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Auto Battle - Free MMORPG

Supplied By Longcheng Ltd.    On May 25, 2016    Comments(153)

Samsung Phone Auto Battle - Free MMORPG version3.4.0 Download

★Award-winning Android RPG Game of 2015★

Auto Battle - Epic War RPG is the best MMORPG experience where you battle endless monsters, adventure through dungeons & battle in PVP arena. Use endless loot & 24/7 auto battle to top players & guilds. Choose one of three classes — Warrior, Hunter, or Mage — to explore dungeons and engage in exciting Auto War against various monsters and bosses! Train your brave heroes to participate in team battle and guild wars for handsome rewards like Gems, Honor, and Reputation! Form or join a guild with smart match-making system to become the best player in the world! Use strategy to defeat enemies and Smash your bros in PVE and PVP combat alike!

Unlike other dungeon crawlers and hack 'n' slash MMORPGs, Auto Battle offers a never-ending farming adventure in the palm of your hand. Even when you have to stop playing, Auto Battle lets you continue the fight in Offline Mode. You can continue exploring dungeons while you put the hard hours in at work. You can keep earning Experience, Coins, and Equipment while you’re studying for school. You can keep hiring heroes and summoners to wage war in your sleep.

Fulfill Your Destiny, Use Your Strategy, and Claim Your Throne

Game Features:
24/7 Auto Battle
Even when you are not online, your character will keep exploring dungeons, fighting enemies, earning experience, and finding gear for you. Conquer monster-packed PVE dungeons or wage wars in intense PVP combat. Experience the different type of battle through the different combinations of skills, heroes and gear.

Customizable Heroes
Create a male or female hero in any of three traditional classes. Will you choose the strong and resilient Warrior, the nimble and sharpshooting Hunter, or the magnificent and spell-slinging Mage? The customization doesn’t stop there. Over time, upgrade your characters and gear, equip the epic loot you discover, and design your own combination of skills. As your power grows, spread your reputation across the world in this action-packed adventure RPG!

Unique Smelting
Smelt your common gear to get better items in return, even powerful artifacts! What are you waiting for? Forge the ultimate weapons, gear, and artifacts so you can crush your enemies and show off your magnificent equipment — up close!

Fiery Arena Combat
Prove your might by defeating other players in the Arena. Defeat higher-ranked players to take their place and claim your right to daily Gem rewards! Fight your way to the top of the leaderboards and bask in the glory!

Team Combat
Join up with other players in twice-daily Team Battles and exciting Guild Wars. Defend your Team Battle championship as long as you can for better rewards. Work together with your guild to rake in Experience and gain Reputation.

Challenge Boss

Challenge yourself with hundreds of achievements and instantly boost your power and speed with enhancement, devour and transfer! Journey through the darkness, team up with your friends to conquer the Bosses. Use tickets to challenge bosses and use Sweep to keep slaying boss monsters

Dazzling Graphics

Dazzling graphics with HD resolutions - Visually Stunning Skills, Cool Weapons and Gear Effects. Explore various maps like New Trials, Darkness Tower, Monk Temple, Hall of Heroes, Reborn Realm, Hall of the Dead, Gold Statue, Darkness Rebirth and many more.

Join thousands of players in the best MMO RPG experience on Android today!
One of the best 2015 games now! Be hunter, explore dungeon in Five Maps

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Longcheng Ltd. part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 25, 2016. Google play rating is 77.5851. Current verison is 3.4.0. Actual size 28.0 MB. Download auto-battle-artcraft-eternal.apk 28.0 MB


Very cool idea I am a free player and at level 17 currently. It is nice to come back to gold, xp, and gear relative to my boss kill when I stay busy a lot irl.

Cool It's a cool game I suppose, gives you something to do while you're waiting for the kettle to boil haha and you don't have to keep it open all the time either so that's cool. 2208183 is my ingame ID.

Not bad The interface can be a bit clunky and everything isn't explained exactly so it's a bit confusing at first. Great time waster though, And its cool watching your heroes grow. In-game ID is 3608290

Good Game But I love how everyone says they copied ezpz when there the ones who copied autobattle. Good game and like it better than ezpz because its easier to upgrade your artifacts.

Superb! Freaking awesome! A new genre where u don t need to grind for gear and exp forever - the game does it all for you, even if ur not playing. You can RELAX with this game! I recommend it to everyone who got sick and tired of constant grinding just to get anything special, like in that king of grinding - Heroes of Dragon Age. Well done guys! I expect more content from you in the near future! Would be great to see some animations of the hero when dodging, blocking, making crit, etc. You would be way ahead then!

TALLMANN 3211987 I think its a great game try it and you may get hooked TALLMANN 3211987 is my id in the game

Servers and more servers.... Yet they don't fix this game's biggest issue of all... the balance. Basically the more you pay, the more powerful you are. Sure you can become one of them if you play long enough since it plays by itself, but.... why would you?

Was good but... My game would reset by itself and I've gotten so far. I'm done with this game

Update bug Playing on a galaxy s5 love the game but it keeps force closing since the new update

Dude Every time I play this game it's good for about 1 month and then a new update comes and I start at level1 again.extremely disappointed.3rd time glad I didn't waste money on any purchase-deleted-won't be coming back inlease you email me

Auto battlr No lie the best phone game by far I ever played i loved RPGs my entire life like World of Warcraft but on World of Warcraft I couldn't just take off for hours by my character still builds I love this game

Good Game but it has problems Plays well but what you buy may not be what you want. I have purchased gems which include bonuses, the gems show up but the bonuses never do. I have been trying to get this fixed for over a week. It took the guy running it 4 days to find out who I am. VIP is another perk you get when you buy gems. I have been looking at a sign which says "purchase 100 more gems to advance to VIP 4" that was two purchases ago of 200 gems ($10.00) each. This wouldn't be a bad game if they would fix the bugs and get someone who knows what "customer Service" means to run it. UPDATE: I responded to their comment on 5/14. Still waiting for a reply.

Fun game Fun to pass the time by and do damage to others in arena and better yourself

Lost everything Download the update and my level 27 Hunter disappeared. Most wackd. Uninstall.

Login rewards Love the idea of you dont jave to be on the game at all times. Here is my gamer ID>>>>>>>>>>>> 3602655 <<<<<<<<<<ADD it

ID 3417842 Awesome game now hand me the gems ;)

One day I've only had the game for a day a but it seems pretty good so far. - 200631

Awsome game Great game to pass time, ID 3305772

Id 3509196 I like this game your character is constantly increasing so get to up grade regularly winning more battle, only thing that could be done to make better opening up additional activities at lower levels

Lots of fun. Great little game that you dont have to pay much mind to but makes you feel like you got somewhere.

Reviewing to check if I'll get gems from apf rpg. Id 3609875.

This is not role playing Wtf game it is..

So so Since frequently updates, I can only get 1344 battles, please fix it .

Addicting! Love this game. So simple, fun to check on on. Very addicting.

Just started playing but good so far. Can't figure out how you earn more boss fight credits though so I'm already stuck. JAYFREE 3605325

Bug? I like the game but every time I open it, it auto installs a new shortcut on my locked home screen. If this is not fixed will have to uninstall. Which is really disappointing because I really like the game.

3600242 Time waster, easily hooked, chat room.

Good Only here for the gems 3313673

Problem Been playing a while. Lvl 82 but last week I haven't been able to get on just force closes

Awesime Great game, easy to get the hang of, I just wish there was a better tutorial on it because I'm still finding something new everyday. All in all a lot of fun and a great time waster when you're stuck somewhere. ID- 3413503

Great Good game,really...for lazy people,you dont need to be always online,enought 3-5 logins per day,for 5 min. per session :-)

Nice Rly epick!

The best of the best! Top 1 rpg in play market. My Id 2900028

Translate Please translate into Russian

Bug Rate with 5*, but please fix lil bug with smelting. Every time after I inherit T-stat to another stuff in smelting menu instantly appears item to what I inherited in. And it can be removed only after relog. Also I can smelt bugged item and it will disappear in current session. After relog it appears back to inventory or at char eq, dep where it was. Nothing special at all, but this bug very nasty. Thank you.

Good game I've been playing this game since it started. Updtes take soo long. Gear goes to poo after 100. Gm do not care about problems. For example: I spend 20 dollars durning the 200% event and did not receive my extra gem or the bonus 300 essences. So I went to support to tell them about my problem. Thier response was to make sure I did it durning the event...... no kidding, thanks for the tip.. and I still didn't get any more coverage on that. On the other hand the game is perfect for people who like mmorpg but

Ezpz clone Or vice versa.. However since Ive already played this game under another title and bored with it I wont dig too deep into it. One of you devs must be a scumbag irl for stealing the others work. But the tiny differences are.. Ezpz is better, you get more/better drops from combat and crafting in forge is cheaper as well as items in store. The only plus I can give you is when bag is full your junk gear is sold off to make room as better is recieved from combat.

Good Game but It keeps giving me network errors when playing. I use to like this game but it gets no better. Im connected to wifi yet it does the same thing. Plus I can play any other game without this problem. Even ezpz rpg, family guy and many many others. You game is starting to suck. I cant even hardly smelt gear. Its not worth the hassle. I am about to uninstall

It gets boring quickly The game was okay to start with and it's useful that my character battles all the time but the game could use more intuitive instructions and something more to do. It gets boring quickly.

Currently bad Lots of spelling mistakes, don't think English is there first language. Very micro transaction focused with the added twist of needing vip too, another transaction which limits other transactions. Very confusing. Guild function is poor an needs a lot of work. Chat is horrible to use an read, it's essentially spammed 24/7 as devs push people to post for rewards. Leaderboards only show top 20 people. Waiting times between battles is excessive. A timer on boss battles would be better than the game cheating...

was one of my fave games As a mage I am the only one on my server lucky enough to get arcane 5 rune for 500% damage after spending lots of gems. The new update gives every warrior a free 700%! damage skill which is totally bullsh#t. mages get new skills with only 70% damage and all useless against boss. Game is very unbalanced now. . . any warrior with half my power and half my damage can beat me now. . its a joke

Great I love the fact that I am battling 24/7. I go to sleep and wake up, I went from 18 to 19 and gained gear. Auto battle makes it easy to be a casual game, but at the same time be active in my guild. Please keep the updates coming, loving this game!!

Great game Fun at first! Gets very boring after level 60. This is a PAY 2 WIN game!! The resetting your stats function is bugged. Don't waste anything on gear, which increases your drop rate. It doesn't do anything for you. The level 80 update is a joke. Still no filters added to chat. So be prepared to see a lot of adult material/cussing. Also, switching between servers is bugged, I always get login failed and i have to restart and try again!!! Chat is still bugged.

ID 4103323 It is a great game that allows you to multi-task or not even play it and still gain levels, exp, gear, etc. Worth a try.

Hate it Every time I get to lvl 55 it won't log me in and I have to start over. This game really sucks!!

great game but.. later on it takes ages to farm up and beat boss maps -.- plus server maintenance takes f***king ages to update, otherwise great game

Super addictive Getting stuck on "verifying account" during log in and can only log in every once in a great while. Smelting could have a little higher success and pvp system could use some love. but otherwise great game

No monthly card Loved this game, but I bought a monthly card and have not received it in game. 24 + hours and have contacted/emailed support and no response. Fix this and I'll go back to 4 stars.....

Besides server maintanance taking far too long so far this game is great. But not being able to get on game for 12 hours is ridiculous considering at my lvl i cant hold enough gear so its just wasting

Good game but... This is quite a good game and adictive. The problem is they make new servers every 2 weeks almost and they forget about the old ones. They just don't care about the old ones.No events, no nothings... It's like they expect everytime they open new server, we go there... I'd 3419942

Awesome Game I have a blast playing this game. Def get it! Jayrabian

Paying for premium services locked away behind another paywall? "So you bought gems? Please pay more to actually use it"

Love server Ign DrWest I'd 3706599 day 21 still no complaint wicked game thanks

Lost items With the update I lost a lot of good stuff and I had to restart my hero can this be fixed

So far so good.. An I'm hard to for gems

Keyboard won't pop up When I try to chat to write something keyboard won't show up digiland tablet android

Sighs Well update tries to have you remake an account, want my old one fix this

Play whenever you want Fun game. Been playing for a couple of weeks. Not hard to grasp. In game chat is nothing like other chats..everyone is willing to help. Game ID- 3904030

Nice game $$$ Very expensive. You can play free but progress will be extremely slow.

Not lazy This games suits my needs as I am always very busy but still desire some sort of gaming. Good stuff

Auto battle Pretty fun can be addicting. Player id 232619142

Auto battle 2712864 No lie the best phone game by far I ever played i loved RPGs my entire life like World of Warcraft but on World of Warcraft I couldn't just take off for hours by my character still builds I love this game 2712864

Plays well but what you buy may not be what you want. I have purchased gems which include bonuses, the gems show up but the bonuses never do. I have been trying to get this fixed for over a week. It took the guy running it 4 days to find out who I am. VIP is another perk you get when you buy gems. I have been looking at a sign which says "purchase 100 more gems to advance to VIP 4" that was two purchases ago of 200 gems ($10.00) each. This wouldn't be a bad game if they would fix the bugs and get someone who knows what "customer Service" means to run it. UPDATE: I responded to their comment on 5/14. Still waiting for a reply.5/20/15 UPDATE 6/25. STILL NO CONTAC.

Autobattle Id 3909374 Love it my favorite game hands dwn

Auto Battle Fun game to play reminds me of a lot of other games, and has great graphics. My ID is 3417582

Violation of Google Play Developer Program Policies Developers must not attempt to change the placement of any Product in the Store, or manipulate any product ratings or reviews by unauthorized means such as fraudulent installs, paid or fake reviews or ratings, or by offering incentives to rate products. They offer 50 gems to rate. The game is really good, just not a fan of devs who knowingly disregard policy.

ID 3905972 Great game if you like stats games

Good game I love the game even if its a pay2win... I would give 5 stars if i could write...I had to choose a random name, cant create a guild and cant chat... Im using a sony xperia z2 each time i write something and press done, it just disappear and its frustrating....

Great casual game Perfect for just checking in a couple times a day and reaping rewards. Levels fast. Pvp a nice bonus

my id 3901017 i'm never cant uninstall this game..bcz i really like it..

3508739 This game is very fun for when you have those downtimes. Leveling is very simple =)

Good game Slow to get xp after the first few levels and the chance of a good drop isn't high but smelting or buying has a high chance

Id # 1514360 Still has issues but is better

What the hell??? I used to play for so long, and i stopped for a while. I come back and the server Ancient Ruins is gone. It had all of my stuff on that character.

Dark born is a different skin for autobattle If you want to play with a different theme but not loose your character, you can play Dark born. I didn't realize this until I loaded darkborn with my I'd, it has the same servers as well

Help! I've been playing this game for months now, went through the server merges, but just today something happened and I can't find my server anymore. I thought I was playing on the "Elite Server 8-11" but I'm not sure. However, I systematically went through all the servers and tried to log in to each one of them, hoping to find mine, and I was unable to log in to any of them. Is my account lost?

Boss fights Only downside is that you can battle a boss 10 levels lower than you and be hitting him like crazy with little damage done to you but when you get his HPs down to a few hits left, he turns around and kills you with 2 hits. Very frustrating.

Great game but...developer is cheating players My only problem with this game is the very slow progression and increasingly costly incremental development systems. Other than that, very fun. UPDATE: the developer has stopped delivering rewards. This is unacceptable. Players are earning rewards according to the posted rules, but the developer is not delivering after numerous attempts to resolve in the support section. Totally unacceptable.

More bugs then a low class hotel with a bad roach infestation to busy opening up new servers and releasing more broken content then fixing existing issues do not recommend this app at all . . Useless customer support

6801394 Super addictive. A few minor issues to improve upon but mostly fun and addictive. Would be cool to be able to see changes in appearance in main avatar picture when equipping different gear. Also would be cool to be able to sell excess non-gear items. Thanks for a fun game.

Addictive, with sophisticated optimization mechanics. Translation needs a lot of work -- at least, I hope that's their excuse for having a "Chen Stormstout" when Blizzard sues.

why do i loss my items ? essence, boss tickets, locked items, equiped items and artifacts i lost everything except the newly hunted items liked the game but i"ve loss items quite often now

Worst game I've ever played Can't retrieve the password to the account I have played on for months, and my level 106 character is unaccessible to me. I hate this company so much. Expensive events, boring and slow fights, now this?

Server 73 not working I was able to play on s73 earlier today but now every time I try to open that server the game force closes. Can you please fix this

Rune Problems I really really love this game. Its the only game I can play due to my very busy schedule. But the a bug has occurred and I cannot acquire any more runes even if i keep on buying them using gems. Also, I would only receive one set of rewards in the arena although I've won all of my one on one battles. If it would not cause much trouble, please help me recover them. More power to Auto-battle Team!

Lost the realm I was playing on. The newest update showed me the new servers but also lost the server I was playing on as well. I can not find it almost had a lvl 80 warrior....

Outrageous. I just got charged twice for buying one monthly card, I've tried to contact the app developer for a refund and I've had no reply. This is ridiculous.

Changed server unknowingly Character is no longer to be found was level 66 will change rating when I get it back or compensation

Wtf Played for months, loved the simplicity of this game. Was ranked 48 and level 103 then i logged on and my server is deleted, along with months of progress.

Very funnn!!!! This game good everything. but me no have credit and debit card for top up u game. free to play but pay to win. :( than another. update thai language plz. :)

You've Been Warned As many other ratings state, characters along with entire servers get deleted. I was on a fairly new server and it was deleted after about 2 weeks... Don't waste time on this.

Thank you This game is very interesting. I don't even need to be logged in. Thank you so much~ darkriver~

Nice game. Just catch the new servers when they first come open and u can give even the vips a run for there money

Love this game!!! 5 stars!!! I have been playing mobile games since smartphones first came out and they were available. I tend to lose interest after a couple months due to having to dedicate hours or even real money to advance at a respectable rate and stay competitive. This is the first game that I have found that doesn't require anything more then a single login a day at your leisure. You can log in more then that to participate in guild events and to do other actions but u don't have to feel guilty or upset if u cannot. ID 5504656

Fix this i cant spend more hours to play because my auto battle application we automatic force close in 2mins and my chat world i cant access only wifi can access for that ? i only use mobile data can you fix this thanks

What happened Keeps updating and restarting since Last upgrade and lost all my progress and i can not log in with facebook not happy please fix and will give u 5 stars

Chris Love this game I'm a person with way too much time to kill so I get a chance to set up my character and then busy myself for as long as possible doing other stuff anything else and then I get to come back and the second part of what's good about this is I get to read all the time I spent away from the game to see how successful my character is so its like playing a game and reading a book 241 it's very nice very simple love it very much

Fun... Adictive ..... Good gameplay but too many new servers going up and people bailing from old ones.

S-24 ID 2419843 I used to play a while ago and I recently logged back in. WTH! where is my server? And I cant get back on with my old ID above. Current ID 22887260 I want my old ID. I am not starting all over

Ugh. Stuck auto farming the same level (Watchtower) on two servers. Followed help suggestions. Can't SWEEP as I'm not VIP. Customer services answer is "pay me money and I will fix your problem." This is a horrible way to treat people. I will NEVER pay you any money. Once again, answer from "HELP" "Maybe you can buy some gems and SWEEP." Crooked.

One big thing... Farming stops after 24 hours of inactivity. A big part of getting the best rated game like this was wanting to come back after a long period of academic grinding and spending 5 minutes of RPG gaming while waiting for an appointment or something. I really only want to play when my life slows down for those 5 minutes, which happens about at least every 48 hours of productivity. If my purpose playing the game is defeated, it shouldnt be worth any stars.

Ticket Please answer an bring my character back an I'll give 5 stars thanks

I love this game.. I got banned for absolutely no reason... I don't even know what a cheat is, I tried to log in this morning and it says account forbid for 7 days, what the hell is going on, who do I even contact

Ancient Ruins??? Great game but, I had all the stuff for my character on that server, where did it go?

Awesome game like it alot the new upgrade makes for some interesting money management i am getting used to it thnk for continued support

Something is very wrong I love the game but can't even log in after last update, had a lvl70 character with some really cool gear and now can't even play. Fix this please and it will get 5 stars

Was ok until...... I tried to log on this morning and my almost lvl 90 character and server were just gone....please help and will rerate...server is 65 Santa's Gift

Love the game but after the last update my login password is not working but playing this game over a year and I'm a VIP 2 player could someone help me with this problem

Good game, ID 4504454 ID 4504454, like the idea of just letting the game play for me, check it out

It's good 4809621, now I want the free 50 gems lol

Auto battle 5902287 Glad I downloaded it. Love the improvements. Just wish it wouldn't crash all the time.

Great game player i.d 8000601 Love being able to walk away and it still collects tye things i need 8000601

Great Low Maintenance Game Fun without a lot a time put in

Idk man It's the best game ever was** because it's so addictive but the thing I was so high on levels I lost my progress

Very entertaining. Great fun and loads to do the more I advance.

Good game 8801053 free gems for liking this gaMe sweet

Disapointing Can not play at all update keeps downloading and won't start game send me message when fixed would like to try game

Fun. Getting worse. There are lots of things to keep track of but it is fun and addictive. Recently lots of problems with connections. Paid $15 but did not connect with my acct. Game Help would not return money. WARNING!

Was decent, but then... Played for a while and everything was peachy, then for some reason it started getting stuck after I select my server and tap "Start Game". Tried force stopping it to no avail.

Server Gone Played this game for quite a while and was loving it, I was on Hunter's Assault Server, until one day I got on and the server was gone. Completely gone from the server list. They put in new servers like every week, so my server must have been pushed off which is absolutely stupid. So now all my hard work has gone down the drain, I emailed them asking for an explanation but received no reply. Worst support and I can now say that I will be uninstalling the game. Well done.

Lag is to much Kicks you out after every 10 min into it. Cost to much money to earn barely any gems whereas I can just type in JQLB and get 300 gems already. Needs new classes: Paladin, Assassin, and Wizard

Full Servers... I have had to restart a server now two times, because all of them are full. Shouldn't one be able to log into the game they started without having to start all over again the next day? Uninstalling because of horrible server usage.

game is OK customer service is laughable So in this game you cast spells and such some with inhibiting effect on your opponents hereafter referred to as minus effects. When I asked customer service to clarify if a dot (damage over time) spell counted as a minus effect, referring specifically to a spell named incinerate which does damage over 3 turns, my reply I received was "incinerate is a skill name". my subsequent response asking for clarification got an auto response of "see previous response"

Server error When I load into the game it says " sorry the game could not load. Please try again when you have better network service" and I have unlimited mobile 4g LTE data

Not happy Once again I had high level account and was vip now i try log on the sever and it tries to make start a new game fix this!!

Players beware. You might end just like us. Wow! Just like that, desolve our server and put a new one. You have just wasted our time and effort. We have played for several months now. Now you have decided that I will quit this wonderful game. I will switch to much worthy game. Too bad

Good game I love the game but there is a severe lack of information. Been trying to figure out some of the sub stats but there is no information anywhere. Is there even an official website?

Help Its been months now and still no reply wtf!!!After the new update i lost my server lost my character...char name: eight lvl 114 guild nrj.

Full. What on earth .. this is the first game I found on here that is completely full. I cannot even join a server let alone play. Please add more servers asasp

Crappy beginning Creating character name at beginning doesn't work when starting the game and no free rename when starting the game with generated name.

Best game, addictive but no need to stay connected! Each game launch it creates another shortcut on my screen that I have to delete or my screen get full.

What the hell Just got a new phone downloaded this and all my info and server disappeared..... how much did I spend after 2 or more years playing? This is bs. I am more but hurt then anything.

Easy and fun. My level goes up even when i'm not playing it. haha

Please fix Won't let me log into Dark raider please fix and will give 5 stars

Hated it Spent so much time just to log on and game was wiped

No stress, no hassle game It works on me... #9000815

Like EzPz RPG For the semi-lazy

This game is epic # 3703819 Loving this game it takes a while to get everything down that there is to do in game, but it is fun from the start.

Except the new event is in Chinese and it won't let me update it >>

Love it This game is so easy and graphics are better than EZ PZ RPG

ID: 9201929 Poly wraio game!!

Good One of the best game that u can play 4 hours

Very good game I enjoy it My Id is 9401836

Great game Fcukin love this game

What people don't know Some people think that auto battle copied ezpz rpg. Want to know the truth nope other way around auto battle was made and was the first of this kind and also was first to use world of warcraft creatures and it was cool then. R2 Games the bigger company had to come along steal these guys cool idea and make it seem like it was there's to began with sorry but it's true I got this the day it came out and no ezpz or ads for that ever existed!

Horseshit game and system!! Faught multiple people that numbers shown I should've stomped yet can't win when powers less th 10k!! Only win in this game if you pay... not worth the headache

horrible support, purchasing a micro transaction item resulted in my money being deducted, but not items not being given. -.- support seems slow to respond if they going to respond at all. app's connectivity is also pretty lousy losing connection even when right beside the wireless access point.

No updates no events. Everyone is maxed out just waiting well the game dies

Annoying Ties into other game servers, annoying, cheap, cant even play this game and another on the same server without it picking up SAME data??!? Why??! How??!? Worst type of game is a game like this

Auto battle still a bit crazy but starting 2 level ouy

10500334. SGT Yusuke server 105. Love the game, wish there was was to get free gems with videos

Awesome! Fun and easy to master. ID 9908552

great game this game is amazing. really enjoy playing it