graphics are amazing and it is super fun to play.

Really??? Getting ridiculous. I have full LTE service or on wifi and it keeps saying connection unstable anytime I start getting into upper levels of my damage doesn't so anything to the mobs..yet the timer keeps counting down and new mobs spawn then the time runs out...not cool at all, and while doing the bon voyage event, I take down the opponent to 0 health, yet somehow they can still hit me 4 or 5 more times and suddenly I fail.....get your act together developers!! Bad customer support too

Fun! Pretty fun game! I wasn't sure at first but I'm liking it! Works great

Comnection unstable? Its a fun game until u use the last of ur energy to get xtra for more game play an right at the end the game stops. Takes away gems, energy an what u were about to recieve from the level. On wifi too, dont think id waste my time on a 4g network. They need to fix soon!!!!!!!!!!

Great pay to play This is a pretty good game. It's has easy controls, good artwork but the extreme jump in might needed to continue and the game contolled opponents are cheaply made harder by increasing the length of time they are immune to stun from 1-2seconds to 10 or more seconds. They still are get hurt a little but nothing will stop them. Remove this invincibility or lessen it to a second or two after a special attack. One other solution is to add a combo breaker . Npc's can juggle you to death if you are not willing or able to use gems to replenish your hp. To continue the game, us players have no choice but to purchase equipment because to go up a single lvl takes days. Yes one can join a party but unless one has dedicated friends that can help you, it a grind fest for almost useless rewards. I still like the game but it has become extremely tidious. Please remedy these issues becuase when people play this and reach lvl 25 or so, players will quit and that is not a smart business plan. The amount of downloads does not mean a great game, the number of active and continuing users in comparison to downloads is more important

Fun and different So far I have enjoyed this game, easy concept, good characters and decent storyline. Good combat control and skills. Overall, enjoyable and fun.

Good game Now give me my reward lol Update: my original comment was there because the game gives you gems for giving it a 5 star review. After playing the game for a while I have learned that there are some issues which are very frustrating. It's hard to decide what is more frustrating: the ability for the CPU to completely ignore your attacks as it blasts you with excessive damage in the Arena, or the endless juggle combos unleashed by multiple NPC heros in the Hero Trials. I would give it 3 stars

Good game, many probs As a paying customer, this game is slowly but surely disappointing me. Servers unstable which includes disconnects and bugs, loot spawing inside the portals making them unlootable, the inability to escape chain attacks, weak AI when using auto combat; the AI in duels are so much better. Please do fix these issues as it's such a beautiful game.

Addictive But a joke You can go through levels pretty easily but get to arena and you will have problems hitting people or doing anything where you damage enemies. If you do auto your character will leave items and will often just sit and take damage... Ultimately you are gonna loose unless you pay money to buy whatever special items that takes fun out of the game ultimately..its less about skill and more about paying for items and abilities....sad

Pretty fun Haven't found any issues so far.

Like the game....But No connection, enemies don't die, buggy...please fix it was a good game

Horrible service I made several tickets about the constant network losses, duels in arena or instances lost due to enemies never dying. The amount of grind is way too huge and absolutely repetitive! I'm in top 10 for might and lvl, but about to quit due to all the bugs i find! Enemies get revived? Yeah, that sorta thing is really messed up!

Good game Having fun so far. Would like a spring update or something. Frigging snow is getting annoying to look at lol.

Love this game With this games simple combat style and easy to understand quest line. Honestly one of the best side scroll games I've play on my phone.

Needs Update So I was a huge fan of this game I used to play it everyday but why is there still a Christmas and jingle bells theme as someone else said .. Are you guys still alive? Its April and the game has yet to be updated. Other than that the game is really repetitive after you hit about level 40 I got to level 51.

It asked me to It's a decent game. I'm not getting real serious with it but doing this for in game currency

Very nice graphics and the rewarding system is nice but it is a bit confusing with the whole chat thing and the too fast phase game.a little much slower and it is fine for me.

Awesome game. I've played others like it but this is a lot better. The only problem is having to have energy to fight.but still a great game.

Enjoy playing Nice game items are little pricy but overall great game.

Proppa gud pal Ah'm tellin thi, its proper oreyt this, av a go cos tha might like it thanose. Fill thi boyts n gerrit dahn thi ?

Garbage Fun at first, but no care for late game. The support team are pathetic, and the degrade chance on trying to upgrade equipment is ridiculous to the point you can sometimes save up for a month and be weaker. Do not play this game if you plan on playing for a fair while. Late game is possibly some of the worst I've ever seen.

Need to update Are you sure after I download it when I open it says need to update but when I go to play store it is not out of date.

Meh I thought I liked this game then at some point it told me I could just let it autoplay. Why would I want to keep playing a game you don't want me to play?

really good actually actually I never play this sort of games but because it's every time the same thing... but here I have to say it's quite different :)

Network problem??? Connection unstable?? Is this the developers way of blaming game issues on your network? I have no issues with any other apps. Frustrating when it happens during Bon Voyage and your voyage ends. Support will then play the blame game and say it is your network too. Like the game but is getting frustrating that the same issue keeps happening with no change.

Fun game butt... I my phone was recently stolen and i lost all my progress i was a level 45 i wish there was a way to log in with my old account i have to start all the way over on my s3

Blood and blade Its a fun and interesting game. Its starting off pretty slow but its getting better.

Good Game First game I found in awhile tht doesn't have crashing problems love it :)

MY ACCOUNT MISSING I forgot the ID, my account name is Sevenciel lv40. Not playing for 3days and now everything is missing. Great.

Class Ultra game good every were vabhe ahuebna

It's fun, original, and severely flawed The game is fun, but you still got to pay to be the best, which takes away all the skill. I don't like in Arena mode how you have a limited number of duels and then you have to wait. Why not have it cost energy, but a reasonable amount? The fact that you can't at least see the stats of your opponent after the match is annoying. Sometimes the opponent will just become invincible for almost no reason. The game needs to be updated to fix some of these issues, then I'll rank it higher.

Good game Snow is annoying get rid of it. Updates once in awhile would be nice. If you want to drop it then do so already.

Eh..... Neglected currently unfortunately. Winter scenes still up, servers currently in desperate need of servicing, nothing new for some time. The death of a decent game

This is very cool game but takes too much time to login about 15 mins plz fix it . I will give this game 5 star buy promblem is there

Awesome Great game easy to play, hard to master. Awesome graphics plus the storyline is interesting. I like how you can combine moves to create awesome high damage dealing combos. Keep up the good work

A lot of fun! I've really enjoyed this game so far. I have a little bit of a problem with the directional control but other than that no complaints.

Can't log in after update. And support button doesn't work. Generally love the game. Latest update jacked logging in completely... Please fix and go back to 5 stars. At this point it's been a few days since the update and I'm actually bothered that nothing's been done at all to correct it. Revert or push a fix already

Give credit where its due Im not going to lie i took a chance playing this game but it was worth it great game cant stop playing it

Stupid Fun It's simple and fun. And the graphics are top notch for a 2D sidescroller.

Uninstalling Leaving 5 star review for the 50 gems reward.. I have been bribed.. And now changing to 1 star.. Boring.. Heavily dependant on gems. Otherwise you get all the weak stuff.

I love this game! It is like an old school game for the SNES or the Sega and as a retrogamer that is a huge plus. It is also very similar to Dungeon Fighter Online which is also a very good thing. Check this game out, you won't regret it.

System crash? The game cannot load to the next level.. why? Been trying to load it several times.. install it back again many times..still cannot proceed to the next level..please solve this

Love it Though hated the thing give 5 star rating for gems I'm giving it for the sheer goodness of the game.

Awesome Have to say, I was really worried about this game being overly complicated and when u reach a certain level you'd have to buy in game things to win, but this game is generous and they give u quite a bit of things in the beginning. Not sure how it is in the latter levels but I'm really enjoying this game. I've only played for about 15 mins and I'm already lvl 10. I'm very pleased

It's amazing I love this game. It's beautiful, easy and addictive. Just that the 'plot' isn't very interesting. Anyways, it's a very good game :)

Pretty good Decent gameplay. Good for hours of fun with downtime

Nice game Fast loading server, nice game. Some advice for the devs, please make the party creation simpler and level compatible. Preferably make guild members available for partying, even if he/she is offline.

Negligent Update 1.4.4 broke the game, apparently. I can't log in, it doesn't look like anyone can. Some folks I didn't see for a few days, they probably updated too. While you fix that, go ahead and fix the bon voyage event; if you log out (force close, not pause and leave) in mid-match, then come back, the opponent can't use skills. Everyone I talk to about this has admitted to abusing this bug to win their league. Just don't allow re-entering a match, one try only.

Won't let me go into tripoli... Reached level 31 says syncing goes up and down then says no network and tries to reload the game but after the character selection it won't without a reset of the game please fix this problem

Cool game, but........ I've only been able to play 2 days, because when I went to log in today, it won't move past the log in screen and the support button won't work. Fix this issue and I'll gladly rate 5 stars again because the gameplay is great and I enjoy it. I just hope my guild doesn't kick me for not logging in. Update : I Uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it resolved the issue. 5 stars again.

Its a fun game! Played it for a few hours, now, hate to put it down. .. but life gets in the way, lol

Love it.... But The arena is bull. I don't like how most of my attacks miss cuz of how slow they are, or it just won't even land on them cuz of glitch or lag. Other than that, everything else is fantastic

Ehh it's ok... the problem I have is that once you start getting hit, it disrupts your attacks so all you can do is stand there and get hit unless you can get away... also you can't back away in a fight, making it too easy to accidentally turn your back on your opponent

Lead on. Garbage. Very fun till around lvl 30. Than ur typical pay to win Google play game. Keep in mind I've spent money. I feel the same.

Great time killer Having a lot of fun with this so far. Only issue I'm having is with the network disconnecting me from time to time. But it reconnects quickly so it's only a minor annoyance.

Change the name This should be called pirate jiggle physics the game because thats all it is, trying to appeal to perverts and people who love alot of colors.

Good game Easy to play and fun. Update: I can't log in to the server anymore. Support link doesn't work. Update 2: I had to uninstall and reinstall. It DID keep my settings. Needs new adventures.

Great game to try for 2 hours, fhen throw it away! After it's just repetitive,mechanical.. and heavy time consumption... boring

So far it's amazing I haven't encountered much problem with the game yet.. very addicting..highly entertaining..

Update request to IGG Please update after binding account. After that uninstall the current version and then install the latest version. You I'll not have any logging issue. I will not tell you guys my character name.

Graphics and Gameplay This RPG game is fun and addicting and not turn-based like many other RPGs in the Play Store. You can control your character, weild awesome weapons, and do Critical Attacks and no button mashing required. Game controls are easy to follow, just take a little time to get familiar with them. Enjoy!

Fun Games a throwback to old side scrolling beat em up, you cam even combo your skills.

Interesting enough Decent side scroller. Good for when you only have a few minutes to kill!

Not loading After given a five star review and bought some gems playing it for the third day and now its not loading into the game wtf is happening... Fixed it

Wrong about update... I play the game on my tablet and reach a great level and the update come...and what happend? I cant play the game...i lose all the data...the time and can i take back my character...on my cell phone last update not working...stay on log on ...wt#

Good Game Wasn't sure if it was going to be any good ,so far not to bad only annoying thing is waiting to play game after energy runs out!

Great Cool side scroller thats simple to learn. Fun to play.

Ok I guess it's like adventure quest on pc, so if that's you're kinda game you'll enjoy this one.

Im kinda bored of this game because it is so easy and No exciting battles at all. But i kinda like it.

You're gonna love this one.... It's a simple way to pass the time. Simple to access and understand. No waiting for upgrades or the expectation to spend a fortune to play the game. Well done to the makers.

Well Not my kind game I tried it I ain't saying it's bad game it's lot better than lot crap on here just not my kind game I'm gonna get assassins creed pirates when get data that looks like my kind game

Can't play please help!!! Did the latest update and now can't play...Game is very good until update pleasr fix.

Dull If you have played other games that are side scroller beat em ups, then you'll not find it to stand out over the rest

So far, so good. As of now I'm thoroughly enjoying the game. Will be updating review.

It's OK ? Game is alright, plays like a lot of Japanese games and IGG has done a good job. Not sure about the bribe of gems if you give them 5-stars though...

Update and maintain This game need update and maintain cos 2 month arena #1 option missing ticket sent blood &blade service center but no reply and no solve problem

Nicely done!! The gameplay is fast paced, steady and well done! The character design is awesome with a fine story!

Love it I like the game but after the tutorial I get question marks and I keep getting an Assert error after I complete a battle please fix this problem

Nice! Fun so far. Cool graphics and easy to follow quests. Lots to learn but easy to have fun with! Hasn't been updated in a while and has Christmas decorations. Hopefully that doesn't mean it's done since it really is a fun game that I'd invest money in if it was updated. Too many games these days take your money, drop support and go offline. Please don't let this be one of them!

Awesome Well recommend game fun gameplay, controls can be a bit awkward to get used to at first but once in its fantastic. Keep up the good work guys.

Update request to IGG Please update after binding account. After that uninstall the current version and then install the latest version. You I'll not have any logging issue. I will not tell you guys my character name.

Fun Just started playing, but seems like it has a lot of potential. Pretty straight forward game play.

Awesome but... The game is super fun but be prepared to spend money after level 35. Been playing for a solid day and (I hate to admit) I did buy enough gems (295 I think) for the Tutorial Pack which took me to 35 in a day. At a point where I have to play a few days just to progress or spend more money. All in all it's SUPER fun with a LOT to do.

Seems decent Been playing for only about half hour. Ive found it fairly easy to understand and am looking forward to seeing deeper into the game. No problems so far. They give gems for a 5star review which is slightly unethical but not terrible

WOW! That's all I have to say about this game. After searching I found this, the only game worth receiving a 5 star rating. Great job with the game guys, absolutely in love with how easy and simple it is. No bugs so far, no glitches, no nothing. If you're looking for a great free game you found it!

NOW THIS IS WHAT I HATE ABOUT PAY TO WIN, I CANNOT ADVANCE WITHOUT USING GEMS??? This games is dedicated only for premium user, free user forget about want to play this game

Igg fix it retards Y does it need my location for the newest update? Also fix the login issue stupid igg and those who read this 1v1 me skrub

Something new Its fun and thrilling and adventurous. Its very fresh and different from games that are all alike. And you dont have to wait will things happen, you have to make them happen! I recommend it 100% to everyone!

One of the most responsive phone rpgs Most mobile action RPGs are very similar but this one stands out with its very fluid controls and flow of combat. Great game to waste time and not become frustrated with mobile gaming.

Update Great game until update. Can't log in now. Spent a good bit of money on gems now I can't even play. Not happy It's been awhile now still can't log in. I guess they don't care about u playing again. They already got my money. That's unacceptable.

Awesome game, but... Keeps on saying "Internet unstable." But then I can go on any of my other online games and it will be OK. Please fix! I will rate five stars if you fix this.

Wow really? Extreme pay to play. Once you get to like lvl 25 you start having to pay stupid amounts of money to keep up with the timed quests or farm for weeks. The arena is broken too. When fighting opponents with higher might then me, i would drop their health to 0 and then just lose the match. It started out fun but its just annoying.

Forced 5star rating Only doing this 5star for the gems. Its more like 3-4star game. Its like wartune but worse

developers have abandoned the game Still the fun, game "cheats" like crazy and "they" don't fix. At least the winter theme is right now...lmao AND STILL NO UPDATES pretty pathetic

Pretty fun. The only gripe I have about it is, there's no way to dodge or block attacks. But that's my gripe about a lot of games like this.

BEST in play store when it is rpg. All those things that we look for while considering a Multi player RPG are here in this game so just go for it rather then any other.

Keeps crashing uninstalling WTF is going on with this game it keeps crashing and have to keep restarting my phone no one has got back to me on my previous questions so if no-one can be bothered to get back to me then F___ it am uninstalling shame coz it could be a good game BYE

hummm....ok let's see ... play is awesome great graffix but when it came to beating the first board the game freezes on a screen that says loading 1/2..... ???? .....please fix this issue and then I can rate 5 stars..and I have the zte engage...

They offer gems for good reviews But it is a good game, otherwise I wouldn't bother. Having to repeat missions over and over stinks...but other than that...3.5 stars.

Perfect side scroll beat em up Doesn't require money, the mechanics of the game are on point. If anything, more games should take notes from this game. It's a fresh take on a genre I almost forgot existed. It's also free so if there's limitations, like outfits or you just want stuff it's part of the game, your going to have to spend money. You at least get your money's worth, not like call of duty paying 5 to 10 dollars on gun skin(s) that don't even buff it. Anyway if want to have fun, play this game.

Why not try Its pretty cool thus far, and honestly its as good as many others I've played. I get bored with games quick, but this one is fun, I will play for it for another 2 or 3 weeks at least

Buying 5 star reviews Didn't even think you could legally give things in game to leave a 5 star review. Instantly stopped playing cause thats shaddy