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Block Crush Mania

Supplied By BitMango    On Sept. 4, 2016    Comments(146)

Samsung Phone Block Crush Mania version1.2.0 Download

Let's enjoy simple and fun block puzzle game!
You just need one finger to tap the screen!

Touch more than 2 blocks with the same color!
Remove the blocks as much as you can!
Achieve target score before use all the blocks.

# Play with three modes
Easy, Normal, Hard.

Receive helps from various items.
Don't forget to check your gift box and share your score with your friends!

See who is the best block mania with this puzzle game!

• Smooth graphic and easy to distinguish colors
• Three modes to play
• Various levels to be cleared

• Support both phones and tablets.
• This app contains banner and interstitial ads.
• This app sells in-app products like Adfree.




Contact us if you have any questions, ideas for improvements or experience any bugs when playing the game:

Your feedback will be used in future updates.

BitMango part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 82.4285. Current verison is 1.2.0. Actual size 26.0 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.3.2 Note
    • Performance Updates and Optimizations
Download block-crush-mania.apk 26.0 MB


Too many ads that it distracts you from the game itself. I'm aware it is your main source of revenue but isn't there a way to put those ads where you won't accidentally click it?

Cool game Way to many adds, but if dont mind clicking an x to continue, then its worth it.

This is the third time, how am I suppose to enjoy the game if I keep getting asked to rate it?

Block crush mania Very nice game. I like not having to tap more than once.

I love it no problems Lots of fun no problems best game ever

A lot of fun but I wish in the arcade games the bottom button wasn't so little

Too many ads!!!!! Too easy to click on ads. Very frustrating. Would give 4 or 5 stars if not for this.

Super cuteeee Very much addictive. Specialy the gift after 15 mins. I will give 5 if they update it.

Pretty cool I like these types of puzzles good job. **** edit: Unfortunately i had to uninstall because the ads kept making my game freeze on my phone, this could totally be my phone tho its a little older model, droid4

Its very good game I love this game very much I'm addicted to it

It stops a lot and I can't get back in. I have to remove it and than installagain.

Block Crush Mania This game is very addictive, everyone I've had try it ends up downloading it themselves! I LOVE this game! Thank- you creators of this fantastic game XOXO

Good Its a good boredom buster. Adds are annoying

Block crush At least the game doesn't try to extort money as the player advances.

I really t'is game alot. I love tha color patterns.SELFLOVEIN2O15!

Great game I love it too many adds though

love this game.... great time waster & lots of fun!

Like it I like the different modes of play and how it is simple and difficult at the same time. However, rather than making you go back to level 1 if you fail in Classic, maybe you should just go back 1 level .

Good time killer but Too many ads!

I will rate it higher when you take out all the fricking Ads!!!!!!!!

Fantastic Very addictive. Played it 5 min already love the game.

Cool game,nice way to relax after work.

Really enjoy it. Can be very addictive. Love it!!

Very fun and entertaining..i go hours and hours

The all game are good Especially slide puzzles

Block crush mania love much this game!

Brill fun Keeps me busy on the night shift.. ads are a pain tho

Addicting Fun keeps your mind thinking.

amazing game!! Love it!! cool graphics! 5/5

When is the coming soon coming.. This is a very long soon!!

Please fix!!! It needs to be fix. TOO MANY ADS!!

Didnt like ads all the time x

Block Crush Mania Fun too many pop up ads fix them and I will give you 5 stars.

Awesome game , without the ads would hav given 5 star!

Sometimes I have to stop and do other things and starting over from level one every time is frustrating and not fun! Otherwise, it's a cool game.

I love it Im amused this game...!!

Lyn Arriola Am having fun!

Block crush mania Awesome game...

Hi, Re: P.S. yes, the back button on my phone would not work. So, I had to tap on my phone's 'home' button to exit. It did save my score and level! Also, (last night) the game went into slow motion preceded by about 3 secs delayed response. It was slow enough for me to see the various points flash near the group of tiles being removed. Today, the response and speed is fine :)

Awesome! This is an awesome game. An awesome time killer and just all around awesome!

Block Crush Mania This game is very addictive, everyone I've had try it ends up downloading it themselves! I LOVE this game! Thank- you creators of this fantastic game XOXO

Uninstall immidiatly it doesn't work It doesn't work at All , it always give message that it is stopped so I will uninstall it immediately

Love it The only bad thing about game is all the ads way to many

Speed It is absolutely fast and the arcade never goes beyond level 7,,, also love the colours....too many Ads can be annoying which distracts me from the game

Princess K Hi, pls pls we wants more and more games like this

Block crush mania Ok game to many ads

Good fun game enjoyable, you can play all day or just in your coffee break addictive fun game for all ages

Awesome Love this game very addictive

Block crusher It's a fantastic game

Block crush mania Really enjoyed it

Blocker mania I'm a great game to play

Awesome Game!!!

Love this game

4.95 stars I love this game & I play it every day. I would have given it 5 stars but it has a habit of not excepting my play. I have to repeat the tap several times & then it clears the wrong color. But I didn't have to pay for it, so I am happy to recommend it to everyone.

Block crush manina WTF:-\why does game go back to level 1 when I've 99% to 100% on every level up to level 22...or when u pause... it goes back to level 1 dat's f'd up. I was enjoying the game until this happened 3 tyms. :'( please check into this....I'll try it again in few weeks!! UNHAPPY PLAYER:-(

Excellent fun and relaxing game. One of my two favourites of the untimed games, the other being Block!... by the same developer?

Time after time I have tried other "pop type" games but time after time come back to Block Crush. Reasons why: A- the graphics when you pop is great B- the extras that you don't need to pay for 3-able to play without access to the net. Good game and good time killer

I love this, and Toy Blast too!

Not Bad It's OK to pass the time.

Block crush mania To many ads

It's OK kinda ę easy

I like the game but am going to delete it because it keeps putting me back at level 1!!!!

I like this game very much

Block crush mania Great fun game just hate all the adds.

Great fun. Well worth the download.

Love this game! The graphics are awesome and it keeps me busy!!!

I can't stop playing this game!

Fun Great when wanting to xcape the world.

Its adictive game

Shocked I've waited quite a bit to rate this game. I wanted to leave an honest review. Personally I love this game. You don't run out of lives EVER! You play each level until you run out of blocks. No irritating your fb friends to join or send lives. No waiting hours to play again. Great game to keep your mind busy without all the feelings of wanting to throw your phone and punch someone in the throat.

C d, Love this game finally a game you don't have to pay to win. No doing the samegentle over and over. Let my mind idle for awhile

Block Crush Mania This game has pleasant music & is fun to play. A lot of ads,but I disregard those. Is there any way to save the game so that I don't have to start at level 1 when I get back to the game? Game save would help.

Block Crush SUPER FUN & ADDICTIVE but it'll keep you occupied for HOURS!!

Sweet game Can play all day

Fun Game I really enjoy this game and I like trying to be strategic with my moves.

Good fun, passes the time

Fun IIT froze on me.

Pretty cute game

Game freezes I had the game for like a week but now every time I start playing I get to make 3 moves and then it stops responding to the taps. The things on the right like the special tools and gift and pause button work. And so do the special menus but when I get into the game it freezes. This is the only game on my phone, it would be pretty awesome if it worked consistently.

Aggravating I don't give this game 5 ?"s cause I didn't like starting over & over after passing all those level"s each time then when I do go back the next day or whenever I want to play again I have to start at level 1 again. Otherwise I love it & would of gave it 5 ?"s. I'm Pamela Barker & I approve this messageI just couldn't pass up the chance to put our election"s 1"st ? ☝. Mr. Future President Donald Trump. I believe everyone running for president should be as truthfully speaking what's really on THEIR mind"s.

Game freezes If I play unsigned in, it plays fine. But when i signed in using Google games, I get to make about 4 moves and the game freezes. I can go to the drop down menu to go back to the main menu but that is it. Good game otherwise.

Arcade mode I love this game and games like it, but Arcade Mode lets you play the first level, maybe not even finish it, and then you can't do anything. You can touch the power ups, but nothing happens, and nothing happens to the blocks, so you have to start over every time and lose what little progress you've made. Very annoying! Please fix! Other than that, great game. 5* if this gets working right. Thx.

Crush block mania Love the game but hours of playing and I must start from scratch every time I stop playing. If you can tell me how to keep my achievements with out losing them then I will play again if not no.

1 complaint After you level up and play if you want to stop for a while I didn't see a way to continue where u left off, so u have to start all over again

Iris Thompson This is an interesting game haven't played any other game since I downloaded this one.

Neutral Same thing again, really. So disappointed, can only play 2 or 3 plays and it freezes. Used to love this game so sad I updated.

Im in luv with this little simple game Bloc manic here play this wee game but be aware its delightfully square just hit the button and down load if ye dare ????

Good but Great at first but then after a while when i start the game i make 3 or 4 moves and the game freezes and can't break any of the blocks and the game won't add any more block either i can restart the game but the same thing will just happen agian.

Fun Lot's of fun to play and additing as well

Block Crush I really enjoy this game . Wish the pop up ads were gone but other than that I love playing it.

Fun Lots of fun! Love the colors!

Freezes up during every game. Uninstalled.

Excellent game But If you fail this game you have to start over

Awesome Love it really keeps me busy...

Just learning it, but fu

Ok, I'm addicted This is my new go to game. It runs well and I've never had a problem with glitches or freezing. I like that if I have to leave the game it keeps my place and let's me resume where I left off when I return.

Joy Dale Just started playing this game, really like it so far, it's fun to play but it's too bad that you have to start at level one if you fail at a higher level especially if your level is really high, don't understand that, usually you get a chance to try the level again in 99% of the games people play. I may just unstall the game just for that reason. Other wise it's a great game.

Starting again Very enjoyable game, very disappointed that had to go back to level one when you failed a level need to rethink the strategy of having to go back to level lost

Block Crush Mania Game is very addicting once you start playing it you can't put the tablet or phone down it's as bad as playing CandyCrush... !! :)

Very addictive but really wish you didn't have to start all over at one when on a higher level just start back on the level you died on.

Block Crush Mania. Good game. Does me head in wen u dont get enough points an u have to start from level one again.

Freezes This game would be great if it didn't freeze up in the middle of a game. I have uninstalled & reinstalled but still having the same issue. Will try it again after it is updated.

So frustrated Naomi L Rivera Absolutely love this game.. However the fact that I am constantly having to uninstall this game women playing in arcade mode and then reinstalling the game is extremely frustrating. Please fix it. I may just have to leave it uninstalled

Its ok It freezes. I don't like going back to the beginning once you lose a level.

This game is amazing. I absolutely love it! They should make more games like this one. Keep up the good work guys!

Block Crush Mania This game is awesome..

Great Lots of fun

Dawn really enjoys this game let's go

Tonya I have had this game for less than an hour and it has frozen up multiple times.

Having fun It's a good game it keeps your busy n relaxes you too

Hate having to always start over at level 1

Awsum game waitng fr new levels

My son loves this game!!!

It keeps me busy

Block crash mania Excellent makes you think of the moves ahead to clear the board.

Good graphics and very addictive Awesome

I love this game

Great game quite easy to get good scores

Problems loading The game is really fun to play BUT I had issues loading the game. Fix the start up errors and I would give game 5 stars.

It if so fun. But I wish you could get past level 23. It is frustrating to be on a room and all of a sudden... nothing.

Freezes on first level A few moves in and I can't do anything else.

It doesn't work I have tried several times to get through the tutorial however it seems to be preventing me from making moves but I can still get into the menu. Not sure what is going on but if not fixed soon I will be deleting it.

Everytime I exit the game I have to start over from the beginning I've played the game like 3x's and I have to keep starting from the beginning I loose my place and I don't see where I can connect to Facebook and keep my scores and my level I'm about to delete this game really soon

Was really looking forward to playing this game but I'm having trouble. I can start playing but it freezes up after about 5 to 6 moves. Please fix so I can play.

Addictive Challenging, but if l fail a level it takes me back to the beginning instead of letting me try the level again. Still....l enjoy.

Everytime I get to level 14 it take me back to level 1 twice it did that and I don't no y.

Doesn't work for me Worked 1 time and now freezes immediately

Block crush Loved it ,rated it 4 stars,would have been 5 but way to many ADS.otherwise it is so much fun....

It froze half way into the first box

Block bust mania Connect colors and break

It will not let me finish the first level

ADDS ADDS ADDS Fun game but an add after every damn turn is overkill.

Meh ??? I love the game but it freezes up and makes me mad because it's a fun game ??????

Block crush mania This game is Asoume

Block crush mania Great game do not want to put it down.

This a very fun game like it a lot must play will enjoy

OMG It's a great time waster

Ok It's ok

I love this game super fun

It is a lot of fun.

It is a Good game

Blackfoot1070 Loving it.

Block Crush Game It's a really fun and addictive game but it's frustrating not being able to get past level 23! Would you please fix this problem? Other than that I love it! ??❤ I would definitely give it 5 stars if you would please fix this problem. ?

Freezes after 3-5 moves

Great... This game can easily pass your time...just love it