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Angel Stone RPG

Supplied By Fincon    On Sept. 6, 2016    Comments(142)

Samsung Phone Angel Stone RPG version4.2.2 Download

*The hottest new game from Facebook's 2015 "Studio to Watch" winner!*

Step into a war between Angels and Demons and enter the world of Angel Stone.
Angel Stone is an action RPG that puts you in control of the fate of a post-apocalyptic world.

Choose from three classes - Berserker, Gunslinger, or Shadow Mage and explore 60+ missions, raids, and live PVP; all in gorgeous 3D graphics.

Angel Stone is an international cross-platform game, so you can join co-op raids and PVP live with friends from anywhere around the world regardless of whether they play from iOS, Android, or PC via the Facebook canvas.

Where MMORPG meets the Hack-and-Slash genre, Angel Stone brings the fight into your hands.

Key Features:

• Beautifully Rendered Fully 3D Graphics
• In-depth co-op Raids after level 60.
• Ranked PvP Matches
• A deep and immersive multimedia story experience.
• A wide range of weapons and armor to outfit your character!
• Over 100 powerful skills, mix and match to fit your play style!

PLEASE NOTE! Angel Stone is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Note: A network connection is required to play

Languages Supported:
* English
* Deutsch
* Français
* Español (Europa)
* Italiano
* 한국어 (Korean)
* 日本語 (Japanese)
* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
* 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
* Bahasa Indonesia
* Português (Brasil)
* ภาษาไทย (Thai)

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Fincon part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Google play rating is 78.9921. Current verison is 4.2.2. Actual size 42.0 MB.

What's new

    An issue where an Autoplay, Auto Revival, and Repeat Mission were not working properly after they were set to be will be fixed.
Download angel-stone.apk 42.0 MB


addicting! ? my only problem is...I cant link my ios device to my android device, instruction seems unclear to me maybe it is just me ? but hey two ??

Restart no thanks This game was very fun and I enjoyed it immensely and then all the sudden after I was level 46 I lost my account because I had to resign in to Google Play. So apparently if you get logged out of Google Play and have to log back in it loses your saved game I'm not sure what happened but I can't get back to my game now and I'm not going to start over. It's really sad because this was a really good game but I can't take the chance of having to start over every time I get logged out of Google

Virtual mode is broken I want to move around of free will, without clicking everywhere, but the virtual pad doesnt even work, and when using skills, i cant use them as fast as i want to because i have to tap them, which has a 1 second delay, as oppose to just dragging on the screen. Please fix

Getting kick out I started to like this game it's the kind I love to play but my bi problem is, is that I only get two the second part of being shown what to do ( by this time I've liked what I have seen) then I get kick out of the game and it happens every time I try to play and I get tick off coz I want to play it but can't, please please fix it

Amazing game Amazing game had a problem a while back but it was fixed and i love this game its fun battle zone is great love fighting other players

The best game ever Epic game too bad that dumb ppl rate it sooo low... You guys got problems with phones... Trashed app downloaded and trashed space on phone and you pomplain this game? Pathetic. Tested this game on 7 phones + PC and i didnt get any hard issue ( if any issue was than restart app and than it gonna work fine those problems were super rare...) clean your phone and stsrt using brain than try to comment...

The Game It would get 5 stars but for some reason everytime I log in, it will not let me collect my login stamina other than that the game is really good the graphics are really awesome and very addicting.

2-thumbs high up. love it. straight up. Epic... The Gunslinger's secondary weapon still goes through the aft-right part of his pauldrons :- ( ... No worries developers, it looks perfectly Fine at an average "glance" :-) But really I probly couldn't have dreamed up a better game in a thousand years. This is exactly what I was looking for when i happened to stumble upon it, when it first came out .... Having a blast. Keep up the great work. thank you very much : ) -MNighthawk... P.S.: you did awesome Job with this one!

The problems I have is no world/server mute option. Some of the conversations that go on are very vulgar and racist. Numerous updates have made the game next to impossible to play. I have changed my rating of this app to reflect the degrading game play.

updates!? Same with other games, after updates all I get is kick back to my main screen. lucky not yet pay a single cent on this game. until I can play again or star will get even lower.

Force Close Bug "Failed To Complete Process" then the game closes.... Fix this issue immediately plz

I hate Moba Games This game is like crack. Its addicting and once you play you cant stop. Also i have at least 30hours of total gameplay. So dont wait hurry up and download the game dummy!

Add RTP feature please Could you add Real Time Party feature? I mean, it could be nice if u can play with more than 3 party members

Addictive Fun amazing and you will enjoy playing this because it's amazing and addictive

Game is fun but the only problem is the stamina issue. Each dungeon takes up too many stamina and the cap stamina is too little considering the fact each dungeon can be done 5 times & farming of skill stones. Finished all stamina in less than 10mins using blitz and stone whole day to wait not to mention the stamina for raids....sighz

Loading screen I do like this game but i only have 10 sec to play this game and after that something will pop out and says "failed to process" then brings me back at the loading screen, please fix this i really wanna play the game, will change the ratings if you fixed it

BS In Team Deathmatch I am always paired with players way over my skill level

excellent game I've been playing this game for about a week now and so far I love it. great graphics, lots of stuff to do (but not over killing it). it's definitely an addictive game

Somethings missing... I have not played it yet but I saw some gameplay videos and it looked liked an awesome game and I noticed when I was downloading there is a way to record your game while playing and the first thing I wanted for the game is an actual voice chat to communicate with other players, so I hope sooner they add one and its because its worth five star no question about that but they add extra features to this game and I hope they improve it much more than what it is now...

cannot issue code for character cannot play google account in browser fix this ill rate hundred star using my multiple acc also increase gold rate thanks

Love it Looks nice and runs really smooth on my Samsung Galaxy J5. Fun and provides you with plenty of opportunities to clear each mission.

Good game This game is good but it has too many pauses during game play. Otherwise it's an overall good game to play/kill time.

So far, engaging and smooth graphics, enjoying the adaptability of item manipulation and the ease of play.

OK game Fun game, good graphics until it asks you to create your character from scratch after you have already built a character above level 30. Kinda a deal breaker.

Love it The graphics are well done and the game play is well balanced. You can do well without having to spend money as well

2nd review The game is becoming more of a money hoarding system. At higher levels of play, you don't stand a chance or barely keep up unless you pay more. Levelling up your items to maximum potential is only for the rich who can afford. Game is getting greedy.

Lost account Hm. What's wrong to my acc? It asked me to create a new one while I alreally have one in the America sever.

Needmore It a good game but it needs more work on multiple player

"Failed to complete the process" Every single time. That makes then game unplayable. And I really enjoyed it before.

Wow I wasn't sure if would like this game, I'm impressed and it's a lot of fun

Best game This is the best game ever I am very addicted to this game<3

Loved it! I so love this game! So addicted!

Cool! Awesome game! Already addicted to it!

Annoying... Try to play it but all it does is disconnect, cant even play the tutorial, its not my connection cuz i play another game online and it works fast. Fix it so i can play ill give you 5 stars

Good game which I'm enjoying but... When reinforcing gear there should be an option to do 10 times in one click rather then having to do it individually.

Crash Crashes every time it starts. And there is no reason to read my contacts or manage calls

I think its a good game ,not having anyproblems

Good game and nice graphics, it would be better if they add some avatar. Please add some avatars :))

Awesome! I like it! Maybe you should update the un-auto & auto fight to be more chalenging. ?

Uh a bug a glitch maybe? Um hey devs after your maintenance break I noticed something rather disturbing a slender mosquito like thing with a head of that blacksmith girl in the armory keeps flashing in my main screen(where I can see my hero right after I go to battle) I tried to take a screenshot but the thing was just too fast and oh I also wanted to say I can't go to training ships anymore since the last maintenance please fix with regards

Much better Earlier today it would not load after trying uninstall 3 times. Don't know what happened but now it works .

Was epic..then 4.0 came out First off this game is amazing, great story driven gameplay, and a classic diablo feel, i love it, but then the worst happened...4.0. This game has been unplayablr since 4.0 released. The downtime has been more than the up, i havent been able to login or access the game in 2 days, downloaders beware. Once fixed, will 5*.

Nice game and graphics.. But still logging on my phone since its updated.. can you fix it!?

This Controls are exactly what I like in a touch screen game. Great work

Wtf!!! U guys just had an updated yesterday for 10 hrs n now another update!!!! This is bullsh

Bug Fix the bug, or whatever is preventing me from playing

forced closing something keeps on popping up after loading the game and when i tap the ok button it just forced keeps going and going..cant even play it anymore..cant understand wgat it says coz the language was korean(i think)..pls fix it..

Woaahh I brought 2 300gem artifact but where is it...?? I checked my inventory and my mailbox but it wasnt there...

Great game This is a awesome game. It gets funner and funner each update. However I think that the stamina should go up based on persons level. Just having 60 sucks. Or put it like the blitz where you can pay for more with gold.

Awesome The action is amazing and it has plenty of levels to enjoy. But it lags a lot

Wow I did love the game, until yall updated it to 4.0 version. It wont let me play the game now, it keep telling me to update to newest version, even tho I already have updated. If yall can fix this problem I will give 5 star rating. Until then it sucks

Simply Amazing and Addictive This is probably the best, hands down hack and slash crawler out on the market. Very easy to control with versatile and adaptable functions. The story line is slightly hard to follow if you are constantly running out of stamina each day but if you can ever get into a rhythm with it, it's pretty catchy. The ability to customize each separate character and also the skills you are able to select and set on each mission makes the game extremely enjoyable and makes a great user friendly mobile game.

My Favorite Android ARPG! Very Unique! Amazing armor/weapon crafting system. I just had shoulder surgery and have been able to use the automatic function to keep leveling with one hand. I love how you can set it to manual/semi-auto/auto to fit any play style. Awesome graphics, logical UI, no cash grabbing VIP system. I've hardly spent any money, and the little I did spend was totally optional. Would love to see an offline premium version. In my top 5 games of all time on any platform. Much better than the 3.9* rating here. Just amazing!

Crashes I was able to play for a little while, then after today's update to 4.0.0 then hot fix to 4.0.1, whenever I try to load the game, it gets halfway through the load bar before a pop up box with a bunch of Korean symbols show up.I believe they're Korean at any rate. I'm on a Samsung S7 edge. Would give it a five if it were playable.

Issue with new verson Since the new update I cant log in to the game I'm getting a message but it's in Chinese please fix update I Uninstaller and reinstall 3 times and still the same thing PLEASE FIX are u there ??? It says now version 4.0.1 and I still getting same message whys it not workibg

원활한서비스제공을위해점검중입니다점검남은시간: 1시11분 translated in english > Seamless service check time remaining during an inspection for: 1:11

I love the game, but since this new update it won't let me play the game.

Wat happen I alrdy update but can't play... korean msg pop out n auto exit

update sucks after your so called "UPDATE" today,i cant log in to the game and the language is in korean already.please kindly fix these

Update crash After update it crashes every time i open it...pls fix this thnx

After updating... It is saying it still needs to update. Ive tried reinstalling already. Samsung galaxy note 4. Plz fix.

2-thumbs high up. love it. straight up Epic... I couldn't dream up a better game in a thousand years. This is exactly what I was looking for when i happened to stumble upon it, when it first came out .... Having a blast. Keep up the great work. thank you very much : ) -MNighthawk... P.S.: you did an awesome Job with this one!

Update but not working Update the game but now its not working. What happened

Can't play my account in 4.0 update grrrrrrrrrrr

I can't log in anymore since the update grr fix it fast ???

Nah Won't let me in game. Comes up with asian writing at load screen. Most probably cause of the new update. Fix this please and I'll 5 star you again. Cheers

Angel stone Love this game....period....

Love this game

Great Game But little lag plss fix the lag on asia 1 and plss add new character., like this game :)

After update, will not log in. Shows same Korean message, then force closes. Fail update /sigh

Update shows korean message then game crashes After updating whenever I try opening the game it shows me some error message in Korean and then the game crashes. Please fix this issue. Thanks.

It will not work Gives me some random thing in Korean not English and makes me press OK and closes the game right after this is pretty stupid

Not bad but.... I cant craft my weapon into a legendary and everytime I try it tells me theres been a timeout(20) lol what do I do

Nice game But i hate the games always loading

Update bug Since update every time I try to craft a bit of armour the game disconnects. Please fix!!

Like the game but I had to redo it 3 times lost everything I'd worked to get didn't care much for that made it to level 60 the game quick had to redo it made it to level 50 something had to redo it because the game froze up and quit Angel Stone happens when I quit

Angle stone After update does not work anymore.

Really really addicting

Action game Angel Stone This is the best game ever. Keep up updating and maintenance check ups.

Add a new character I love this gam but I'm falling out with the characters add a new one or two pls

Just I wish any evant for carat boost on quest. Hikz..

Good Graphics, eazy game play options "An all around good game!"

Sick game This game is awesome

it's ok something to pass the time.

Good game. Nice graphics and story line.

Great job Love the game

Nice games Love this game

kudos awsome

I play my charector till leve 60 i pay for my gem after up date my game log in with fb i can't get my old account back must start all over again I want my account back

Bored No new map or new Boss.

Dissapointed Always maintenance.. always update.. make me sick!!! Just decrease my quota..

Bored We need new adventures or new maps then the new boss monster

2-thumbs high up. love it. straight up Epic... Great connection and fluid gameplay on my lg G4. Couldn't dream up a better MMP RPG in 1,000 years. This is exactly what I was looking for when I happened to find it, shortly after it first came out. I'm enjoying to play it... Keep doing great work. Thank you very much for the great game... please join SYLINTFANGS guild-MNighthawk

Angel Stone Campaign RPG! I really appreciate this game even though it was underrated for some unknown reasons. Thus, even if it is a Campaign RPG, Realtime-Party and PVP system are the few features available making the game more enticing and interesting. Clean and uncluttered interface, satisfying graphics and gameplay, unique campaign system, less in-app purchases will make the users enjoy the game.

most laging game ever! many times u update and maintenance this game why u can fix lag specialy asia 1. im long time player this game no thing change thatz why u have low rate! if u want good rate fix asia 1 lag.

Graphics, gameplay good All good. With cash shop but you can grind items instead of buying them. To those complaining about lag, check the server ping before playing in it.

Note 7 issues Upgraded to note 7 from note 5 and now have login issues. Keep getting disconnected or wont connect at all.

Angelstonegame is a blast. I have it in 2 computers and my wife hates it, because I'm playing all the time

Good game but am using edge and am getting disconnect like mad. Can't enjoy pls fix and i will rate u higher

Asia for those having lag.. it not your phone actually.. it maybe the content.. i also having so slow loading in and out.. anyway.. thumbup!!!

Its a fun game I got this game when i my iPhone it i played it during school when i was bored

Disgusting I hate this game it's so bummy it needs to get deleted out existence and I don't understand why people love this game

Angel stone rise of the resistance Love the gameplay and characters. Good graphics. Plenty of gold and items. Happy anniversary Angel stone. Thanks for the presents. Keep up the good work

It gets boring after a while After level 60, it is just mind numbing repetitive games

There needs to be a better blitz system, because it takes too much effort to do each dungeon myself and takes too much time to do it on auto mode. Plus, you need to remove the limit on actual blitzes.

Lagg Its a nice game but please fix the god dam lagg!!!its really ruining the game

No more update make new many player already going retired because bored...u not concern on this game anymore

THANKS TO THE DEVELOPER TEAM. Real MMORPG that are worth it. Really healping player trough the game by daily gift. Thank buddy.

Always disconnecting from the server. It's gotten so bad now that I can't do anything from the main screen. Clicking on a mission or even just checking the Inbox results in a DC (error 20) message. ... Could've been a good game with great visuals...but if you can't actually play the game, then that's all pointless.

straight up Epic... Great connection and fluid gameplay on my lg G4. Coul. I'm picky on game ratings. Would like better matched TDM . I'm enjoying to play it tho... Keep doing great work. Thank you very much for the great game... please join SYLINTFANGS guild-MNighthawk

Loving the theme and planning to continue playing. ..however, the 3 star rating is in part because the verbiage in game is hard to decipher...and I have used gems to purchase costume pieces from the store...but did not receive the item. p,a

I like this game but... I don't what happen but.. I'm stuck on the first loading screen "checking version" what happen?

Omg so cool I have not played but the trailer looks awesome. The graphics are really good best RPG ever hands down...

Why do you need contacts and phone? Change my rate to 1 star You now require contacts and phone calls permission after you never needed that before no finconn that's wrong you don't need contacts and phone call more 5 star

It's great, except for one thing. Could i not have to wait an entire week to delete a character, and just do it via email or something like that..?

Trash This game is a waste of time,everytime i tried to craft i got disconnected are you serious?how can i become strong when the craft system is not working,hate it

Why should 3 vs 3 why not 1 vs 1 with 10 diferent lvl that must be more and more interisting and the stamina c mon dont just 60 why not 100:D

i dont like how the game focuses on evil. its called angelstone but focuses on demons and zombies and ugly things. there is no good vs bad its only bad... senseless violence on violence as if violence were the answer. the game could use a lot of work to focus on purpose and plot rather than a grind for collecting useless stats which become obsolete with level up.

It sucks! It was stuck at the front page for so long. :3 can you fix it?

Boredomness killer Without it i would be the most boring person ever hahaha just kidding!!???I REALLY LOVE IT!its like WOW AMAZING !keep it up

Dying Game No updates, and no new dungeon or boss, keep asking to crafting but our weapon useless for no boss

Rely on stronger players This game makes you rely too much on stronger players. You can't get strong on your own.

Challenging!!! Please give another gear full set effect like Diablo, beside artifacts

Bugssssss I cant craft my equipment!!! More update more bugs!! Fix asap!!!

Always disconnecting even if there's internet connection. Idk what seems to be the problem

ADJUST MOVEMENT Though is it possible to move with a joy stick... That is my only problem!

Too bad.. Can't craft weapon to legendary.. why???everytime i try to craft the weapon.. its alway say disconnect.. what is wrong with this game dev... uninstalled..

Connection problem Don't download this app. So much waste your time

Great game. One of the best. Great community. Have been playing since release. Love it. It is an rpg so the grind is real. Just like it should be. Also totally free, nothing locked behind pay wall. Love it. Everybody should try it.

Love this addiction and I want more!!! I've played other games and they lacked female protagonists, this game has it all and then some

Best game ever but.... I love this game so much but I would like it if you put up an offline function so that you could hone your skills and lvl up

Angel stone Took 2days two decide iwas into it ,still trying to get to grips with online talkies ,illgetthere .5 fingers up so far .star2d2

I have tried to upmgrade to neck pices and all it dosemis take my money and it wont up grade iam trying to change it buf

Good game Will give 5 stars when I stop being disconnected during crafting

Game would have been great except for the constant disconnection whichever server ..

Angel stone It's alright besides i lost my character the other day and had to start over

Amazing Auto pilot setting haha can burn blunts eat and play this at the same time

Love it I've played this game from facebook and now in my phone, well this game still fun

Can not update files .ver.4.2.2 Help someone can not update dont downloading files . ?

Just the crafting problem.

takes time to load the game it consumes my data fast and takes time to load the game....