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Ask Pastor John

Supplied By Desiring God    On Dec. 28, 2015    Comments(92)

Samsung Phone Ask Pastor John version2.2.2 Download

Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

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God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him — exists to help people everywhere understand and embrace this truth. Visit for thousands of God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper — sermons, books, articles, audio and video, free of charge.

Desiring God part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Dec. 28, 2015. Google play rating is 94.4905. Current verison is 2.2.2. Actual size 3.5 MB.

What's new

    VERSION 2.2.2
    * Bugfix
    VERSION 2.2
    * Added all new settings for continuous play and notifications
    * Updated lock screen experience
    VERSION 2.1.5
    * Bugfix
    VERSION 2.1.4
    * Bugfix for some specific devices
    VERSION 2.1.0
    * Updated for Android 5.0 and Material Design
    * Added support back to Android 2.2
Download ask-pastor-john.apk 3.5 MB


Lovely app A nice app, another resource to help me with bible reading, I think it would be perfect if we could favourite topics. Thank you

Love it Love pastor john piper, was blessed right from reading his book desiring God and have continued to be blessed

Practical Awesome way to learn a bit more of God's word through the rush of busy days

Heart changing Thank you, this app is amazingly helpful!

Ask Pastor John Just great!

Doesn't work any more :( Love this app but unfortunately it hasn't worked on my phone in over a month. I can see the new questions every day it just won't play them.

Great resource Amazing range of topics and a depth of wisdom. Thanks!

Love it Thank you pastor for the answers

Must-have app!! Helpful and encouraging.

Awesome I absolutely love this app!

Great Awesome app. Thank you!

Very helpful

Great tool I really have gained a greater fear of God through this and more knowledge it's the real deal

Download able Dear Ask Pastor John app developer, I'm from Lamka, Manipur, N-East India. I like this app very much and have shared to frens & family. As the app requires a strong network, listening to the audio clips can be a struggle (frustrating) here! Although, we have a 3G network provider's, the signal's are irregular most of the time ( goes back to 2G) and 3G network is still a luxury!! Therefore, if the audio clips size can be made "smaller and download able" it would have been very much helpful to us. Thank you.

Great Biblical Q&A App from Pastor John This app hosts loads of awesome Q&A sessions from Pastor John and various guest speakers (Alcorn, Keller, Tripp, Reeves, and Moore), as well as a very diverse catalog of topics that Pastor John addresses. His approach to answering each question is Biblical and extremely thoughtful. He puts thought into his audience and articulates his response in a clear and understandable way. No matter if you know nothing about the Bible, or think you know a lot, this app will be very worthwhile.

Wonderful! Thank you do much for this app! It is a tremendous blessing!

Very Grateful An app that is very practical and helpful in wide ranges of topics of Christian life。thank you very much

Great questions and deep answers The questions here are really useful to go deeper into things. Awesome!

Love it! Absolutely love the content, and this app is a much better option for accessing it than a generic podcast app. Access to the archive is a great feature!

Great one Apt for daily hearing

One problem One big issue needs fixing: app doesn't close after backing out to exit. I always have to force close it to stop if audio was played. VERY frustrating. There needs to be an exit button installed in the next update. Please!

Blessed by this app! Concrete reminders shared in a convenient way for this generation. Thank you :-)

Love it! Piper has immensely helped me in my walk with the Lord and in understanding things biblically. Get this app!

Awesome Live this app from DG.

Great app....needs some tuning. Topical organization would be great. Would like to somehow bookmark favorites for later. Would like to be able to share a link to individual audio files with friends. Maybe an audience level rating for some of the grown up only topics. Overall, it is a really great app. Quick and easy. Interesting topics.

I like this app but if I may ask I wish you could add a favorite-flag button so I can flag my favorite episodes. Also it would be awesome if I can download the episodes on my phone so I can listen to them offline also.

Good app My small group told me about these ask pastor John recordings. I'm happy you all made an android app that is current to the Android app guidelines. The app is wonderful. I would like to make a request possibly. Would there be a way to create favorites and also possibly show that you have listened to them before.

Great use of technology! A great app to help keep your mind awake to truth, in a very busy and loud world!

Wonderful App! God speaks so much truth and wisdom through John Piper in just a few minutes with every episode. Is there any way to add an "auto-play" feature? I would love to be able to select one episode and have them play continuously, instead of needing to open the app after every episode to choose a new one to play.

Great App Simply valuable

Enhance focus above Setting mind and heart on things about is our perpetual focus having been raised with Him.Col 3

Greatly useful resource connected to the word of God.

No download - Podcast version is better I like the show but not the app because it does not give you an option to download favorite episodes for offline use. I'm now using a podcast app to listen to APJ - that way I can save my favorites for offline use.

Unbiased Review I came across Pastor John Piper several years ago on YouTube, and immediately appreciated his intelligently articulated arguments and presentations. I just discovered that he was available via Android app. Totally cool!!!

Awesome Listen to it daily. Very good q's, even better answers.

Great app. Works very well.

Love it to bits! Love the thought of God's grace, wisdom & knowledge being easily accessible on my phone rather than using social apps like FB & IG all the time!

Great content, interface is lacking I give 5 stars for the content. However, the developers need to add a close button or menu for the app on Android phones. There is currently no way to get rid of the app from the notification dropdown. It will also place the background on my phone when locked; mainly because I can't fully close the application. The only way to close is to restart my phone.

The content is good. I have no complaints about contents and I love it! However there is one annoying user interface that I cannot get over. When you play a podcast and go back, you lose your place/position. For example, I want to listen to older podcasts and scroll down. After listening and going back to main screen, it goes back to top forcing me to scroll all the way down again and again. This is annoying especially when I want to listen to older podcasts. Also when the podcast does not close from notification even after the podcast is finished. To remove it from notification area, I had to go to settings -> app -> ask pastor john -> force close... I just use the website to access the ask pastor john podcast. Hopefully these user interface problems are fixed.

Device force reboot After a few sessions, my device automatically reboots, usually happens after 1, 2 sessions. Galaxy s6+. Not sure if this is happening with others but this app is the only app that does it from my device. Otherwise, great resource to listen to pastor John's perspective on biblical wisdom.

Won't close Love the content, app won't close though.

Great app but won't close. I love the questions but it doesn't let me close the app. In the picture it shows an android device and an X to close but the only options I have on my S5 is play/pause, next, and back. I have to force it to stop.

Love the sermons, but the app keeps rebooting my phone while listening and even so, the app won't close.

Many thanks! Love Piper. Love this app.

Thank you! I love this app. It really helps answer a lot of tough questions. Keep it up! God bless you team!

Great app! This app provides insightful advice on the application of God's word in life.

Love it! Grate insight and wisdom from pastor John.

Awesome app amazing questions

All the tough questions answered

Not working I can't get this to work. The app comes on but none of the audio plays at all. I really appreciate all the resources you guys provide, please help

Great app. Doesn't want to close though I seem unable to close this app completely. Always on in the quick menu drop down on my Note 4. No biggie. Well worth running continuously ☺

Great app Awesome for those hard to answer questions that people ask.

I love it but for some reason it just wiped out all the episodes except this week's

So helpful! I love listening to these podcasts. Pastor John is succinct enough that I can listen in one go, but fleshes out questions that we have all had at one time or another. Thank you, Pastor John and Desiring God for showing us how to be most satisfied in God!

Grateful This is probably the most vital app I have on my phone lol. I speak to people a lot about the hard issues of life and the bible. The questions that john answers in this app really teach me how to explain my beliefs to other Christians and none believers. I haven't listened to every segment, but the ones I have listened to have really helped me in my quest for wisdom and understanding. -nikodaddy

Great Short Bible Driven Christian Podcast The Ask Pastor John podcast is one of two that I listen to daily. I love the scripturally sound answers to culturally relevant questions. It it is one consistent way I can fit biblical truth into my busy life and as such has helped me in my walk with the Lord. Most episodes are about 7-10 minutes, so I can always find time to listen, even on a busy day. I found the app itself a little difficult to use though, so now I just subscribe to the podcast in AntennaPod.

Thought provoking and Biblical Pastor John Piper fields a variety of difficult questions with sound Biblical responses. This podcast is very helpful and thought provoking, I find myself tuning into every episode. You don't want to miss this one!

Very Helpful John Piper's preaching and teaching has been a great help to me for a few years now, and this app is full of answers to some good and difficult questions.

Answers So many answers are available to difficult questions using Biblical truth. Love that's there is a variety of subject covered from things pertaining to teens to the elderly. Listen to it everyday!

Great App I listen to this daily. Even if I do t think title is relevant to me I still listen and am encouraged. These are deeply thought provoking and I find myself meditating on the glory of God throughout the day. So thankful for this resource!

Biblically solid advice for millennial Christians John Piper is a gifted teacher and this podcast is a great resource for any millennial Christian struggling with questions about their faith. Will add that there is definitely a strong reformed perspective on all the teachings but primarily APJ is a great biblically based source for advice on very tough questions. Highly recommend to anyone willing to wrestle with the difficult questions surrounding living the Christian life.

So Good! The variety of questions is amazing and the answers are very well thought out and direct. Also, because they're usually only around 10 minues, their good for anytime you need quick encouragement with something or simply just a quick way to start the day off pondering Biblical things.

Good app for a great ministry. Pastor John offers thoughtful biblically based answers that demonstrate his love of God and people. Guest appearances are always good too, and I've been introduced to good and faithful Christian leaders as a result of this ministry. The app also provides an excellent way of searching past episodes.

Look forward...every day Every day I can't wait for how Pastor John will point me to Jesus and stir my heart's desires for Him. Thank you thank you thank for my favorite app.

Amazing Its incredible how Pastor John disects and interacts with the questions. Its impossible not to notice his transparent love for Christ and his overwhelming humility. Only down side is that I always write in and never get my questions answered, not even sure if they receive my emails.

Thank you! He answers my questions in a knowledgeable way! Everyone thinking about downloading, please try it, at least once.

Very useful and holy spirit inspired I've been using this for the last 2 years and it has been a blessing for me every time! Highly recommended!

Amazing app Can't say enough good things about this app. Answers the hard questions like sin sports and zombies! Def helps my walk with Christ

Incredibly useful & Absolutely fantastic This app has been used numerous times by God to point me to the biblical answers to all the kinds of questions that one may ask. I am especially grateful for Desiring God ministry and John Piper's faithfulness to preaching the truth of God's Word.

Great audio devotion Got to be one of the best audio devotional apps available. Covers a wide range of topics based on questions sent in by users.

Life giving questions and answers Im time and time again encouraged to question my heart with the truth of scripture, by these holy spirit led and answered honest, tuff, and relevant questions. Very thankful for all the effort used by God's grace to make this app. Ill also gladly continue to support this and share with friends and family and anyone that lives. Thank you!

Helps Me Obey Deut 6:5 if you haven’t already, download the Ask Pastor John app available for iPhone or Android and listen to eat every morning; make it a part of your routine.  Ultimately, Christian, you should be having conversations with believers and unbelievers about Christ as much as possible! He should be on your mind and tongue SO much more than what He (probably) is. This app encourages you to have more conversations centered on our Savior, and helps equip you to best talk about, explain, seek, & love him.

Great content. User interface needs some work.

Won't close. But otherwise awesome

Awesome resource for daily counsel from a wonderful teacher, but the app will not close on my phone. I am surprised that this has not been fixed yet.

closing the app!!! how do i remove the app from the notification tray?

Awesome Sobering Biblical answers to a myriad of questions

It is a great app sadly not able to install in my Sony e4 Apt for daily hearing

Great job I like this app

Great Content Love this app. Content is fantastic. John Piper really has amazing insights. Interface could improve, such as having to scroll all the way to the bottom of all the podcasts to see earlier ones. Maybe they could be organised I to categories? All in all great app.

Wonderful content, but here's the trick to close I love the content of this app. I listen to it every morning while getting ready for work. For the longest time I couldn't close it in the drop-down or get it off my lock screen after I had listened to it. But I've now figured out the trick to actually close the app when I'm done! All you have to do is pause what is playing, hit the skip button to go to the next episode, then pause it again. I hit the home button on my phone, then I'm able to swipe it closed on my lock screen. Weird, but it works! :)

Updated review for Galaxy note 5 on Mashmallow - great content and application is smooth. Biggest annoyance is not being able to remove the notification/exit the app after you've listened to the podcast. A simple fix is to incorporate close functionality that most other applications have - currently the only way to get around this is to either reboot my phone or force stop the app.

Amazing podcasts This has been my favorite podcast app. I love listening to Pastor John answer questions and dive into theology! Tony's a great host too, and puts a lot of effort into making this great quality!

Awesome app! Will change your worship routine guaranteed

Thank you pastor John Through you, God works within me too.

Ask Pastor John Great App ? Perfect for helping us to follow God's Word

Bug fix needed I've been using this app for a few years but recently it hasn't been working well. Whenever I play a podcast, it will get through about a minute before it stops playing. When I hit play again, it automatically starts playing the next episode on the list. If I want to listen to one, I have to restart the particular podcast and fast forward to where it stopped several times. My phone is a Galaxy S6 Edge with Marshmallow.

Some bugs on Huawei p8 It's a great app and the content is very good. But it keeps closing when I want to listen in the background. So if I go to my home screen or lock the phone it closes

great content, interface changes needed love this easy way to listen to apj every day, but I wish the control panel in the notification tray had a close button

Good but Good app, but the player notification doesn't seem to go away even after closing the application. I have to force quit it.

Love it Amazing biblical wisdom seasoned with practicality. Must have for any Christian.

Excellent Godly App I really encourage by the way answers.....