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AlphaBetty Saga

Supplied By King    On Oct. 19, 2016    Comments(222)

Samsung Phone AlphaBetty Saga version1.4.10 Download

AlphaBetty – a fun, new word game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga - King's first, social, mobile word game!

Challenge your skills in a brand new, free word game that will take you on a rip-roaring adventure to the far-flung corners of the mouse world! Join Professor Alpha, Betty and their loyal friend Barney as they embark on an epic quest to collect new words and complete the Encyclopedia of Everything!

Journey to exotic lands in this top new word game and puzzle your way through over 100 cheesetastic levels of letter-linking fun!

Collect special characters on your travels to help you along the way, but watch out for those mousetraps and creeping vines!

Play on your own or take on your friends to see who can get the highest score in the best game to ever ignite your word skills!

Are you ready? Let the adventure begin!

AlphaBetty Saga is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

By downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service;

Think you know word games? Then think again! AlphaBetty Saga features:
● Link letters in any direction - up, down, diagonally, in fact, any way you want - even multiple directions!
● Bright and colorful graphics that will transport you to the far reaches of the mouse world
● Three intrepid explorers on an epic journey
●Powerful boosters to help you crack challenging levels
● Unlock boosters and unique characters with special abilities to help you along the way
● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master 
● Over 100 cheesetastic levels of letter-linking fun!
● Play your way - long words or short words, race through levels or take your time, impress your friends or play by yourself, quick fun or leisurely indulgence - you choose.
● Leaderboards to follow your friends and competitors' progress! Give lives, add friends and see your friends' progress on the map in game.
● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the internet

If you love word searches, crosswords, puzzles and sudoku, download the AlphaBetty Saga app and discover a new way to word play!

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played AlphaBetty Saga! 

King part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Oct. 19, 2016. Google play rating is 84.0274. Current verison is 1.4.10. Actual size 52.0 MB.

What's new

    Squeak-tastic update for all word explorers!
    Our brand NEW CHAPTER ‘Peaceful Pastures’ is now available, with 15 exceptionally cheesy NEW LEVELS! Isn’t that fun-tastic?
    Enjoy the peacefulness and keep on filling the Encyclopedia of Everything with new words!
    PS: Alpha, Betty and Barney have been hard at work dusting the shelves and sorting through the books, making sure everything is in order for you! Welcome back!
Download alphabetty-saga.apk 52.0 MB


Awesome Game This is the third game from this developer that I downloaded and played. Great challenges and graphic as usual. Thanks

At first I was afraid it was too easy... But it got to be more fun :)

Alphabetty Wonderfully challenging! Great job.

Works the brain. Challenging but fun. ?

It's okay Similar to Bookworm game

It would be better if word are showed with meanings.

Alpha Betty Saga I love it..... If you love spelling games its worth the try you will love it...

Love it so far.

Awesome Addicated and loving it!!!

AlphaBetty Saga I like the challenges

Very addicting

Makes you really think! A great challenge.

Number one word game Best word game i have played so far

Fun You have to think, that is a good thing

Loving it Could let the time a few seconds longer on each level, similar to Farm House Saga so u can get more points and obtain 3 stars... over all good game

Just got to level 17 it keeps freezings I just got to level 17 as soon as i click on the level the game freezes please fix it.

Very challenging, when you go up every levels. Keep your wits!

Can't get more than 1 star on each board I well rate more once I am able to get more than 1 start when competing each board. I know I am not getting that low of a score if I keep competing each board. Please fix I hate moving on to the next board without 3 stars just like I do with all of king games, I am not just all about getting to the last board. Thank you

AlphaBetty A real thinker

Something different Similar to Bookworm

Tiles stick and freeze

Loved it some are difficult but it's really fun!!!

However,words are for spanish play,english version pls,game is fun otherwise.

Needs bonuses for larger words

No good for kids doesnt provide words to spell

English Dictionary I've never heard of some of the words that are recognized or provided as help. Words like OREO and KOREA are not even recognized and common names are not accepted. Dictionary needs to be updated.

Just started Not bad so far. Not giving 5 stars because hasn't challenged me yet. But since I just started, my hope is that the further I get the harder it will get

Must give definitions Great game reminds me of bookworm by popcap games! But they must add the definitions of the words you spell so you learn to because half of the words I guess are actually real words but have no idea! What they mean

Cant connect to store to purchase stuff. Its ok but every time I try to make a purchase it reads connection to store has failed. Fix this for a better rating.

Fix Game The game will constantly state there aren't any more moves when there are several legitimate words left on the board. Also, the game keep suggesting words that aren't legitimately in the dictionary. "ova". Come on now! Please fix the game and also provide a list of real words for suggestions.

Another addictive game! Fun for all... it's as easy or hard as you want to make it. I like the challenge of getting 3 stars and being the high scorer... sad I know!

No instructions or guide. Just started today & very easy, but there are no instructions or anything telling you what anything does or how things are earned, such as crowns for example. You have to earn crowns to use to bring the cheese down, but I have no idea how to make crowns appear. I make a long word & nothing, then a short one & a crown shows up. ?? Some basics on the premise of the game would be nice or the purpose in playing is just lost.

Great game addicting Vocabulary was shot when I started but now I'm flying through levels. Can't get enough great game and I can't put it down. My data use is the highest is ever been. I hope another version of this comes out.

Mice We love it, my husband and I play everyday till our eyes hurt. I never thought he and I would like a game as we do this one. TY

Great game! Another great game from these guys, & I love the fact that I can play the game without getting inundated by ads and begging for money, like so many other games do. Kudos!

2nd try Was quite enjoying this game until it broke so reloaded it but only got to level 9 when it went wrong again so I'm uninstalling it. Shame really...

mad mama I really liked this game at first and then I got to level 50 and I had no more gold bars to get through to next levels so game says I have to ask friends to unlock or wait 4 days for it to unlock and since this game is new none if my friends are playing it and I waited the 4 days and it still isn't unlocked. it seems to be forcing me to either buy gold or force my friends to download the game or I will never see next levels!!! if they fix that I will re rate game .

Addictive Game Would've been 5 but some of these words I've never heard of. I can't stop playing though.

So much potential Huge battery drain, bad dictionary - doesn't recognize pop culture words or products, regularly see 4 or 5 of the same letter grouped together: qu qu qu qu what am I suppose to spell with that? I ququququit

Great Game Love it. I'm completely addicted. It's candy crush but with words. If you love word games this is game is a MUST DOWNLOAD.

This is potentially a 5-star game. I only gave it 3 stars for a few reasons. First, the there's no "help" instructions that reviews what different things do in the game. For example, those little blue potion bottles with the counters on them. They don't consistently do the same thing, and I missed the explanation screen when they were first introduced in the game - if there even was one - so Id like a "help" menu that i could really refer to that could inform me. Second, why does the game rob me of 2 moves every time I play???...

Not bad... Except one small problem. ..I don't think I want to use up my data plan for the Facebook friend. It's better to play without data plan use up!

DON'T GET THIS GAME! When you get to level 25, you have no choice but to spend money to win the game, which I refuse to do.

Good fun Slightly dumbed down word game, but the emphasis is on 'game', and in that respect it's fine. So there's also a need to have the option to turn off hints and also an option to read more about the icons would be welcome. Will be 5 stars with more refinements.

Notifications. Good game but how do you turn notifications off? I don't want to know every time my lives have filled up again. All other King games give you the option to turn them off. Good game apart from that.

Really like this challenging game! I enjoy word games, and this is one of the better ones. I like that there is no timer, just you and the letters. There are some levels that seem impossible, but it's all about the odds: eventually you'll get the letters that you need to win, and you can move on.

Alphabetty saga Looks like a fun game then quit working after 2 levels drains battery even while it's on charger and then get 2 in app purchases that did nothing so it wins the trifecta of steals in app purchases battery Power and your time also I'm installing the app not worth the time or space

Lots of fun A bit repetitive but it's a good way to pass time in a waiting room! Some words are very obscure or would be considered proper nouns... not allowed in Scrabble but maybe I'm a purist?

Great game but level 39 isn't working correctly. Not acknowledging words when they are made....please fix

AlphaBetty Saga Would have scored a lot higher but recently the game will play a few times then the screen freezes , the only way to get back into the game is to shut my Kobo down and start with a fresh window not ideal.

Great game! I love word games so when king came with this one...I decided to give it a try and now I'm hooked! I mean there aren't all those annoying ads! I love challenges and it gives you just that!

The game cheats you I am on level 9, the goal of the level is to Pop 39 bubbles, well I popped more than enough bubbles but the game didn't give me credit for it, hey I do realize that the game is supposed to be challenging, but cheating isn't cool!!!!!! Please fix this problem, thanks

If you're learing to spell, or 5 ok This game is for people that are mentally challenged and need brain stimulation at the lowest levels. I guess so they don't have one of those mental breakdown things they have . When you spell about three simple words like "dog" you change levels hardly play u just see fireworks when you change levels most the time. If this is what you call a challenge or a good game Well you're probably a vegetable and should check yourself into your local rehab learning center asap there is help if you catch it early

Its fun at first I'm only in level 25 , can't seem to get passed it. Its accepts words like " brr" but not other words I know I have spelled correctly . its getting to the point that I'm about ready to delete the game . and on top of that it doesn't give the letters in an order that can create words. If I could up load a pic I would . the last time I had a bunch of z's and the qu's all the vowels are bunched together . I know that there is a shuffle button and I use it as soon as its ready. wish the game had a guide

Need selection of language..weird words.. Take when suggested... When move is correct not all letters are removed!!!!! No complete rules or instructions.. Just.. Guess!

Challenging Not too hard. You can beat levels, buy you have to think. The challenges get harder, but the bonuses and special letters are added making this game my favorite word game.

Mollysmom1 Really fun and relaxing, but it would be an even better game if you could turn hints off, it is very distracting when trying to form your own words.

Needs more work I prefer word based games as there is more skill involved than just random colour matching. Unfortunately this game has got the balance of random letters and difficult achievements tipped the wrong way. Far too often I spent hours on the same level because because the randomly produced letters just didn't allow for any high value words. Too frustrating for me so I it's been deleted.

No more levels It says it has 175 or 185 levels according to their page but won't let me get to 156 even though I have passed 155 and uninstalled the app and tried several other things..I even wrote them twice...hmmmm no response!! Several others have had the same issue as well and no replies to their comments either...uninstalling now!!!

Alphabetty is great I love word games and this one has lots of challenges. It is probably one of my favorites yet.

Fun and educational Interesting, fun, and uses your mind instead of abuses your mind like most games. ..

Great Love it. Quick, fun, and some levels are pretty challenging. I love that my husband and I can compete with each other while connected to FB too!

I changed my mind, originally gave 5 stars but as stated below there is no explanation as to what you're supposed to do. New levels brought more confusion. It should not require the trial & error approach to figuring out what to do. It was confusing at first because I would come up with fabulous words, yet not pass the level & there is no explanation available within the game. Once I figured it out I have continued to enjoy playing but actually made it though levels much quicker.

I don't understand some levels I love words games and I was very excited to find this one. It is very enjoyable, except that I don't understand the rules for certain levels and I win by chance. For example, I don't understand the rules to get 4, 5, 6, 7 x words. I just try out words and see if they work. I try to create as many long words as possible to gain a 6 or 7 word, but that is not always the case- I really don't get it -_-

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

Fun Fun but I feel as tho they cheat at times..but overall fun and challenging. .. update: 4/12/16. Lowered my rating because boosters no longer work. ...please fix and I will adjust rating...

SO Close to Perfect! Aside from the oddly limited vocabulary this is a very fun game. Some of the unrecognized words are extremely common, such as WARF, and I mean the place fishermen go not a STNG reference. I appreciate greatly that slang and some commonly used words from other languages are allowed. The cheese rounds mark this as yet another KING classic. Highly recommend. ***One star docked pending increased vocabulary.*** Add: Did not create a shortcut on my Android phone like all other KING games do.

Up to level 226 a few tricky rounds but I love it. Still going strong. Now up to 317 and I have still not had to pay any top ups. Some very interesting rounds but enjoying the challenge. Will update when I get to 350

I love this game!! The only problem I have is I can't use the last 2 artifacts I earned. When I try, the game freezes and I have to reboot. I'm on level 276 and I've not had the problem before so I'm hoping it will be resolved soon. Otherwise it's awesome!! Highly addicting. Can't stop playing.

Fun game! After the update the bonus features aren't doing what they're supposed to each round. Ie- 2 extra moves and 10% not being added.

Lots of glitches Everytime I think an issue is fixed and I can write a better review there is a new issue. Now my boosters don't work. Remove a stealer? Nope. Extra move? Not for me! And still it occassionally freezes, kicking me out and stealing a life. Wish the glitches would get fixed!

Great game. I got to level 75 before I hit a hard level and finally bought some gold bars. Could have kept playing, but I was impatient. lol Fun. Entertaining. Works great. Highly recommend it.

Whats the deal with those horse shoes ???? Do they help in some way? Just started 276 where the object is to remove"cheesy plates" in numeric order. Very unhappy with this. So pointless, difficult, and pretty disappointing.

Fix the Issues!! Artifacts no longer work..mousetraps, stealers, extra moves, do not work anymore! also, I only have 185 level, my sister has 320. How do I get more levels?

Alpha Betty Saga Really fun game. Has some great challenges, but the harder to use letters appear too often.

Starts Out Great Love word mixups. Levels start to barely resemble word puzzles and become gimmicky games of chance after about 26 levels. Gets a little better further in, but remains more a game of chance than skill.

Wordy and Wonderful Fun game that challenges you on the higher levels. Great way to combat boredom.

Alphabetty saga Have had to uninstall and then reinstall 3 times already. Other than that, a good game. Still going ok so far. Fingers crossed!

I liked the graphics very well done. Sometimes the challenges were hard. I thought there should be more tutorials to help with what each color coded block meant. That would help getting through each challenge.

Alpha betty Have tried getting into game 2 days now and nothing. All I get is "unfortunately, Alpha Betty has stopped"...what the ?????? Still having trouble, can't even delete to reinstall

Makes me think! This is a great game to help your concentration. I have found that games like this also helps my memory. We older people need that!

This game was fun in the beginning, but as with all King games, when you reach the higher levels you have to play the same level at least 30 times to win. This gets boring, frustrating, and old. Eventually, I get mad and delete them. They're no longer fun.

Alphabetty i Love this game it gets addicting, though only plan to play for a few minutes and end up playing for an hour or more.

Alpha betty Really liked this Before all their Not squeaktastic changes. Not fun anymore.And it shows I have loads of points, stars for ' artifact' use, but click on them and they don't work anymore.And it's also annoying when just because one player has unlimited funds to purchase boosters they can always get three stars and 3-4000 more points than people who don't buy cheaters!And you only put the best reviews up top! Plenty of bad ones, too!

Favorite King game Wish you guys would update it as often as Candy Crush Saga, always complete each update within two days. 15 new levels isn't enough! ?

What have you done??? Another update... More issues :( 1st game gets the 10% & block removal then no more.. Have to exit out and re load game. Every time. :'(

Great game! Glad its available for Android devices now. Very fun and addictive. Love all your games! Updates were nice also thanks!

Nonsense words count I am disapponted in this app. I was hoping I could give it to my kiddo to practice his spelling, but I have found that the game accepts words that are not words at all. The graphics are good, but they need to upload a dictionary. I will probably uninstall. This is the first King app that I really do not like.

Would Be 4.3 Stars Loved it until it started freezing and I can no longer get free bars. Fix glitches and bugs!

Challenging This word game is challenging when you go for 3 stars. I like the challenge, it keeps me sharp.

I've been waiting for more levels for ages. This is just fab, keeps my brain ticking

Didn't think it would as good as it is. Great game

Nice at first.....after level 10 I can't open the game....pls fix.... As of now i uninstall it....try to reinstall if it's okey.......

Yaseen Engaging, addictive, surprising, sometimes frustrating. I love it!

Alphabetty Infuriating, annoying and confusing, but ultimately satisfying when you get through a tough level.

Very challenging Fun, and gets the brain going. Really have to think to play this game.

Fun but I'm not sure the update fixes everything I'm hoping this update fixes the shuffle problems. Sometimes a level just won't have any words, and my app will shuffle twice then force close.

I like the game it makes you think of the best way to get the most tiles. I am enjoying the game but not sure why the mouse helpers don't help all the time like they use to.

Hours of fun! Gives me something to do while waiting in line or needing to pass time it never gets boring. I challenge myself to only use five letter words or larger.

Nice game Wait for new updates, already in 320... i am doing this game while im 36weeks pregnant. Hope that my kid will be clever bcause his mum think alot for this game :p

Engrossing I've been playing the game for months, now and its still addictive. However, glitches need to be worked out. If you want to buy multiple bars at 99¢, you're unable. Please fix this!

Great game I really enjoy playing this game and it gives my brain a little workout while I'm at it.

Interesting n challenging This game is quite addictive i must say.

Great game I really like this game. It keeps my mind sharp and has had minimum glitches.

Anyones eyes hurt? Jw. Sometimes i feel that blur in some of the cut screens hurts my eyes. Just started playing. Came from Bubble Witch. I like it so far.

AlphaBetty Saga I've really enjoyed this thought provoking game. The only complaint I have is that the game is very tight with regards to giving out gold or other in game prizes that grease the wheel. They expect you to buy it all.... That is my only gripe.

Alpha betty Really liked this Before all their Not squeaktastic changes.And it's also annoying when just because one player has unlimited funds to purchase boosters they can always get three stars and 3-4000 more points than people who don't buy cheaters!Get to level 80, wait til clock goes to zero and still won't unlock. Says to pay 9 gold bars even after a week! Won't unlock!FINALLY UNLOCKED! YES! AND ARTIFACTS WORK! THANK YOU!

Alpha Betty Saga Enjoy challenge of having to find words of a certain length in order to advance. Very annoying and expensive to have to buy 29 gold bars just for 5 more moves. Jumps to high expense too quickly. Consider changing that. Some of us are seniors on disability social security and really can't afford to have to buy more moves early and then the cost escalates after two turns. I really love this game, but have to keep trying same level because can't keep buying more gold.

Tons of fun! Definitely one of the best word games I've found. I'm on level 177, and it sounds like I have a ways to go before I run out. :)

Loads then closes out to main screen Please fix the game . I have uninstalled it several times and reinstalled and still the same problem each time i have the lastest verison of the game so please fix it to where i can play

Lots of glitches Everytime I think an issue is fixed and I can write a better review there is a new bug. It still occassionally freezes, kicking me out and stealing a life. Wish the glitches would get fixed!

New levels any time soon??.... Not sure what was updated this last time, but been sitting at level 320 for a very long time now.. like a couple months. Are you going to add new levels or do I need to delete the game now? Losing stars cause of lack of commitment to updating game :/

Absorbing Alphabetty is my favourite game on the Royal Games website and the additional variations on this app make it a very good phone /tablet game. Sadly it has stopped working on my Hudl at level 225. The screen is unresponsive to touch when attempting to swipe words. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still no joy. Still works on my phone but I would prefer to play on my tablet.

Alphabetty Good game but too many glitches game keeps freezing takes too long to load fix this and it be a pretty good game

Absolutely Fantastic This is the best mind provoking game I have played. Fun, challenging and highly entertaining. Love It!

Levels no longer available Have completed level 320 with 3 stars but it won't let me advance to level 321. There were more levels after 320 last week but now there is nothing. Others on King "support" forum have same problem.

Good time waster Good to kill a few minutes. Good range of hard and easy levels. Can be quite addictive!

Easy only at first, but awesome! I really enjoy this game, it is cute and fun, yet I feel like I'm sure getting much more out of it then all the other games I play! After the first few easy levels, it becomes increasingly more difficult, yet it's still fun! And I feel I'm getting more out of it because I have to use more brain power and vocabulary skills than all the other games I play, of which there are many! So if you'd like a little more brain exercise in those moments you have time to pass, this is a great game choice, give it a try!

Challenging but love it Some of the levels are definitely a challenge and I get so frustrated I have to walk away for a minute but that is what makes it great! This game just isn't mind numbing dribble, it actually makes you use your brain. I would recommend it to anyone, good job! ...rating on later edition: still loving it! 12/16/15...still going strong and loving it! Sooo challenging and addicting! 5/31/16...still playing and still love it!

Under the Spell King Games has pulled it off once again. Alpha Betty will challenge all players to think on many levels and use multiple strategies simultaneously. This is as addictive as it is fun. Wily, winsome, and word perfect. Let the magic begin!

Brain Teaser Actually helps increase word knowledge of the English language, while being extremely FUN at the same time. I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to increase their brain power! The graphics are whimsical & cute. It's like playing Scrabble and Boggle together in a much different setting, yet so much BETTER!! It keeps your interest, so you end up spending more time on it then you expect. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing & will continue to do so. Have had no problems with glitches.

Love I love the game. But it is very hard to get tickets to pass to the next level. I have to wait a few days for it to just let me pass. Used up all of my gold for tickets from previous levels. I TRY to watch videos to get more gold but the videos never load. I click video and nothing happens.

Needs game play info Tremendous fun for the most part, but there's no information about how to play. If you want to know how new blockers work or anything else, you have to Google it. And while I don't mind higher levels of difficulty, once the "rocks" were introduced, it got tedious. Each stupid rock has to be hit FIVE TIMES. But still a lot of fun to play.

It sticks and if I haven't finished making the word, I get less points and can't finish the level. The game freezes too and it kicks me off. Unstalling it.

Most fun yet! Gets a bit buggy at upper levels but still fun. So Where are all the scrabble and boggle fans? I'm up to a challenging level 257. Almost all alone. Where is everybody? Most fun King game yet. I've played about 8 different ones and this is definitely my favorite so far.

I like this game a lot. I'm beginning to understand it better & better. It has been hard to stop playing since I started. Very addictive.

Fantastic Love this game. Keep up the good work. Still love this game. Been playing for ages. Awesome

Lots of fun! Challenging! Engaging game, makes one think! I've been playing this for awhile now, and while I still love it, it frustrates me that I can't pause my game especially when close to winning. Life happens!

Paywall anyone? People need to read a dictionary before blasting the game. Yes, the hints are weak, but they're all real words.

AlphaBetty Sage Great game! Can't stop playing!

Fun game but ... I am just tired of the glitches. Sometimes it will accept certain words that are later not accepted. Blank tiles usually serve as "wild cards" but sometimes as nulls. Most frustrating is that now I have reached a pretty high level and want to purchase some gold bars to get a boost and that function no longer works. I'll have to find a different game to pass the time.

Alphabetty Loving this game so far but i normally dont play games that cost money to get further on in levels, i hope this isnt one of those and it wont be another one to be uninstalled as its a really great game

Alphabetty I love word games but this one shuts down a lot. It is so frustrating. I do, however, like this game quite a bit.

Play? Not Will get to screen where hour glass is and then right back to my regular screen! I really like this game, had it before, no problems, now, I don't know!

Not all levels available There are 45 more levels on the Facebook version of the game that do not appear on the app. It would be great if they were available because I'm trying to beat a friend at the end.

So Far So Good It's challenging. I hope it doesn't turn into one of those "buy before you advance" games.

Pretty entertaining It is good game however it doesn't recognize certain words and that becomes frustrating

Mind working game Fun mind game. Totally makes you use your brain, but also a luck of the letters

Mobile apps do not update and leaves you unable to play on your phone. Its very annoying. Its been months since I've been able to play.

Nice Alpha Game At first it seems kind of lame but it gets better and is more challenging. Nice game!

Great game Easy to avoid in app purchases. Really fun to play when you manage something like "terrifying" with one move left. The super-locked down levels can be irritating because of the luck factor. Overall, my favorite word game currently. 5 stars

FUN Only danger is you might not be able to put it down!

Quite some bugs Fun! but some errors not fixed yet. Sounds and screen freezing issues.

Fun Fun game but crappy extras. Only one and I'm well over 100 levels. Deleting

I'm hooked to the game!!! I've been playing now for a while and I love it. I was in a coma and is helping my brain get back in shape... Awesome???

Love it Great game been playing for half a year now. Play it to relax.

Loved it. Is there only 2 stars on each level ?

My favorite game I only wish there were more levels!

Awesome game Played this all the time. However, now with that upgrade I can't get any stars since it seems impossible to pass things now. All I can do is beat my friends scores and my high scores. No point in collecting gold either since it always says no Internet connection or the gold bar rarely shows up. Still if they fix all that, it's an awesome game!

Update failed I was at level 176 and now it doesnt load. I manage to load it and it turned it self off and now I have to start from the beginning sucks. Started over and after a update will not even load the the game now. Loved playing but too many issues. Can no longer buy anything will not work. Is the problems being fix or should I just uninstall?

Mind sharpening Keeps your mind working I have been having a problem. Each time I watch a video for a free bar of gold, it says I am not connected to the Internet and I am. I have lost out on 5 gold bars that I need to get to another level. Please help or I will have to stop playing.

They need a dictionary & zero customer service The free coin watcher is not appearing in my screen, they have yet to respond. Their response was to send me too some junk self help, where others had the same problem and no solution posted. Also, maybe you've heard of the word "saturn." Come on now!

Alpha Betty Saga Absolutely loved this game while it lasted. Completed level 335 and it just ended. I have 2 more artifacts to unlock so am hoping I am given more levels SOON! I have had very few problems with the game. Playing on a Samsung Galaxy 5, no major issues. But it's time for more levels!!

Fun word game This game is fun and challenging. The levels get more difficult. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because from time to time when I enter a level it indicates that i met all the challenges when I haven't done anything, so I have no idea what i need to do for that specific level. I tried exiting the game and reentering and i tried restarting my phone but nothing worked. So I have to stop playing for like an hour before it starts working again. Other than that its a very enjoyable game.

Do you ever read these? Help!?!?!? Used to love the game but the last update messed it up. It caused me, not only to lose gold but the free gold flashes on and off and won't allow me to click on it. It also closes itself after playing two or three times and most of the time right in the middle of a game which is very frustrating especially since that causes me to lose a life. Fix this and I will rate it 5 stars. Please fix issues!!!!!! The longer I have these issues the lower the rating!!! Fix problems please!!!!!!!

Love it Love this game, I have it downloaded on my phone and all our tablets. Wish the phone one would update more often tho, been stuck on level 335 for 6 months now with no new levels added :(

Level Errors & Buggy! Completed level 102, got all green ticks but level said Failed! Completed level again annoyingly to advance on. Watch Ad for free gold rarely displays & disappears from screen ultra fast. Lucky enough to click on today, 28/08/16 watched advert but no gold bar, just no internet connection popup came on screen!! No connection to store pops up on trying to buy gold bars, second £ choice, whenever I've tried to buy gold. Letter squares don't get filled/scored fully in some levels. Disappointed as progresses

Great game Very glitchy. Accessing the ads to earn gold isn't working right and often says it can't access internet connection when I'm standing right in front of the signal. Plus it often closes in the middle of playing but its a really fun game when it works properly

Alpha Betty PISSED!!! On level 49 got ALL the words they were checked off and it said I still have 1 word to get so I didn't pass the level...I stopped playing for a while before & I'm stopping again...might NOT play this one again! DISAPPOINTED!!!

Minor issues I love the game, but it's rather glitchy. Can't purchase gold bars to continue a level and some levels start with the goals already checked off. Also if I receive a text during a game the sound is disabled and doesn't enable until I exit the level.

Love the game started having issues I love this game! But since the most recent update I cannot get any lives from my friends, cannot view the movie for extra gold, and if I replay a level it won't show me how many of each type of word I need! I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, cleared all my data, restarted my phone and still doesn't work correctly Very discouraged and disappointed now...

Worked great. Now buggy. Love love this game. However, lately the "watch the video to earn gold" icon doesn't work. It either immediately disappears or lets you watch the video then says oops, you have no Internet connection. Try to contact customer care, also says no Internet connection. I am connected 100%. So it's a bug? Idk. Hope it gets fixed cuz this is my favorite game but some levels are near impossible without that gold to get a boost.

The game is very good n interesting... but due to technical glitch.. its stupid.. dont download.. dint expect this from king games.... even after fulfilling all the requirements multiple times.. its showing that u cant cross d level... n even the words u make.. sometimes they lower the no. Of required words n sometimes not....

Multiple 'updates' but no new levels? Why does it keep updating if no new levels are being added? It's just wasting space on my system now! Loved it while it lasted but considering deleting it now.

So much fun Challenging, fun and educational, what more could you ask for? ! Although I have had more than one level (currently level 174) count down all the words of different lengths, give me the checkmarks for completion, and yet the level says I didn't pass it! Very annoying

Game gets stuck on a certain level I can't move past it no matter how many times I win. But I'm sure you won't fix it for a long time. Like always

Free gold rip off The game itself is fun and adictive woud have given it 5☆ but after watching videos for gold it doesn't pay up or otherwise removes it...guess that's what happens with free stuff...??

Bug in some levels The levels where you have to get a certain number of 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-letter words don't display properly. When I start the level check marks appear as if I've already finished the level, then of course I can't beat it because I have no idea what else needs to be done. The only way to fix it is to close the app and restart it, which is a big pain. Please fix!

Great Word Play A whole lotta fun! I generally get bored with games I play on my phone in a few days. I've played this almost nonstop since I've downloaded it. Definitely my favorite of all the "saga" games.

Game Over The game is fun however it doesn't always acknowledge your completion of a level. I just completed level 55 and told me that I had five more words even though everything was checked off. I have screen shot for proof. Where can I submit this shot?

Update sucks Since updating, lost all my lives sent by friends(81). No new levels (335 is the last level). Game freezes when getting close to passing. Have really enjoyed playing but am getting ready to Uninstall .

Purchase options are broken. I love the game itself, but the two cheapest purchase options (for 99 cents and 4.99) no longer work, leaving only 9.99 and higher purchase options. Dissapointing.

Fun game Like this game, a cross between candy crush and word find. Just wish there were more bubble contrast. 9/11/16 - why am I unable to purchase gold bars any longer?

Great Makes you think and learn new words. But it carries data on to the next game. If you have completed a phase from a previous game it shows you have completed it in the next, but you haven't. It's a glitch that would be good to fix? You need to restart the game to have a clear level.

Not reading complaints I loved this game but, it's been getting annoying. You can't buys bars, you get knocked off the game, failing levels, that have clearly been won. I'm ready to uninstall . WHY AREN'T YOU RESPONDING TO OUR COMPLAINTS???

Doesn't work properly! Update......Now the game won't progress...just played a round, completed all the tasks, and nothing, nada, wouldn't complete and advance. Might need an update!!!!! Fun game, but losses it's Internet connection on a regular basis. Says you're connected, then ya try to access the free gold and it says you're not connected. Sometimes really difficult to complete a round without the free gold so........makes for really really really long rounds.

Where's The Gold?!?!? I LOVE this game, but when I installed the new update, the option to earn gold disappeared!! I do not know if this is a glitch or if you have removed this option. With the high levels that I am on, I will not be able to advance and will have to uninstall. Please fix!!

Cerebral Fun Sometimes I like my games fairly mindless. Other times, I enjoy a bit of an intellectual challenge. This game fills the intellectual challenge bill quite nicely. Challenging enough to be fun without being discouraging. I love it!

Used to love this game! Until... it took weeks to update each level, until it would flick into another language, until it would no longer accept standard words that once it would and until it would just freeze and shut down. I used to love this game... until...

Best ever! But....UPDATE LEVELS PLEASE!!!!!! Three stars on all levels. At level 335 now and stuck. What awaits me beyond the clouds? Update needed badly. 5stars for 1000 more levels.

Love it but Game doesn't reset after losing a round or even if you complete all tasks ... never complete the game because it doesn't reset. Sent trouble ticket email a few days ago & still haven't heard back. Samsung Galaxy Note

Unresponsive and unplayable!!!! This game use to be playable. But, it has become extremely frustrating. This game is so buggy that I lose patience. It stalls all the time. WTH!

AlphaBetty Saga Definitely one of my favourite King games. Would give it 5*s if it didn't take MONTHS instead of the stated few weeks to get updates! ★Update★ New levels received in specified time for once. But! Now all of my lives have vanished and not able to send or receive more. Needs a bug fix to get 5★'s. 5★plus for educational value.

This app used to have an option to watch a video for free gold which I no longer see as an option. A little disappointing. It also freezes up from time to time right when you complete a level making you have to force stop and replay that level. Also disappointing and very frustrating. But, overall all very addicting and fun.

Free Gold Bars Why did you take away the option to watch a short video to obtain free gold bars? Please bring it back! Also I lost 9 gold bars after the game froze and booted me out. I didn't even get to finish the level!

Alpha betty There were a few times this past month that I had used a 100 or more coins and ended up having to buy more because instead of going back to the game I had just spent my coins on....I was tossed out of that game so every. Coin I had just spent on that particular game was lost! So I've lost close to 4/500 coins! Boy oh boy was I ever angry at the time! Other than that I love this game it is very challenging to me! But I would love to either get my money back or the coins that were taken from me! Thanks

I'm stuck!! I do like this game and find the puzzles enjoyable. However, I have been stuck on level 132 for 3 months now, no word of a lie! I am finding this frustrating and have since abandoned the game for such a reason. If this level requires me to purchase cheats or use facebook (which I do not have) then I am sorely disappointed and will have to look elsewhere for a game that does not require these tactics to further progress with the game. If you can offer me help, however, I would very much appreciate it.

No more video to earn free gold bars It teases you the the watch video disappears and you are not able to earn and collect gold bars. Check the reviews complaining about this game and still no one does anything to fix the problem. I am ready to uninstall this game because there are other ones that will make sure the user is happy with it.

Great mental workout!! Great game for those who like to work with their minds and not just chance. I lowered rating, though, because there is a flaw in the program that keeps you from watching videos to get free gold that didn't used to be there.

Love the game started having issues I love this game! But since the most recent update I cannot get any lives from my friends, cannot view the movie for extra gold, and if I replay a level it won't show me how many of each type of word I need! I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, cleared all my data, restarted my phone and still doesn't work correctly Very discouraged and disappointed now... November 5, 2016 I Still have the same issues even after customer care contacted me to say the issues had been fixed.

My favorite game *UPDATE 11/4/16: Been playing almost since the game was released. Still my fave but taking the free gold bar option was just wrong. I do not pay to play any game. I will suffer through watching an ad if I must. So it has cut down the amount of time I play.* a nice change from all the color block games. It's a great combo of fun & challenge.

If it didn't crash so often I would rate it more highly, but the frequent crashes (android) are very annoying.

This game is.soooo addicted....once you start it's you and the game. Concentration is à must. It keeps you thinking. Can and will lose sleep...but who cares lol. Of all the games I've played this is one of my favorites.

Ads a bit iffy At lower level "dating" ads appear... since this game could be played by kids it's not appropriate! !

Problem getting gold bars I would gladly give it a 5 stars if the problem was fixed. I can watch video but say no Internet connection to get the gold bar

I LOVE IT I love this game. Some of the episodes take me a while to complete, but when I have the time. I love playing. I love word puzzles & they are good for the brain. I wish more of my friends played, but I hate to send out the requests. Lol

Generally was fun Once again being able to earn gold pieces does not work! Some of the puzzles are difficult. A bunch of correctly spelled words do not count.

Dropped from 5 stars Lost access to free gold gained by watching videos, not impressed, @developers. Has anyone got back access to tha yett?

Great game however... It's a great game however you don't offer a way for us to gain free boosters. And they are very expensive to purchase. Otherwise addictive game.

Love the saga Amazing puzzler with real life benefits. And finally, The levels are created quicker than I can solve them (and not the other way around as it used to be), and for that I've upgraded my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Great job guys, keep 'em coming :)

AlphaBetty Saga has me hooked! I made it to level 198 and have enjoyed every minute. I believe this game has kept my brain from becoming atrophied.

I passed level 365. More? Is there an update or did i win the game? :p I don't need gold bars to cheat lol

We want free gold icon back!!!! Five stars with it - three without!!!! Too frustrating when you get stuck so please put it back!!!! Updated - STILL NO FREE GOLD!!!! Come on guys!!!!

I like this game it's addictive but don't know how it happens but all my lives have vanished and where has the free gold icon gone again

Alpha Betty Good game. Intuitive word selection is a little off and I am not sure what dictionary is being used , but still fun.

Candy Crush for word lovers Seems basic to start with it, but as you get into it, it gets increasingly challenging and you really have to use your word power to succeed

Great fun! Lots of fun to play and I like figuring out the strategies for each game. Some of the games are quite difficult, maybe too difficult.

Not much fun without the extra gold bars. Have you noticed how few players play for very many levels now?

Brain works good again ? I like the challenge. I feel like it's a cute way to strengthen my mind as well as helping me unwind after a long day

used to be good now on s7 cant get any watch ad icon show up to press for free coins gold

Great Game! Better than just matching things. It's a great game that can test your vocabulary skills... sometimes there seem to be words that don't exist though. But overall a great somewhat challenging game.

Almost perfect.... Disappointed that you are unable to earn free gold bars as in the past...could of recieved a 5 star rating...

Addictive. I used to enjoy this game. However, it says a set number of days to unlock the next level, I send friends lives and ask for help, nothing back. So now instead of the 2 or 3 day wait I have been there for 4 days. And it still says 1day 1 hour til I can play again. I want to play.. And why can we not connect with our king acct like Facebook??

Restore the gold bar reward system! I will delete this game if not restored soon.

Love it Great game. I play before I go to sleep it switches my brain off to daily doings

Addictive!!! New levels please!!! Game on FB has higher levels, could the app please match? Absolutely can't put this game away, challenging yet attainable levels.

Alphabetty Love this game yet has a few issues about moving on after you complete all the levels offered. Recently I lost my ability to earn gold. ???

Alpha Betty I got to stage 365, cant go to the next stage. What is wrong. Plz help

Fun! Some of the levels are very frustrating. Just wish the ability to get gold didn't periodically disappear.

Addicting I'm terrible at spelling. This is both fun and educational.

Fun game It's free. It's fun. It's challenging. And when you are stuck having to wait, it helps make the time go by.

Awesome Unfortunately I finished all mobile levels yet again - please add more! We need more levels !