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Basic Pro

Supplied By Mintoris    On Nov. 7, 2016    Comments(53)

Samsung Phone Basic Pro version7.5.4 Download

The new Game Engine mode is now live! The full power of the Mintoris Game Engine is now under the control of the most versatile Basic on the market. Turn your dream game into reality.

This is the Basic you want to get some real work done. This is the Basic that will quickly and easily produce an app to publish or share with your friends..If you have any doubts just look for the Mintoris Basic Free Trial.

Mintoris Basic is a simple and straight forward programming language. If you used Basic on any computer in "The Old Days", this will be like coming home to find your old house has been remodeled and fully modernized.

Even if you have only written one program in your life, you know enough to get started. Mintoris Basic has a community of users who interact on the forum within the app. So whenever you have the simplest question, an answer is just a click away.

- The forum is a great place to discuss the future of Mintoris Basic.

The Mintoris Basic Forum is also a central repository for hundreds of demo and user written programs. So chances are you can find something close to what you want to do and see how to do it. Even ask the author how they did it. Many of the current features started as topics in the "Future Updates" section of the forum.

Making an app from your Basic programs is now very easy using the Export APK Project function. This function outputs an Android Studio project which you can compile, without modification, to an APK file using the free Android Studio. This creates a truly stand alone app, ready to publish.. You no longer need the BasicRuntime to run your app.

- Supports Bluetooth, FTP and full network/internet communications!

Are you a Maker? Working with microprocessors? Well this is the Basic you want. Mintoris Basic can communicate to almost anything. Bluetooth, USB, Serial (RS232). All as easy as executing a few commands. Think about the graphics of your Android phone or tablet as a user interface for your project. Wired or wireless this Basic can do it. Plus just think of the processing power of your Android device joined to your project. You can even speak your commands to your robotic controller! The possibilities are endless.

- Fully compatible and tested with Arduino microprocessors.

- All the standard Camera, Sensors and GPS features of android are supported.

In the graphics mode you will find all the common drawing commands you would expect. Also included are a set of data graphing commands which allows you to graph an array of data with just a few lines of code.

- High powered math and array manipulation features.

Advanced array manipulation features are supported which allow you to perform operations on entire arrays or sub-arrays with a single statement.

A complete set of linear algebra commands are included, plus five matrix decompositions.

- Big Decimal arithmetic.

You can perform operations on decimal numbers with virtually any number of digits. Completely accurate to the last decimal place.

Mintoris Basic contains multiple file I/O, SQLite support and a complete set of file manipulation commands.

- Fun, Excitement, Adventure

- Satisfaction of the full control over your pocket computer

- So much more...

- Join and become a part of Basic's future.

Mintoris part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Nov. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 95.2663. Current verison is 7.5.4. Actual size 3.9 MB.

What's new

    The new Game Engine mode now includes a camera video feed which can be mixed with the Game Engine graphics. Create a wide variety of games simply and easily.
    Creating stand alone apps from your Basic programs is now easy with the new Export Android Studio Project function.
Download basic-2.apk 3.9 MB


Good program but reference isn't working When I do reference lookup it takes me to the forums, but there used to be a manual I thought.

Millisecond function calls This means no good libraries beyond the trivial, and that's all, folks.

Brings the fun of early computer days back onto android Great support for phone sensors and hardware; love it. Big thank you to the developer!

REVIEW Works great on the hudl2....takes me back to my old Sharp MZ80A days. very well supported too, even has a forum that's accessible from within the app. This is an easy 5 Stars.

BASIC was once ubiquitious but BASIC was never better. Mintoris BASIC is simply fabulous; full featured, easy to learn and use, and complete with full on-board reference, community support (great forum), and very responsive architect | programmer. With this app anyone can get their hands around the goodies of the android platform. Once again computer programming is affordable, attainable, and fun. Thanks Charlie ! ( * * * * * * * )

Awesomely Awesome and user friendly This is definitely the best Android BASIC programming package available!

Bob Fun, easy, a couple of hours to learn, years to master (I have not). The ultimate lego set. Reminds me of high school, hammering for hours on end on gwbasic and qbasic, usually to no avail, but had fun doing it.

Mintoris Basic An EXCELLENT version of BASIC. Fully featured and best of all, easy to use. A GUI would be nice but input/menu/lists/button features overcome this limitation extremely well. Well worth the small cost for this excellent version of BASIC. Looking forward to updates in the future to see what new features appear.

Only one that works I tried all the free ones. If you want basic that works this is it.

Mintoris Basic is excellent Most "productive" fun I get to have on my tablet!

Well worth getting Overflowing with features and nicely presented.

Useful, fun, and easy It's BASIC on a cell phone. How cool is that? Works well once you get to know its particular dialect of BASIC. Developer is extremely responsive. Easily one of the coolest and most useful Android apps out there. I've been using it on my Epic 4G for about a year now, and really enjoying it. I just picked up an Acer tablet and installed it -- it works perfectly on that, too. If you've ever programmed in BASIC, check it out; you'll rediscover the fun of programming. Support for a lot of cool features -- get st

Excellent version***** B.A.S.I.C. - comprehensive... well any program you write as a shortcut on a home screen - (Launch your app like any other app....)

Could use custom types Not a bad app.. brilliant infact. Could do with custom types e.g. Type Mytype Name as String Endtype : //Use e.g . : Dim Myarray (1) as Mytype Myarray (0). Name = "Jeoff" : Otherwise good app.

Developer is very fast to respond to needs. Product is good in early developement. Looking forward to new options in the works.

Wow talk about a feature rich Basic programming language!! I've been programming in Basic since the early 80's and this is just stunning. Would love to see this dialect available on the PC.

*FUN* to play with, flexible and *COMPLETE*.. A-MA-ZINGGG.. Uses your phone's potential to the fullest in an convenient and above all.. EASY way! Back in the days we used to program a Philips P2000T basic intepreter (Jamming 8..16k tapes / no sensors nor internet, just a silly acousto-coupler when lucky and some ASCII on a TV-screen!).. Android's hw. WELL supported feat's make it *FUN* to play with, flexible and *COMPLETE*.. Thanks.. ^x^ ..!!!

easy and fast it seems this program include all of the main Api and function for semi terminal apps. but the lack of gui fumction is major problem

Very easy to learn With only a tattering of BASIC skills as a hobbyist, I am finding this version easy to learn without spending the time and effort it would take me to learn Java.

Very good Fast and easy! I only miss the possibility to create standalone/compiled applications.

Suggestions It would be great if there were some kind of users repository where we can upload and load source codes of what we like to share with other users. And if these feature could be accessed within the application.

Absolutely great Keeps getting better. Thanks for the update. Works great. Original Review: I was looking for a way to do programming natively on my Android tablet, especially with the use of SQLite databases. I have programmed in many languages, starting with BASIC on my TRS-80 (early 1980s). In recent times, I have used many other dialects and other versions of BASIC. Mintoris BASIC is a modern version of BASIC that gives me all the tools I need for being more productive on my Tablet or my smart phone. The most recent update does a great job at allowing you to see the documentation of various commands. I look forward to using this in the future. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Carefully thought through Basic This is a nicely done Basic that fits well into these small devices. I was surprised at how many features of Android it can access, graphics, bluetooth, the touch screen, Wifi, the cameras, etc. all controllable by Mintoris Basic programs. It's obvious that a lot of detailed planning went into this. Barry

Bad doc and ui unable to code yet. The doc only online. Code and doc dificult to switch ma ke this app slow to explore. I code more than 10 lang. This app look good but i kind of tired to explore with this bad ui. You must know programming is not like typing letter. You can't make any typo error. Help system must be very easy to open together with coding envitonment like side by side.

Awesome Its like 1983 all over again. Works like a dream

This is just amazing Excellent App. Used to have a Atari 800 with BASIC.

Excellent Product This is a professional development platform. The developer is very responsive to problems reported and upgrade requests. Read the complete and well written manual on their website.

Great tool for utilities I use this to write utility and analysis programs. It has some impressive features.

A very good start in programming your Android Make your Android your slave and not otherwise. I see a lot of potential. Thank you!

Fantastic! Basic programming on my SGSII I generally don't spend much time playing with my phone but since buying Mintoris Basic I have been unable to put it down. My wife has started complaining because I lay in bed till the early hours tapping out code. Takes me back to my first computer years tirelessly creating games and apps on my Commadore 64 and then my BBC Model B. The developer is very helpful and responsive to bug and error reports and he is always happy to help with programming no matter how trivial.

Fantastic! I absolutely love this! I can bang out a program in minutes with ease - including graphics! The examples shown do not adequately illustrate the awesome power of this amazing implementation of Basic. The responsiveness of the developer is wonderful. Do yourself a favor and buy this app. You will not be sorry.

A great product at a great price This is a great product that is well worth the money. Do not be persuaded by unintelligent reviewers. The grammar and sentence construction of the one reviewer who keeps top posting should tell you all that you need to know about that particular reviewer. Even a dummy like me can write working programs with the documentation and UI of this product.

Fantastic app, a daily use for me on a 7" tablet.. This app was one of my first purchases in the Market. This software makes it easy to write a short program with just a few lines that can save hours of work in repetitive calculations using variables. Fast, easy and just plain fun to use. Great work!!

Fantastic implementation of BASIC on android. Includes many functions to access phone features as well as great interface tools

Just brilliant A great piece of regularly updated software.

Worth every penny It is a very flexible computer programming language and sleek platform without any of the hassles or monotony nor requirement of your being sometimes inconveniently in the office hunched over an often unorganized and frequently messy desk...Lol ;-) Excellent work!

easy and fast Updated: Thanks for GUI in ver 7

Thank you so much! It was the author on basic!'s website that gave the suggestion to try this basic. Love it thank you for making this!

This is a feature rich BASIC programming language that runs on Android - my only wish is that it would run on a web server, under Windows, under Linux...I wish I could use it on every platform that I need something like this for. As someone who started programming back in the 70's as a kid on TRS-80s, C-64s, IBM PCs, first withQbasic and moving up to VB6 I've always enjoyed rolling my own code to get something done. As much as I loved those old versions of BASIC, they always were missing something I neede

Great features Excellent BASIC, love the UI changes, editor changes.

Best basic programming app bar none. Do just about anything with this excellent programming app. Games, inventory, fun visuals whatever.

Screwed up UI Unnecessary change to UI. Complications with no benefit.

It's BASIC on a cell phone. How cool is that? Works well once you get to know its particular dialect of BASIC. Developer is extremely responsive. Easily one of the coolest and most useful Android apps out there. I've been using it on my Epic 4G for about a year now, and really enjoying it. I just picked up an Acer tablet and installed it -- it works perfectly on that, too. If you've ever programmed in BASIC, check it out; you'll rediscover the fun of programming. Support for a LOT of cool features.

Mintoris Basic With the addition of the export function a great value product is even better. Lots can be learnt from the forum & from the Facebook page. I really never expected this development from a single programmer.

Great app!! I use it as problem solving tool to create app for my office work. Quite fast to prototype app(my first time project). HTML mode allow creation of neat GUI. I paired it Webmaster app for html creation make programming basic on android so much fun. Hopefully, there will be a better editor built in especially with color syntax.

The best of its kind Superb job by the author , continues updates and all. The product is second to non in the category. BASIC is not a basic !.

BASIC itself is good. However the UI is weird and it really really needs proper documentation (the "reference guide" is a waste of space). Would love to see a simple way to build apk's as RFO Basic has.

Great app I use this for all my math& proamming stuff and it is great, if I want to find all Pythagorean primitives or such I can write a program to do so with ease I have yet to find all of what you can do with this

Modern BASIC God says, "Do not use the term: Matrix as it is already in use." (In referring to the female egg producing organ). An egg is a fantastic thing and gives rise to generations of Soul inhabiting bodies, both Human and animals! God also said, in reference to starting index values in Arrays, "Start with 1 and count upwards, but avoid starting with 0. All of our computers start at 1 and increment from there." Then God added, "Since I said that, you will use the 0 index as a type of Header, like the number of elements contained in the array." ~ Lord Saint Dennis Charles Smart, Enl Heaven's Spokesman, Healer, Exorcist & Seer Formerly PC-Doctor of New Orleans, LA and PC-Coordinator for a Fortune 500 company back in the 1980s. So I told of my Adventures with God and they called it: well, never mind their filth! Was having a Great time until Larry the Devil showed up! Larry is one of Lucifer's names, you see. Anyway, got bammed because I dared to talk about THE ALMIGHTY, JESUS CHRIST, AND THE HOLY GHOST. That's just what God Chose me to do in Life.

Excellent It is a complete system. Actively supported..much like Powerbasic was in the beginning. It is quite simply superb. Thank you!

Very comprehensive Huge list of commands ranging from quite low-level, such as reading Bluetooth data, to high level sprite commands. Definitely worth paying for the pro version

Recommend to buy.. awesome. Awesome programming application loved it lots

Good... Not good enough Within the first few minutes I stumbled upon a message saying my line numbers must be sequential... what!? Isn't the whole point of line numbers so you don't have to go back and tediously move everything? Otherwise, good app. Please update, though! I will change to a 5-star rating if this is fixed!